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  1. vivdaniel

    Is there any alternative to using bleach to disinfect natural wood for perches?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is any safe alternative to using bleach to disinfect natural wood for perches?
  2. Liliana

    Safe Perches

    Hi we are new to conure parenthood and have made a cozy home for Liliana. After some research we are unsure if the branches of the tree used in her cage is safe for her to live with. The branches are from a glossy privet tree. Does anyone have any experience with this tree?
  3. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT Hanging Enrichment/Swingy PERCH

    Ok, I've finally had a chance to finish these today, take photos, and list them. I hope you like the idea! (basically, giving our birds a chance to perch on something that moves a bit, rather than always a pretty firm perch). Let me know what you think and, as usual, I hope you and your flock...
  4. L

    My cockatiel got his cast off but isn’t using his leg

    The vet had said it will be stiff, and I know that would be the case, I’m just extra anxious about it. He doesn’t grasp and sometimes doesn’t put weight on it. When he does walk with it, he does wiggle his toes. So I know he can move all of his digits, and put weight on it, but he obviously...
  5. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT 'Palm-Tree' Perches!

    Just finished these 4 'palm-tree' inspired perches! I hope you like them! (I feel we could all use a little more sunshine in January, esp. in the Northeast and Midwest in the US) :lol: https://www.etsy.com/listing/759925616/bird-toy-palm-tree-perch?ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1
  6. Dostc426

    Pressure Sore! Need Advice!

    Hello everyone! My sun conure has a small pressure sore on his foot, which I have dealt with once before, at which time I apply coconut oil on his foot until it goes away, and have changed the perches to be rope perches and/or covered them in vet wrap! This time around I can no longer use vet...
  7. Cosette Gagne

    Window Perch

    Hello! My GCC loves perching on my window as close as he can to get the best view outside. I've decided I want to make him a better perch than what he has (view pic for reference). I'm going to go for PVC and attach it with suction cups on either end to make a perch the length of the window...
  8. Hoshi

    Looking for Safe Houseplants to use as Live Perches!

    Just to give you some background: My bird just turned 1 and is getting more and more curious by the day. I have always had a good size perch and several toys on top of his cage, and he would contently play on top of the cage (I have him out all day when I'm at the house). Recently he's been...
  9. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT Training Step-up Wand

    For more photos, please follow link bellow: BIRD TOY: Step-Up Training WAND | Etsy If your bundle of fluff has been flunking step-up school, this training wand might be just what you need! This dedicated step-up perch is decorated with unique wood-burning patterns and wrapped with hemp string...
  10. B

    New Perch Build!

    Today dad and I built the birds a perch with beautiful wood from a bottle brush tree! The outer bark is slightly spongy so it's great for them to chew and grip onto! I read bottle brush branches are really good for birds and they seem to like it so far! It's nowhere near finished and I'm not...
  11. Brenda_H

    Pictures A perch/playstand for GC & Budgie

    This is my first post! I need help finding a rolling perch that is suitable for both my green cheek and budgie. They prefer to perch near each other as they have for some time. They are supervised because GC tends to annoy the budgie by begging for scritches. I would like them to ideally have...
  12. F

    Need a full length perch for 24" width cage

    So I just got my hands on a Prevue Hendryx cage with the 24 x 20 x 60 dimensions. Of course the cage comes with that standard wooden dowel perch and I was wondering if any of you know where I can find perches that will fit the cage dimension and also be better for my bird. I need a nice main one...
  13. MooShu

    New to target training

    Hello everyone. I'm Cal and recently I've got a parrot that I've named MooShu. He had some health problems but he's getting better and better by the day. I want to target train him, so it would be easier for me to teach him to step up, following by letting him out of his cage more...
  14. Atomiklan

    New perch design

    I really like the Wingdow perches, but would much rather build one myself as they are (understandably) very expensive. I am planning a similar approach myself (for personal use), but an approach that does not require vacuforming plastic. I am going to stick with milling a blank and then using my...
  15. Atomiklan

    Perch OVERKILL!

    Alrighty, get ready for a long one... I decided to take a break from the research project parts machining to do something fun. Went to the shop this weekend and made three neato perches for the finches. Ever since Charlie picked out his favorite spot on top of the kitchen cabinets, I decided I...
  16. Alexi

    Falling off Perch?

    Hello Everyone! I posted a bit back about my little Cockatiel, Nimbus (He's almost 5 months old) but now I have a new concern and though I've read up about it I'm still curious to see what the lovely people of the site have to say. Nimbus falls off his perch when he sleeps, once or maybe even...