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  1. E

    Cockatiels laid eggs for the first time?

    i have 2 cockatiels that have started to breed and just laid some eggs. My question is should i let the parents incubate the eggs or is it best to take the eggs now and incubate them myself? It is their first time breeding and the eggs look completely fine. They have gotten very aggressive so i...
  2. M

    Need advice on semi-new bird that is very fearful

    On December 9th my dad bought home a 3 month old parrotlet from a pet store, we named him Rango. He was placed in the centre of the living room in a good sized cage so he could become accustomed to my family (5 adults), but it was my dad that was looking after him by replacing the food and water...
  3. S

    Can conure babies get hormonal?

    Hi there, We have a yellow sided male conure that is ~12 months old. He is already showing some homornal signals towards our five year old conure, whom we think is a male (never confirmed). A conure doesn’t hit puberty that early, does he? i should add that the five year old is often showing...
  4. FruityFloc

    Can anyone identify this abandoned baby bird?

    Last night my housekeeper found an abandoned baby bird on the roof, but I told her to leave it in case the mother comes back. its 10am today and the mother hasnt returned, so I want to at least give it some food for the mean time. Does anyone know what bird this is, and what I should do about it?
  5. C

    Urgent Stunted young lorikeet? PBFD?

    About a week ago, I had a friend who works at a vet clinic bring me a young rainbow lorikeet chick that had been brought in off the street and was due to be euthanised since none of the staff had the ability to care for it. I was expecting the worst but he’s actually very energetic and playful...
  6. mochiballs

    Baby Caique Quaking

    I don't have much experience with baby birds but am wondering if when he's quaking and kinda squawking because he's hungry? He's almost three months old and eats quite a bit but only the fresh foods, he seems to be avoiding eating his pellets. I'm worried he might still need to be hand fed? I've...
  7. Picadilly

    Weaning a 6 month old Cocatiel

    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica ( I am new here) and I have a 6-month-old whiteface pied cockatiel, Picadilly. Dilly for short .:) We got him from a pet shop. I know that inexperienced people should never take an unweaned baby home. But we are currently in a difficult time and the pet shop...
  8. K

    Video Is my bird preening our baby bird?

    We got a baby (8-9 weeks old) Sun Conure just yesterday, this is our first time getting a second bird and getting one so young. We have another bird at home, a Quaker parrot who's about 9 months old and has aggressive and territorial tendencies. We've tried to keep them apart from each other...
  9. J

    Baby Cockatiel Stunted Growth - Help!

    Hi Folks, We recently rescued a tiel from a very bad situation. He/She has been on a course of antibiotics since and seen an avian vet. We have hovered over and had many sleepless nights caring for baby. As time has progressed (Fitz) has been doing better and recently became a fledgling. Our...
  10. E

    Screaming, Weaning Baby Cockatiel

    Hey guys! Currently, hand-feeding about a 6-week old cockatiel named Manny. He has been doing great so far but I have found he does not show much interest in his seed throughout the day. Sometimes he nibbles on millet but not too much of it. He also screams a lot of the day when he sees me ( I...
  11. E

    Cockatiel hurt her leg?

    I’ve had this cockatiel for alittle over 2 weeks . She was untrained and now we have her to the point where she will climb onto our fingers when she thinks we have food. She isnt afraid of us as much as she was before. Just today we had her on our finger and we walked alittle bit further from...
  12. V3tqueen

    Moody baby tiel

    Hi! I’m super new to these forums so forgive me if I’m doing something wrong. My 5 week old baby tiel Pepper is doing super well, I’ve had him for about two weeks now and his hand feeding and daily routine is good. He is gaining weight, he got his feathers, and is generally a healthy and active...
  13. Jazzyooo

    Cockatiel weaned too early..?

    Hi everyone! Today something odd happened,my 4 week old cockatiel voluntarily ate a big chunk of banana! I’ve weaned my fair share of cockatiels to know that they normally start from 6-8 weeks. I ignored the incident and continued with formula as usual. Now I’m kind of confused. Should I...
  14. Birdman696

    Wild baby galah update

    So I found a hurt wild baby galah (more on other posts) and took it in, it seems fine, but won’t move. It sometimes changes the direction it’s facing, but won’t stand up or walk. Help appreciated
  15. dollfish

    New CAG Arrived. 4 m/o Keeps Crying After Feeding

    Hello everyone, my new african grey Astro arrived 2 weeks ago. It is a 4 month old rescue. The previous owner reduced from 3 feedings to 2 on his own, and then when he started refusing his morning feeding, they reduced to once a day. He always had pellets, seeds and fruit available at this time...
  16. Zara

    Mousebird care and species information

    Here are links to recovered information posted by Susanne Russo; Mousebird species size and weight: https://web.archive.org/web/20160519222735/http://www.mousebirds.com/species-size-and-weight.html Visual difference between species...
  17. PippinLovebird

    I Introduced My Parrots To Each Other....

    I have been wanting a cockatiel for a while now, and a few months ago I asked if anybody thinks one would be okay with a lovebird. Most said No, and not to take the risk. But, I got a baby lutino cockatiel, and took the risk yesterday. Now.... They are great together!!! Pippin (the lovebird) is...
  18. Garet

    Pictures I think you guys might like these baby Robins

    They fell out of a tree while the local falcon was having a snack early July. Both were brought to the SPCA the day they became orphaned and I don't have them anymore, but I had them just long enough to snap photos. They both arrived at the SPCA in good health.
  19. asrielshaven

    How do your IRNs like to be bathed?

    Looking to introduce my baby Indian Ringneck to bathing soon! He's still young, but we still need to keep those feathers clean :p What methods do you all use? I've heard from several sources that these birds are not the biggest fans of water, but of course each one's an individual. I was...
  20. Bri_:3

    my budgie :)

    I have had great progress with Kiwi, she can fly now and she is in the process of learning how to step up. We are training her and making sure she is safe. When we saw her on Sunday, she was flying all around and she seemed to love being in my hair. She kept on flying to the top of my head and...