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rainbow lorikeet

  1. T

    Will this bar spacing be okay?

    Hi, I’m new here but I’ve had my two rainbow lorikeets for 5yrs. ☺️ I decided they deserved a cage upgrade and honestly I am tired of replacing powder coated cages every year, so I’ve purchased them a very large, very expensive 304 stainless cage. It says bar spacing is 2.5cm or 1” and I’m...
  2. J

    Should I be worried about this wild rainbow lorikeet?

    Hi all! First post here, looking for some advice. My backyard is always thriving with wild bird life, but recently I've noticed a particular rainbow lorikeet hanging around my side garden. It's very slow, and unenergetic. Over the last week, it's allowed myself & my dog (albeit accidentally, I...
  3. minkylory

    minky, my ~3 month old lorikeet

  4. Birdman696

    Rainbow lorikeet bird diaper

    So I got a rainbow lorikeet around 3 days ago. He is incredibly tame and the moment he got him he was crawling all over me, he was rescued from the wolf after he had fallen out of a tree and was being attacked by magpies and is one of the friendliest birds I’ve ever seen. He’s still a baby but...
  5. L

    Please help with rainbow lorikeet!

    Hi, Hope everyone is good, I am looking for some advice for my rainbow lorikeet. his diet is based on a lori feed (I mix it in with water so it’s wet food for him) of which I attached a picture below and I also cut up some apples for him which he takes a few bites from but usually eats up...
  6. A

    New Rainbow lorikeet is Shy

    Hi all I am a new bird owner of a Rainbow Lorikeet .He is 18 months old and has only been with us a hour. So far he has been shy, quite and placing his head to the side and observing everything. I want to make him become comfortable to his new environment. What can I do to make him loosen up...
  7. L

    Help! - Rainbow lorikeet food

    Hi, I have a male rainbow lorikeet I just recently started taking care of, I was feeding him apples and other fruits and didn’t know he needed nectar and pollen till recently, today I received his orlux Lori feed which contains both nectar and pollen, I wanted to ask as well as this feed along...
  8. AmberC


    Hi I am hand rearing a baby rainbow lorikeet called Laura who fell out of her nest. (DNA testing proves she's female) We found her when she was 3-4 weeks old now she's 7-8 weeks old. she's recently started flying for the first time!
  9. D

    Lorrikeet Weird noise!

    Hi there, I'm hoping you might be able to help. I'm unable to get to the vet for a few days and worry that my poor Lorri doesn't have that long. He's started to make what i think maybe a kettle noise then cough or sneeze, puts his tail down as if he's doing a poop, then spreads his wings? have...
  10. E&MBudge

    Rainbow Lorikeet Strange Behaviour

    Hi folks, bit new here so excuse any mistakes. We've recently adopted a Rainbow Lorikeet (have yet to name him/her so any suggestions there are welcome), she's an absolute sweetheart when we have her out of the cage, will sit with us, knows how to sit on our arm etc. However when trying to take...
  11. Fleebee13

    Advice needed

    Hi there, I'm the owner of two rescue Lorikeets.First is Asher he is 6mths I've reared since I foundhim at 4wks. He became ever demanding with me to the point I was u able to even go to the toilet without him barking for me, I decided to get him amate and a cage since he was free range all that...
  12. Bekky

    New rescue babies!

    Decided to go ahead and make a profile since I’ve been reading so many threads! I figured It would be more informative to reach out for direct advice. I just rescued three new babies. Male Rainbow Lorikeet Male Senegal Parrot Female GCC All assumed to be around 6-7 months old and look to...
  13. J

    Looking for advice

    I was given a baby rainbow lorikeets a couple days ago and have noticed his middle toenail is hanging by a thread And I’m not sure what to do about it
  14. Pearl

    Another Lori has lost flight and found me!

    oh boy okay so i originally had jaspidot because he couldnt fly, and just today i went to a creek where the water was overflowing from recent rain (it's had a huge effect on most main areas of south australia). the park itself is lovely, and its where my family got our first lorikeet, who had...
  15. kib1992

    Tips and Tricks? - Advice for Rainbow

    Hello! So, long story, but here goes: My boyfriend works as a bird keeper at a local zoo with a walkthrough lorikeet aviary. Several months back, a little rainbow lorikeet's wing started drooping. After a week or so, vet said it was getting better so no further medical treatment was given. A...
  16. lori_02

    I have a new Rainbow lori!

    Hi everyone. My name is Georgie and a week ago a 5 month old Rainbow Lorikeet became the new member of our family. A wee bit about me... I got engaged at the beginning of this year to my partner of 8 1/2 years. We bought our first home just over a year ago. We are currently renovating. I have...