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Regurgitating Help!


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Hey everyone, first post, long time watcher.
But I just recently rescued 2 Congo African greys. Beauregard is 40 and Basil is 10. they both came from an abuse situation. When I picked them up, their cages were rusted and they had maybe 2-3 perches each and Beauregard had no toys (but Basil had maybe 3-4 toys).
here is my question/issue:
Beauregard has been very aggressive once I got him into a new cages with 5 toys with lots of space between them. He has some foot toys like egg cartons to shred, whiffle ball, and some bagels. He’s been shredding the bagels and chewed off all the finger traps on one. The rest he is very gently with.
But here is my issue.
The whiffle balm and this coconut shell with palm tentacles had what I thought was wet food or poop on them. I was cleaning them figuring he was just being messy and putting them back.
Recently he has been getting more and more aggressive towards me and has caused several injuries to my hands. I don’t want to use gloves due to what they endured because I don’t want them to think I’m going to hurt them (the previous owners used gloves to taunt them and hit them with, and they freak out when they see gloves).
Tonight I saw him regurgitating on his coconut shell toy and I also noticed the whiffle ball was covered in the mess I was cleaning off. Should I be worried? He had a bit so happy but healthy vet appointment and a beak/nail trim when I first got them. I’m also wondering if maybe Beau is in “love” with his toys.
Any help or advice would be wonderful. These are my first CAGs. I do own 5 other birds, so it’s not my first rodeo with birds, just this breed. I’ve included a photo of what he has done to his coconut toy and a photo of him in his cage if that helps. I also am concerned that the lady mixed up their ages due to their attitudes and activity, but I’m also not sure if it’s from the abuse. The sleek one is Beauregard and the puffed up one is Basil. The covered shell is Beauregard’s lover.



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:hello1:and Welcome!

Thank you so much for rescue of these two!!!

I can't speak to specific grey hormones.

But often rescue parrots go through a hormonal over joy period in a new home. They are finally getting attention! They have stuff and feel good and happy.

Female's may lay eggs, boys get all wound up and protective of cage territory or chosen human .

My rescue quaker old lady choose a toy and regurgitating to it, murmuring sweet nothings to it. I asked my veterinarian what do I do? Her advice let her have it and do what she wants with it. That transfer to a new home is traumatic. And she likely hadn't learned a lot on how to cope, she's so excited about getting attention. Thst in time she wouldn't need this substitute comfort of false mate/chick . To just ignore it.

So I did. Maybe a month or so she lost interest in it. I removed it tgen. And never again had she done this with any toy.

DNA sexed birds?

I don't like seeing undigested food in the regurgitating? I'm not sure species specific regurgitating? But my parrots always regurgitating a creamy substance. So maybe someone knows if that falls into normal...

I guess I'm for letting things play out. As will likely calm down.

But I know you want to hear from Grey owners . Me too! Let's see what they say


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Congratulations on your new babies and so glad you rescued them sounds like a horrible environment they were in

Pico he is a lovebird though regurgitated and made love to a rope perch it stop him coming out of his cage and interacting he became aggressive too I removed his regurgitation as always looked similar to yours but obviously smaller

after removing it he became back to his normal self but as now taken to a cat bell ball that’s always been in his cage he feeds it chats to it carriers it about with him but he’s not overly obsessed like he was with the rope knot perch

You could try removing it and see how he goes but he may just pick another like pico did I have left him to it with his cat ball wife but if he becomes over obsessed I will remove it

not sure if this is right advice just what experience with regulating And he’s a lovebird not a bigger bird


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Congrats on your new fids ... I have one Grey Tyrion and I have only had issues with regerg when he was about 6 yrs and started regerging on me but it soon passed and I have had no other issues "knock on Wood " .. First make sure its regerging and not vomiting ..the difference ids vomiting is more aggressive and they tend to spray it all over the place throwing their head back and forth ..they tend to stop eating as well ...how are they eating and when does the regerg happen just on that toy or other places ...could be hormones and he is just in love with that toy ..I would watch carefully to make sure it is not vomiting ... best of luck with them :)