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  1. K

    What can I feed my birds instead of pellets?

    Hello everybody! ;) I’m a new owner of 2 cute lovebirds. Currently I feed them seeds and homemade chop full of veggies and some fruits. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pellets in my area. If I order anything online it could take few months before it comes here :shifty: How can I make sure my...
  2. BirdLady13

    Daily Maintenance Diet Poll

    Please submit your votes from the poll choices provided!
  3. BirdLady13

    Daily Maintenance Diet

    Please vote on which brand(s) of pellets you feed your birds!
  4. flockof.4


    Hi. I posted here a while ago about which pellets people recommended and I finally found a pellet that they eat! And they eat it willingly which they didn’t before! They like the Zupreem fruit blend. My question is, should they be eating the natural pellets over the fruit blend? Should they be...
  5. oliviikate


    Hi everyone! Since bringing home my canaries a few weeks ago, I've been feeding them the seed mix they'd been eating where I adopted them from. I didn't want to introduce too many new things at once. However, about a week ago I started mixing canary pellets in with their food. They haven't even...
  6. SaffronConure

    Foods similar to Harrison's?

    My two cockatiels' favorite food is Harrison's extra fine, they love it and there's no wasted food. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult to get my hands on right now so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for foods with a similar texture? I've tried roudybush, they eat it but the...
  7. Birbs02

    My GCC won’t eat his pellets

    Hello I recently added a baby yellow sided GCC to our family. He is such a wonderful bird who is very cuddly and curious but he won’t eat his pellets! He was given to us with a food mix that had pellets in it but mostly seeds, I have mixed the food mix into zupreem pellets but he just picks...
  8. CateyBear

    Converting to pellets

    Hello, I recently recieved my diseased grandmother's female pied cockatiel. Bernie, said cockatiel hasn't exactly had the best living condition. Always sitting in her cage with a blanket over it. Sadly she had been on a diet of parakeet seed, which I am currently trying to change. I've tried...
  9. I


    I live in australia so pellet options are....few and far between. But im looking at pellets for eclectus, has anyone used vetafarm paradise pellets The ingredients are as follows: Ingredients: Whole grains - corn, soybean and wheat. Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D3, E, H & K...
  10. Phocyn

    Happy dance food update

    I figured I'd be in for a struggle. But this morning I skipped the seed and gave my fids pellets and veggies. My loves are a nightmare batch when it comes to pellets and seed. But I wanted them eating a variety of foods. My vet pushes for pellets, my avian friends say seed, and everyone...
  11. CockyFr13nd

    Update on Pepper

    Don’t know if you all remember but I wrote here to get some advice on how to get my gorgeous cockatoo Pepper onto pellets. She had become obese from a 37 year seed diet and was at risk of developing fatty liver disease so I had to change her diet, she has lost most of the extra weight she’s down...
  12. HeatherD

    Bird food measurements?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, I tried to search but didn't come up with anything. Does anyone have any resources for the amounts of certain foods that should be fed to pet birds? For example, the diet of an eclectus is specialized enough that you often find detailed information...
  13. Diveks

    Picky sunsconure only eating pellets

    I have been trying to get vegetables and fruits in my sun conure, jinx’s diet jinx wont eat anything other than pellets no matter how many times ive tried, i have tried eating some with her (not really sure of her gender yet, im going to do a dna test). She eats harrison’s high potency. I will...
  14. Nestum

    Cockatiel eats everything!

    So I got Plato this Wednesday and everything is going amazingly well. Since Socrates already came sick I never really experienced what was having a real cockatiel. Plato seems very healthy, he's very active and loved the toys I gave him right away. Within two days he was practically fully...
  15. Kestrel

    Chop for tiels?

    Hello! I am new here. This is a food question but particularly pertaining to cockatiels so I think I am posting in the right place. Please forgive me though if I'm not! I just picked out a baby cockatiel who I am going to bring home in a couple more weeks when s/he is weaned. I have been...
  16. teena87

    Diet and hormones

    Hello, I just wanted to see if anyone would have any experience or feedback on the below. My male lovebird has been on pellets most of his life. First Goldenfeast brand and then when the small beak formula became impossible to find in Canada I switched to Tops. He ate both. Several months ago...
  17. Flynn

    Before and After Pellets

    Hey! I was wondering if anybody has pictures of their parrot before and after using pellets. I love seeing those types of comparisons :). Also, for those that did convert their parrot off of seeds, how long did it take to see a real difference in plumage?
  18. Flynn

    Yay Pellets!

    I'm so happy right now!! I bought the Zupreem Natural pellets in hopes that Rio could switch off of the seed diet his breeder previously had him on, and to my surprise he likes them! I mashed the pellets with warm water and a small bit of cranberry juice (along with a small amount of seed). He...
  19. B

    Which Pellets are Best?

    Just curious as to which pellets other bird owners have found work best for their birds? I live in Australia and I haven't seen a lot of the brands mentioned by others but I'm happy to order online if it's better for them! I'm currently feeding them with Vetafarm Nutriblend pellets, I've...
  20. charlieboy

    High Performance or Lifetime Formula Tropican pellets?

    So Charlie has been fed High Performance Tropican pellets (link) since his weaning. I'm really happy he likes them! He eats about 40% pellets, 50% seeds and 10% veggies/other for now, slowly moving towards a better diet of course. He is now almost 5 months old and I have been eyeing the...