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  1. parrotman

    Green urine after poop has dried

    Alright so, my lovebird has been having green urine after his poop has dried for about 2-3 hours he is being fed Padovan Australian bird mix and plenty of veggies, clean water could this be a sign of early liver disease?
  2. N

    Pictures Lots of poop stuck at the bottom

    My cockatiel has a lot of poop stuck at her bottom area. Any idea what this may be?
  3. asdf6121

    Strange budgie poops?

    Hey guys, it's been about a week since I got my baby budgie, and she is already super hand tame and playful toward us. Today however, I noticed her poops have been very strange. These two photos (and poops) were taken the same day, about three hours apart. I am very worried. I was already going...
  4. M

    Advice for cleaning poop off toys?

    This branch in particular has some tiny poop bits i couldnt wipe off left on it. (White specks in image.) Is this a health concern? Any advice for cleaning this kind of branch? Thanks! My bird appreciates it
  5. Gokha

    Eating dry poop?

    Hi! So another minor issue with my IRN, Zazu. He picks up dry poop and eat it and sometimes it’s his own, sometimes it’s my cockatiel’s :depressed: As much as I try my best cleaning their droppings in the living room whenever I see it, sometimes I miss a couple. It gets dry and my poop-eater...
  6. S


    My little birds kiki (female) and zephyr (male) have been having yellow and red/ orange urine! I’ve tried giving them veggies for two weeks to see if it helps (spinach, lettuce, carrot) but it doesn’t seem to help clear it up! They also get a food mix of pellets and seeds the pellets are...
  7. A

    Parrot Fever

    I've had a cockatiel for 3 weeks or so and I've realized that its had some symptoms for parrot fever (psittacosis). Such as being constantly sleepy and pooping a greenish yellow looking poop (picture provided). Due to the current state of the world I'm in self containment due to coronavirus. If...
  8. Z

    Lovebird poop

    hi guys, my lovebird’s poop has been odd lately and I want to know if I have to worry? He had metal poisoning 2 months ago. But has since been healthy and fine. This is his poop the past two days
  9. PippinLovebird

    Parakeet Sick? Or what....

    I just got a parakeet a few days ago, and She/he has not drank out of their water or eaten food yet that I have seen. She/he has eaten millet though. Anyway, her tail slightly bobs up and down when breathing, I am not sure If that is an issue though. What worry's me is... When she trying to...
  10. Chiara

    Pictures Lovebird urine is green

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’m not English so sorry if there are mistakes. I need help. I have two lovebirds, Jo and Noah. Jo’s urine is green since yesterday, I’m really worried. Noah’s droppings are okay. I’m on vacation and there isn’t an avian vet in this area. I don’t know what to do...
  11. Dostc426

    Strand of Hair Coming out of Vent?

    Hello everyone! For the first time in the 7 years I have owned my Sun, he had a strand of hair dangling from his vent! I have no idea how or when he might have swallowed this hair but essentially I noticed it because he had a little poop hanging from it. He defecated a few times in succession...
  12. Taamtiels

    Tail bobbing after egg laying

    Hi! I’m new to this forum, not new to tiels though. I have an 11 month old hen named ruby. (Female tiels I am new to) Ruby started laying eggs last month. First egg broke, So I put a nest in her cage with 6 dummy eggs in it, 3 days later she layed another egg. She’s ignored her real egg, and the...
  13. F

    Need a poopologists opinion

    Hi everyone, I’ve posted a couple other questions about my nine month old green cheek conure and his worrying droppings, so here goes another: To give you some background Manny has always been a vivacious, silly, and ravenous bird. I’ve had him for almost two months. About a month ago I saw...
  14. F

    Squeaking before pooing and stretching

    Hello everyone! Recently I became the proud new owner of a beautiful green cheek conure, Manny. Manny is fully fledged but is still very much a baby. He eats on his own, knows how to step up and is a wild man for the most part. The only other bird I’ve had is a cockatiel. With my tiel I know...
  15. CookieWookie

    My New Budgie! and some questions...

    I just got a new Budgie yesterday! His/Her name is Shiro (like that TV show character) And I have some questions for all of you... Q1: He (I'm just going to refer to him as a he) is not drinking! (or at least I have not seen him drink) Is there a possibility that he being sneaky and taking...
  16. P

    Help! Abnormal poops. Urgent?

    My ten month old tiel has been having abnormal poops. They are the usual color, but there are undigested seeds in them. What should I do? Is the urgent, should I visit a vet?
  17. goodtrash16

    Poop Question

    Hello! My Green Cheek Conure, Jax, has been having some very runny green poops today. I am concerned and wondering if there is a problem with them. My computer seems to make this seem more yellow than it really is, it does not appear yellow on my phone or in real life. It looks more like a...
  18. music2music

    How to clean poop off vent?

    I gave my bird Twiggy a bath on Saturday (2/3) and it seemed to get some poop off of his vent. He hasn't been displaying any problems except diarrhea, which has gone away since Saturday. Is there any safe way to get the rest of the poop off except for giving him a few baths? Thank you.
  19. music2music

    Poop on Vent?

    Today, I noticed my little budgie has poop on his vent. I noticed it after he was continuously scratching it with his feet. This morning, he had diarrhea-like poop on his ladder. He has acted normal otherwise- bobbing, tweeting, eating. He is close to a year old, so I doubt if he has any...
  20. Natalie K Lim

    Urgent Possible Earring Ingestion

    hi there, I’ve already read a few threads about birds possibly eating metal. I have a gcc and he got the back part of my earring and I couldn’t see him because he was behind me so I tried to grab him so that I can get him to drop it (like what I usually do when he grabs small things) but by the...