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  1. J

    Barbering flight feathers

    Hello! My newest flock member is a 4 year old green wing macaw named Cami. He came to me with feather destructive behavior towards his flight feathers. The previous owner tried a lot of things including imping him and nothing has helped, everything came back clear besides for a bit he had...
  2. S

    quaker plucking issue?

    hey! my name is Teddy, i just joined hoping my mom and i could get some help with my baby Romeo. it started a month ago but one night he just suddenly started freaking out and plucking feathers on his leg. it slowed down for a bit but now he just has these burst of plucking episodes during the...
  3. S

    4 1/2 month old Conure molting?

    Hi all, my almost 5 month GCC appears to be molting. I am concerned because it seems so young. He’s been losing a fair amount of the fluffy down feathers for no apparent reason (no plucking, and even when he’s not grooming). Behavior wise he doesn’t seem out of the ordinary- sleeping as usual...
  4. phancy

    spots on babies back

    hi guys! after many previous failed attempts, my happy is finally a dad to 2 very beautiful foster babies named blueberry and grape(they got them as eggs, and hatched them by themselves so as far as they know they're their kids). the oldest of them is 11 days old now, and when I was trying her...
  5. rygby07

    Urgent Macaw plucking pin feathers, but acting normal.

    Please help me out! I have a green-winged macaw I have owned for 5 years now. After his most recent molt I noticed that some of his feathers weren’t growing back in some places. I later noticed that every now and then when grooming himself, he would pull out a pin feather and eat it. Nothing in...
  6. Azalea

    I am desperate

    My blue female Quaker, Skittles, has been biting out her feathers and I can't for the life of me find out why, so I figured why not ask the experts? As of April 1st, 2021, Skittles was a happy, healthy parrot that spent more time inside with us on the dinner table, on the lamps in the living...
  7. nspiro

    Urgent My ringneck seems to be plucking

    Hi, about a month ago I bought my first ever bird, an indian ringneck, his owners had to sell him as they couldn't spend enough time with him and their neighbors would occasionally complain about the noise. Fast foward to now, he lost so many feathers, we provided him with food, attention and...
  8. A

    Quaker back to plucking

    So when I moved here my quaker ripped out his wing pits on his back along with his tail. Then he stopped after I used the anti itch spray, chamomile, avicalm and I put him in the bedroom so he doesn’t see me working. They seemed to have calmed him down and he stopped doing that. Now he’s...
  9. O

    Male canary plucking obsessively. Help needed!

    Hi bird folks, Last week I discovered that my male canary, 3 yo., plucked bald a big area around his tail and lower back. I'm shocked since he's a very active bird, sings every day and chirps a lot, has a large (relatively to his size) cage, and doesn't seem bored. It was difficult to notice...
  10. M

    Advice for new bird parents!!

    Hi there, new bird mum here! My partner and I adopted two ecelectus. We aren’t sure of their age or of their history unfortunately and we are having a few issues and I was hoping to seek some advice. We have been to an avian vet and an avian behaviouralist but I’m still not clear on what we...
  11. Feathergirl626

    Urgent Overnight stress plucking

    Hey everyone. Sprout (my 1 year cinnamon green-cheek conure) was fine last night but when I got him this morning, I found this. We've had a mouse issue lately (working on it), and we've been finding droppings in Sprout's food. We've tried moving his food bowl to different areas in his cage...
  12. Diveks

    Collaring or medicating my plucker?

    Hello, so my rehomed grey had started plucking. Well not exactly plucking but chewing on tail and wing feathers. I have several questions regarding collars. I consulted an avian vet and he suggested either a collar or calming medications. I will be doing this while I i am desensitizing her to...
  13. C

    Turquoise GCC Plucking and Over-itching nose

    I have a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure, and she has not been doing well lately. First, winter in NJ is pretty horrendous for birds overall. Low humidity, cold, etc. We're limited in how much heat we can turn up, but overall, their aviary temperature is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity...
  14. Trinity

    Lovebird is hot to touch and loses fearhers

    Hi everyone, I hope I've gone about all this correctly and did a skim read of the guidelines before posting. Context I own a range of indoor and outdoor parrots, many of which are rescues or give aways my mum brings home from volunteering. These birds are separated but have joint 'out time'...
  15. cricketiel

    Mating Dances and Pants Plucking

    Hello all, My 2 year old female cockatiel just started doing what I presume to be a female mating call/dance (as I watched videos of female mating calls on youtube and it sounds exactly like she does). She sits in her food bowl while she does this, which makes me concerned that she might be...
  16. MarieBux

    Cockatiel plucking after laying eggs

    Hello everyone, I'm a becoming increasingly concerned as my female cockatiel daisy has been plucking on her chest feathers and a bit around the top of her legs. Daisy also laid her first egg on the first of July. She had a cluch of 4 egg which we're fertile. On the 28th of July her first egg...
  17. maounm

    Moulting or plucking?

    this is the 2nd feather i found in last few days. Isit moulting or plucking. My GW is around 3-4 years old
  18. J

    In reased plucking and high cholesterol

    Hi guys I have a 10yo male Eclectus who had a recent vet check up. He has high cholesterol, hormone imbalance and increased plucking. My qst is what foods help reduce cholesterol in parrots and do you think it will reduce the plucking? (he has started 5months ago and targets his pin feathers)...
  19. 3

    Is he moulding, plucking his feathers, or is he ok?

    So I recently got a pet canary as a gift, and so far he's been well, happy and singing. Today thought, he's very silent and he keeps ruffling his feathers and grooming them I think, I'm not sure. I saw someone say that during their moulding periods male canaries don't sing (he's a male) and...
  20. T

    Mutilation is scaring me

    I don't know what to do. I have two parakeets. They're my firsts and they're coming up on their 2nd birthday with me. My girl has been plucking for months and I've been trying to get her to stop. The vet confirmed it was hormones. I'll admit that I've been slacking on play time because of work...