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  1. K

    Urgent My Parakeet is constantly tail bobbing after laying eggs

    Hello, please help! My parakeet (Blue) has been laying an egg here or there over the past 2-3 weeks which wasn't an issue then. Recently she has developed a constant slow tail bobbing after the two recent eggs. I checked and she doesn't seem to be egg bound and her behavior is normal. It's just...
  2. paimeezy

    are my budgies tail feathers okay?

    when i first got my budgie, his tail feathers were already pretty janky. he isn’t molting much yet, he’s still pretty young, but i was wondering if his tail will turn out healthy and fine? i got him a few weeks ago. his name is morax. ive also noticed his balance isn’t always the best, and i was...
  3. sunnieeeee

    stinky pineapple conure

    Hello, I am new to this. I have a 1 year old (almost 2) pineapple conure named sunnie. I got him from petco when he was a few months old. Last night i noticed his tail has a weird smell to it. i normally smell him LOL but he has never smelled like this and it isn’t a good smell. his tail smells...
  4. barbs0nly

    bent tail?

    ok, as far as i know kinks in the tail aren’t harmful or bad as long as they don’t cause pain and she’s totally fine, but it would be nice to know everyone’s opinions on her feather condition and quote on quote “coat” if i’m being honest this is just a cute picture of her LMAO and as for her...
  5. Veganature

    Urgent Bleeding tail

    I noticed a couple of drops of blood on the floor and upon further inspection I noticed it came from my bird's tail. I found a new feather on the floor with fresh blood at tge tip. I ran cold water over his tail and placed him back on the bathroom perch to see if the bleeding stopped.
  6. Sunni Tiel

    Broken tail feathers?

    Sunni is a 4-month-old cockatiel, and his wings are clipped. Anytime he gets spooked he sort of jumps backward and flaps his wings, sliding down the nearest wall and landing on his tail feathers. He has cracked 3 in half so far and there are 2 that are snapped but not quite fallen off. Is there...
  7. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Do budgies tails' get longer each molt?

    I couldn't find an answer on Google, so I decided to post my question here. I was sorting Kiwi and Blizzard's molted feathers, when I noticed the the older long tail feathers are noticeably shorter than the ones more recently molted. I also noticed that Kiwi's tail has always been at least a...
  8. K

    no tail cockatiel for 11 years

    Hello! So I have been a proud owner of a cockateil for 11 years now. I got him from a breeder, and yes of course I picked the one cockateil that had no tail. I was told he was hatched like that, and 11 year old me felt really bad for the bird and did not think he would be chosen by anyone else...
  9. Scarlet&Annie

    Is this normal for the feather shaft?

    I saw her tail shafts looks funny. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. She WILL NOT hold still for me to look at it look enough. I'm super frustrated and concerned. What is normal for the tail feather shaft anyways? Google provided me with no answers. Sorry for the meh photos, it was...
  10. Diveks

    Macaw likes holding her tail

    Hey everyone, So sunset, my macaw has been holding his tail for a long time. She would do this baby thing and be puffed up bobbing her head while scratching her own head, but while this is happening she would grab her tail and hold it while standing on the perch. This would destroy her tail. She...
  11. Zara

    A new skill?

    Expert tail-maker Sydney has been offering demonstrations on how to nest, however I'm not sure Adélie is learning much.... She is instead following in her fathers footsteps by following the other around and pulling out all the stored paper. *For anyone who doesn't know my birds, to clarify...
  12. Seraphenebirdo

    Urgent My lovebird is bobbing her tail?

    I noticed that my lovebird Bootsie seems to be tail bobbing and sneezing (not a lot and with no mucus). She seems to be acting normal otherwise... She’s eating,playing,singing and bobbing her head. I’m so worried but my dad says she’s fine ( he’s worked with show pigeons before) I couldn’t...
  13. RiccaE

    Bent then broken tail feather

    My baby GCC had a bent tail feather. It was roughly a 45 degree angle for a few days. Today when I changed his cage bottom, I noticed the feather had either broken off at the bend mark, or did he maybe chew it off? Is it normal for a bent feather to break off and will he be okay with just the...
  14. P

    911 Bleeding... Again

    This happened before about a year ago, if I had to guess around the same time as now, after my canary's molt (stopped seeing loose tail feathers in/around his cage). What happened was he bites his back, but he doesn't know when to stop and it got to the point where he started bleeding a...
  15. layinlow

    Broken tail feathers?

    Mika has a tendancy to try and fly to me if I'm not handling him, though he is trimmed and usually falls to the ground and lot if I can't catch him last moment. Today I brought I'm into the bathroom with me and he ended up jumping off the toilet seat, bending another one of his feathers:( what...
  16. Whoviana

    How many tail feathers does a conure have?

    How many tail feathers does a GCC have? Sunflower has been slowly molting for about 6 months, and we thought her tail was done. She shed two tail feathers today. I'm starting to think she will just be molting for the rest of her life.