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  1. LiefDuivel

    What index do you use to determine if the air quality is safe for your feathered friend?

    The AQI and AQHI use different statistics to determine the air quality of the local area, so they often have different results. For example, Canada uses the AQHI to determine air quality, and for my area today its at a 2/10 (low), which is determined as safe for all groups But IQair, a...
  2. J

    Expired pellets

    I have a bag of All Living Things (old Petsmart brand) Conure and Lovebird Diet fruit flavored pellets. I got them about 2 years ago when I was switching my GCC from seed to pellets and have continued to use them as treats since them. I gave her a few today and realized the bag said Best By: May...
  3. J

    Air purifier

    I'm planning on buying an air purifier and was wondering if there's anything I need to look out for, or if any one will do. I see a lot of things about ions and honestly I have no idea what any of it means.
  4. J

    (HELP) Wallpapering: Non toxic pastes, the process, etc

    Hi! My mom is wallpapering my room, where my bird is, after I convinced her out of painting it. Idk anything about wallpapering other than what I’ve been researching, so I wanna be as safe as possible. I’m planning on using this paste...
  5. StygianEchoes

    Is this safe as a liner?

    I cannot buy any conventional trays for the bottom of my cage, as it’s too big. So I need to find an alternative. After looking around for a bit, I’ve come across this company called G Floor. I was wondering if these rubber mats (used for garage flooring) would be safe for budgies. I’m most...
  6. Ziekenzie

    Free Ranging Bird

    Hello everyone! Currently, I have a parrotlet (named Esmeralda), who I have had since February. Recently, I have been looking into giving her free range of my bedroom during the day and caging her at night. I want her to live the best life possible, and this seems like a good way to give her a...
  7. nipiybirb

    Gasoline smell

    I just moved to a place next to a gas station, not even thinking about it. And I woke up to the smell of gasoline at 5am. The trucks come and refill the station everyday it seems. Most days I don't smell anything at all, and I've lived here for a couple of months. Today however it was so bad it...
  8. J

    How to clean wooden toys?

    Does anyone have tips for cleaning wooden toys/perches/ladders that have been pooped on? I try to keep everything arranged so things won't get pooped on, but there seems to be no avoiding it entirely haha. I assume water/soap wouldn't be the way to go as that could cause mold? Maybe I'll just...
  9. Baileybea

    Aphids/bugs in vegetables??? Safe to feed?

    Hello! I have a question about store bought veggies…the past couple days when I bought new spinach/broccoli, I noticed what appears to be a few little aphid bugs! I bought more tonight because I was worried about feeding them to Momo, and I found them again. I just wanted to know, as long as...
  10. flyzipper

    Reminder to inspect our setups

    I like suspending play areas because I find it's easier to clean beneath them and I use dowels with stainless eye bolts for this purpose. This is the one that was holding up Marvin's window play area... (I wonder if Oscar knew just how close he was to causing a crash)
  11. J

    Hair Straightener

    Does anyone know if the Marquee Hair Straightener is safe? I don't straighten my hair, but my preteen little sister is spending the night with me and is insistent that she HAS to straigten her hair (preteen things lol). It's marketed as a ceramic hair straightener and I would make her use it in...
  12. deftpwnes

    Bells: yes or no?

    Hi everyone! I see so many posts and videos and webpages about how great bells are for birds, but then I see the horror stories of birds’ beaks, feet, etc getting caught in them. So my question is… are bells bad or good? Is there a more complicated answer? Thanks!
  13. Pastel

    Mirrors in bird room

    Hi everyone! I rearranged my apartment so that my two lovely budgies get more sunlight and more calm during the night. It is also the room that is the farthest from the kitchen which I feel so much more comfortable with. However, the room that suits their needs the best is a double room, so...
  14. H

    Cleaning House Habits?

    So anyone who has larger birds, especially the powder down birds like cockatoos, probably know how much dander happens EVERYWHERE. Everywhere I turn there's either a down feather or a small pile of dandruff and fluff. I clean a few times a week and it still manages to clog up heaters and fans...
  15. RebeccaZM

    Keeping birds safe from fumes

    Hi everyone! We had a small sewage leak in our basement and will have to replace roughly 84 square feet of carpet in two narrow hallways. They will use a ‘supposedly’ bio-safe disinfectant that has a less than 1% VOC on the floor once the carpet is removed. We are going to ask if they can air...
  16. GalaxyDog9

    How do I make my house smell nice? (Bird friendly)

    So ya, my title says it all lol. Am I forgetting something? No essential oils, air fresheners, or candles. Also feel free to share chop recipes! :)
  17. ZY28

    Camping, mosquito and bird

    Hi, It's summer!!! My family and I have been planning on going camping and I would need to bring my green cheek conure with me (I do not have a place for him to stay). I am primarily worried about mosquito spray... Our whole family has allergic reaction to mosquito bites so if we are not in our...
  18. Jyo crow

    Safe play garden idea?

    Hi, I want to make a mini indoor garden for my birds! I would use a wide, shallow pot and it would have plants and a bowel of water in the middle, so the birds would be free to splash, forage, and poop. Of course, I have concerns about safety. Dirt - I would get dirt from my garden and rinse...
  19. Photon

    Strange reaction

    My Pineapple was playing with my mom’s ring and had this strange reaction, which he has never had before (see video link below). His head bobbed quickly with his beak open. It happened about 3 times in a row. I was concerned, so I took him away from my mom’s hand as quickly as I could. I...
  20. Kackington

    Handyman sprayed Clorox into AC unit… how long until I can bring birds back into that room?

    Hi all! :) So I recently made my move out to LA… I miss central heating and air so much. So the wall AC unit in the living room of my 1 bedroom apartment had been smelling musty and stale, so I avoided using the unit. I finally got a guy to come help me out, and I know the only way to kill...