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  1. S

    Two Cockatiels for Adoption in Vancouver, BC

    Hi, I am looking for a loving home for two of my male, 11 year old, bonded cockatiels. They are energetic, healthy and great birds. Please let me know if interested and would like to see pictures. I am not sure how many people here are from my area but I thought I would give it a shot.
  2. Stevetomobs

    Homes for Them

    Yes, I realize I probably should have posted this on Rehome Highway but even though I’ve been a member for a while many things still confuse me. I will move it if necessary and please inform me if I am going against any of the guidelines by doing this. Now as much anxiety as I have just...
  3. FancyConure

    Amazon in need of a Cuddle Buddy

    Long read ahead: I recently have taken in temporarily a Mealy Amazon as a favor for my Friend's friend. This Amazon has had two owners now, both of whom are deceased. The first owner was an older gentleman who lived alone and the the little guy was found a week later. The second one was...
  4. B

    Sennie in Chicago needs good home

    Looking to rehome an 18 year old female Senegal.
  5. Molo

    Rehome Black Capped Conure in Ohio

    It breaks our family's heart, but we think it's best we rehome our male Black Capped Conure. He was hatched May 2016 and we got him from a parrot store. He is very healthy and happy. I want to include his cage and his toys that he loves and would like a small rehome fee to make sure he goes...
  6. McBird

    well.... looks like the family will be growing

    a friend of mine was talking about having to go recollect her bird after the rehome went south. the guy fricked it up and she got a message saying her super sweet Cockatiel was biting which means that he doesn't understand birds. so she's going to have to go pick her up and then she'll come live...
  7. McBird

    how I got a new house!

    I can’t remember the first day I went home to my family very well, I was scared. It was all so new but they had this nice big cage, let me out and fly around and treated me so nicely. I loved them so much, they were amazing! It felt like I would never leave, and I’m sure they told me that I...
  8. McBird

    the journey of Leaf, as told by me

    Part 1 of Leaf’s journey: On January 13 of 2017 I was working in the salon with a coworker when we both noticed this giant cage looking thing standing in the middle of the entrance. We surmised several different things that could inhabit this cage from sugar gliders to birds. My gut feeling was...
  9. Erestyl

    Pet store vs Craigslist

    Hello all, I've been posting recently about getting my first parrot. Today I visited a PetSmart after work on the off chance that they might have a conure. Well, not only did they have a beautiful Jenday conure, but they let me hold her, she allowed me to hold her, and even pet her head and...
  10. Erestyl

    About to take the plunge. Advice?

    After a great deal of research and serious soul-searching (and a bit of alliteration), I've decided that I really do want to get a parrot. I've found one in particular whom I'm interested in and am debating whether or not to go ahead and bring her home. Mango is a 2 1/2 year old sun conure who...
  11. lindsaynicolex

    Adorable GCC Searching for New Home

    I have decided to finally do what is best for my bird and look into finding him a better home. Teddy is a 2 year old (hatched 1/1/15) male Green Cheek Conure. He is extremely smart and loves to be involved in a household; he is a talker and loves to chat when the house gets busy or he is playing...
  12. P

    Two Caiques Looking for a New Home

    We are looking to rehome our two caiques located in NYC. One male one is female ,about 3.5 years of age. They are in great health and extremely intelligent and entertaining. They get along great and share the same cage. Unfortunately, we don't have the time and attention for them that they need...
  13. FightsLikeaGirl

    Sennie in Denver, CO

    senegal parrot Sparky needs a home I'd take him myself in a heartbeat if I had the money for the extra vet bill, but hopefully someone here might have better luck? I'd be willing to help with transport if someone out of state wants him!!!!
  14. sierraecho89

    Fostering a neglected bird: I have no idea what I'm doing.

    Hi all, So. Hubby is a teacher who knows a teacher who has a friend who knows a friend who has decided that she would rather put down her twenty-year-old African Grey and Amazon parrot rather than worry about it "going to a bad home." Sure--let's not call the local parrot rescue which...
  15. Sylvi_

    Anyone able to help this sweet pup?

    Saw this ad on my local craigslist and it broke my heart. If anyone is in south Florida and can help him, please do. Last Call for BOBBY - ID#A1695634 Praying this sweet boy finds a home soon.
  16. Sylvi_

    Florida Craigslist IRN in need of home.

    Saw on CL, and thought I'd post it. If anyone wants to give this guy a soft place to land, that'd be wonderful. Indian ringneck parrot/bird.
  17. Sylvi_

    FL Cockatiel Ad

    Craigslist ad: Cockatiel:) If someone is in FL, around the south part and is looking for a cockatiel, consider her? I didn't contact to see if she's available, so if she's gone already my apologies. The ad was posted about a month ago. Thanks :) Please if you can open your heart to her, it...