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  1. NoelleMartin

    Behavior Question

    I haven't been on or posted in awhile, but I have a question about my adopted Grey's behavior. Whenever I approach his cage and talk to him directly he hangs from the cage and begins to preen or what seems to be preening but I also notice lil feathers coming out. It happens every single time...
  2. J

    Bald spine

    Hi guys, I've had my boy since mid September and in the shower today I noticed a strip down the middle portion of his spine that is almost completely bald. Is this normal for a birds spine? When he is dry you cant even notice it... You have to actually part the wet feathers to see it. It's about...
  3. Rainbowings

    New to Lovebirds + baby birds... Help!

    Hi there! I am relatively new to birds in general. My mom did have a family parrot when I was a kid & I had 2 parakeets- but being a kid my mom did most of the work! Last year I got a pair of lovebirds. Not gonna lie- it was a knee jerk kinda thing & that was irresponsible. The parents were...
  4. cikazako

    please help!! African grey christmas dilema

    ☹️African grey christmas crisis!!!! Hello, so I don’t know what to do with my african grey this christmas. We always spend christmas at my grandparents and usually leave the african grey at home. However she is plucking her feathers and whenever left alone for more than a couples of hours she...
  5. M


    Im convinced my African Grey is over preening. His feather condition is definitely worse than when I got him two months ago. He absolutely hates anything to do with bathing. He freaks out in the shower, he freaks when he gets misted with anything, he occasionally tries to bathe in his water bowl...
  6. Wendz

    Pictures My Bird is Sick & it's My Fault

    My story is long but I need to explain to get HELP and advice from you all. It begins in 2011 when I was given this tiny little pink wrinkly chick and was told it was a Hahns Macaw, I honestly didn't think he would live but he did, I hand reared him to the best of my ability with help from...
  7. Wendz

    Newby to Avian Avenue !!

    Hi Everyone, my name is Wendy from sunny South Africa, my little soul mate is a Hahns Macaw :hahns: called "BIRD". Finally I have found a community that shares good honest advice am so looking forward to my journey through Avian Avenue with you all.
  8. hrafn

    Pictures Taco is plucking and barbering again...

    When I adopted Taco, it was obvious to me that he'd been plucking and barbering his feathers for a long time. His old owners claimed it had been his mate, Trixie, stealing feathers off of him to line her many nests, but considering his abuse and neglect (and the fact that Trixie had died, but...
  9. Lelushio

    Bird is starting to pluck

    So I bought a nice harness about 3 days ago and started harness training my lovebird, Lily. She seemed to be responding well enough, even though she seemed really uncomfortable with it, we were making good progress so I thought it was fine. She was starting to put her head through the hole...
  10. A

    Petey has been plucking chest feathers? (Photo included)

    Petey has been going through egg binding issues :( I’ve never had this problem before and am still dealing with it. She’s making soft eggs and can’t push them out. I’m hoping the vet and I will be able to fix the problem so that Petey will be okay. Maybe it’s hormonal, but it looks like she’s...
  11. Sweet Louise

    4 y/o CAG plucking

    My friend's 4 y/o CAG is plucking. He had never plucked until this summer. She has tried a variety of homeopathic remedies recommended earlier. He had slowly stopped for a few days but is now back at it and plucking more. She has made an appointment with an avian vet to rule out medical...
  12. Bailey87

    Golden conure

    Hello! Tl;dr: Golden has been plucking for 6 mos, need serious help! Does anyone here have any golden conure experience? I have a female who has just turned two, and she began plucking in December. She has already been to two different avian vets and she has nothing medically wrong with her...
  13. Barnaby Rose

    Urgent Female Eclectus plucking/bald spot on chest???

    Guys I am VERY worried. Emma was going through what I THOUGHT was a pretty heavy 'molt'... her feathers around her collar, her sides and around her neck and etc were looking a little dark and ruffled and thin in places, but nothing I was too extremely concerned with.. and then this morning we...
  14. Pamela C

    Anyone have a bird prescribed Gabapentin?

    Hello All, My male lovebird was recently prescribed Gabapentin by the vet to try to help with his plucking issues. He has been on this approximately a week at .01 ml 2x a day. I haven't really seen any improvements or side effects and my vet had discussed bumping up the dosage over the next...
  15. Atomiklan

    Feather growth rate

    How fast do feathers usually grow back in? There are probably a few conditionals here such as if the feather falls out on its own (or pushed out as I have heard is possible sometimes with older large feathers) versus being plucked out. Also there may be a difference between species and also a...
  16. Birblover

    Started Shredding/Plucking today

    My one Grey has a history of plucking. The first time was when I first brought her home (fixed with love and attention) and then again last year March which resulted in vet visits that didn't make a difference, but I never did figure out the cause. We just distracted her as best we could as she...
  17. Birblover

    Shredding/Plucking feathers

    My one Grey has a history of plucking. The first time was when I first brought her home (fixed with love and attention) and then again last year March which resulted in vet visits that didn't make a difference, but I never did figure out the cause. We just distracted her as best we could as she...
  18. EthanBoha

    Lovebird feather picking, I need suggestions for toys

    My lovebird Romeo has started feather picking again and he needs new toys. Any suggestions?
  19. Luvthosebirds

    Pictures PLEASE HELP. What is this??

    This is my 3.5 year old goffin cockatoo. I’ve recently noticed that under his feathers (DNA sexed male), it looks like this. He hasn’t plucked before and has millions of toys, a cage mate and is otherwise in good feather condition. It looks like “holes” where a feather is supposed to be...?? He...
  20. birdashes

    Polyfolliculitis? I could use some advice.

    Hi all. I wasn't sure where to put this thread.. It's health related but not an emergency? I don't think? I hope here is alright. It can get moved if a moderator thinks there is a better place. I could use all the information and personal experiences on birds with polyfolliculitis? One of my...