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  1. Hoshi

    Bird-safe lip moisturizers/facial products?

    Hi everyone, So here in the Northwest, winter weather is here, and with winter weather comes very cold weather that dries out your skin. My little one (Indian Ringneck:irnv:) loves to preen my face, nose, ears, and especially recently, my lips. He really enjoys trying to peel the dead skin off...
  2. Zara

    Pictures Excess rope/Toys being used up - Safety tip

    When buying toys I've had a few arrive to me with a lot of rope/string at the top that has nothing on it. I don't like giving that to my birds for safety reasons, so I would always tie as many knots in it to shorten it.. But there is a better way to fix it. Another time this tip is helpful is...
  3. D

    Safe Disinfectant

    Hey everyone! I am traveling with my green cheek this weekend. This will be her fifth time on a plane so she is very used to the whole routine and is a very good bird while traveling. my concern this time is COVID. I want to wipe down/disinfect my seat and especially my tray table at the...
  4. S

    Is fleece safe?

    Hello all! I recently made a fleece flight suit for my cockatiel which she will only be wearing under supervision when we go outside. Someone told me that fleece was not safe For birds as it is toxic and because if ingested it can cause crop blockage among other issues. I was just wondering what...
  5. T

    Tree perch help

    Hey all! First time poster, long time reader here! So I wanted to build a “tree perch” for my little tiel (chip) and I got a branch big enough (olive, not yet disinfected but will be before I give him) and a bucket as a base. I need something to fill the bucket, to keep it sturdy. I wanted to...
  6. mangosaur

    Rope boing safety

    Hi everyone! I just ordered this set from Amazon for my lovebird and wanted to get some opinions on safety. I read some horror stories on rope boings after I had already purchased the item, but the reviews for this particular item have been pretty positive, so I just wanted to get some opinions...
  7. lisazartsi

    Dog Toys & Ropes for Parrots

    Hi friends! :) I'm about to adopt a young pineapple GCC (see attached for cute baby pics) in a few weeks and I'm wondering if dog and/or cat toys and ropes are safe toys for parrots? I'm thinking something like this. I've had dogs my whole life and I know how durable their toys can be. I'm...
  8. PippinLovebird

    Ferret Cage For Birds?

    Hey! So I have been looking into getting a larger cage for my cockatiel, Milo. And I found a large ferret cage. I was wondering if anyone has ever used a ferret cage for their birds, or if you think it would be okay? Milo is one of my newer birds and isnt the most comfortable with me yet. He...
  9. lisazartsi

    Dangers to Conures (and other birds)

    Hi friends! I'm prepping to bring a new, beautiful baby pineapple GCC home in about four weeks (adopted from a safe/trusted source) and I want to make sure I've cleansed my home of anything super toxic or dangerous before he arrives. We'll be living in a two-bedroom apartment for the next...
  10. Kenzie

    Insight on 2 Kitchen Sets Safety

    Hello all! We found these two kitchen sets that seem very appealing to the eye and based off the descriptions, seem safe enough. I however would rather NOT kill my birds, and am looking for further opinion, maybe someone here has bought these sets and checked into the safety thoroughly! This is...
  11. Scarlet&Annie

    Are Mosquitoes are concern?

    Usually don't have many in the house/my room but want to be on the cautious side. Are they a concern for my little Conure? Thanks!
  12. T


    I don't know if this question has been posted before, but I'm moving into an apartment soon. I'm worried about if other tenents use candles or self-cleaning oven features. Do I need to somehow purify the air? Should I keep her at my parent's house, and visit often? Shes a linnie if that helps
  13. Scarlet&Annie

    Bird cage has rust...

    I just noticed some rust in Annies cage. It's around the area that holds her water bowl, I assume this is from when she takes a bath and gets water all over. I wiped it away the best that I could but it definitely makes me very nervous. There's some that I can't quite reach but I don't...
  14. Scarlet&Annie

    Are fumigated sea grass mats really safe?

    Hello! For my birds hut, I get the one from MySafeBirdStore which has no stitching on it. It has a seagrass mat as the bottom part. My birdy likes to chew these up. I've ordered replacements already which they smell, mostly natural but just want to be sure they are safe as they are fumigated...
  15. Scarlet&Annie

    Are these all safe woods?

    Just want to make sure these are all safe before putting the ladder in the cage, thanks!
  16. honeykat13

    Idea for Toys/Play Area. Would this Work?

    I would love to spoil my cockatiel, whenever I get the money to allow me to do so. I've spent some time thinking about what I would want to do, and I want to get some opinions to see if it's a good idea, would be safe, etc. I'm wanting to convert a cat tree into a playground for my tiel. I...
  17. maimaie

    New Setup Recommendations

    I posted a while back about a new cage order that did not go well... We finally got over that experience and are ready to try again. I found a cage online and chatted with the company already and feel pretty confident that we will get a good quality cage. So our GCC currently has his own room...
  18. AkasyaEllric

    Is a laminator safe?

    I was thinking about getting a laminator but I was wondering if it would be safe around the birds? I know the safest thing to do is to do without since I don't have a bird free area to use it in. I tried to research and didn't find much so any input will be much appreciate. :)
  19. Steph6241

    Paraffin Wax Machine?

    Hey everyone! I have a baby parakeet (named Frankie!) and I just got a therapeutic paraffin wax machine for my arthritis - it’s essentially a metal tub of melted and unscented paraffin wax. From researching, I know that both burning candles and melting scents with paraffin wax are harmful to...
  20. C

    Safe bakeware

    Hi! I made an account so I could ask this. I'm a big baker, I do it all the time. The holidays are coming up which is when I do the most. I've recently become very paranoid lol about my aunts bakeware(we live together). I got her new pans for her birthday, ceramic cooknhome, she'll get them...