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  1. Nostromo

    Amount of Pellets per Day?

    Hi, My BH Pionus Zephyr is a fiend for Roudybush pellets. She could easily put away 5 or 6 tablespoons (although much of it is being ground up into powder or breaking off when she munches). I'm super happy that she's eating well, but it seems that she loves her pellets so much she's neglecting...
  2. veronica2000

    Healthiest Pellets

    Hi, I just got a gcc yesterday! I’m keeping him on the same food he had at the pet store for a little while and then I’d like to transition to something healthier (right now it’s a seed mix and pellet mix, half and half). I haven’t done a ton of research yet about different pellets but so far he...
  3. S

    Requesting some advice

    hi guys, I have a 4-5 month old tiel that... well, I don’t think he has a medical problem, he just seems to suffer from being somewhat stupid. I originally had him on Zupreem pellets but he had some weird looking poos so I switched him to Harrison’s high potency fine. Now, he loves them. I...
  4. layinlow

    Best Cockatiel Pellets?

    I was thinking on switching my 4 month old cockatiel, Mika, from his seed diet to a pellet diet. I've looked into some different brands of pellets but I'm still not for sure which one to get.. I feel like the seeds are a little too fatty for him, so far he won't really eat any other fruits or...
  5. C

    With all the food drama what do you choose

    With the different companies responses to the Birds and Beak rescue deaths and the fb thread with a common line of Zupreem Fruit Blend (which I feed) in the other mentioned bird deaths it has me looking into other food sources then just Zupreem for my pellets. I’m talking only pellets here. I...
  6. Zoepr143

    Pictures ...what are pellets, Anyways?

    so i know pellets are better than seeds but why? And how? I really don’t know much about them. At the moment i use a seedmix and veggies (+millet and sunflowerseeds when they’re being good birds) should i be switching to pellets rather than seeds? And what are the benefits? Yesterday i opened a...
  7. MangotheBirdy

    Cockatiel Questions

    Hello, I am a new cockatiel owner, and am absolutely head over heels for my little guy, Mango! I'm so excited about our blossoming friendship, but as I am new to it all, I have a few questions for the more seasoned cockatiel owners in Cockatiel Corner :) 1.) How often do you change seed and...
  8. Limnori

    Food suggestions

    Hi Guys, Forgive me as I'm sure there is probably a thread somewhere that answers this already, but I wondered if anyone could give me some suggestions on a complete food for the basis of a Linnie diet? I'm sourcing my bird goods from Northern Parrots in the UK and a list of their pellet diets...
  9. FlockofFive

    Chop and pellets - what we feed our flock

    This is a video on how we feed our flock! I hope it helps somebody. Just a disclaimer that just because this is how we feed our flock doesn't mean that it is what you SHOULD feed them. Ingredients and routine preferences vary widely between parront to parront :)
  10. S

    All pellets have corn 1st ingredient, isn't too much corn bad?

    Just as the title says. Some more detail: I read somewhere that corn is too starchy for birds to have every day, yet every single brand of pellets I see in the store have corn as the first ingredient. What's up with that? My Caique has been having a lot of health problems lately (I wish I...
  11. pkrang

    Confused about what to feed cockatiel?

    I recently bought a handfed cockatiel from a bird specialist and plan to pick it up soon. I asked an employee about what exactly to feed my bird and he said to feed it about 3/4 seeds and 1/4 pellets (because as he stated "too many pellets will calcify its liver") but from all the research I've...
  12. BeeBop

    Budgie Diet

    Hello. I'm wondering how much seed a budgie should be fed a day. I know that budgies eat lots of seed in the wild, but should seed be the main part of their diet? Are pellets better as a main diet (right now I'm feeding TOP's pellets)? And, how much veggies and fruits should I feed a day?
  13. hrafn

    Crushing large pellets to feed to a cockatiel?

    Due to recent health problems, my veterinarian has recommended switching my cockatiel from Lafeber Nutri-pellets to the High Potency Harrison's pellets. Unfortunately, there is only one store in my entire province that sells Harrison's, and they're out of stock of all bag sizes of High Potency...
  14. Mico&Limon

    Diet: pellets and/or sprouted seeds ?

    Hi all. I have a question regarding the caique diet. I have been giving Mico a diet consisting of mainly pellets (Nutribird G14) because it was what he was used to from the breeder and they strongly recommended pellets to be the main part of the diet. Then of course I give him fruits and...
  15. RedCarpetEclectus

    Best organic pellets?

    I have been looking for some completely organic pellets to add to my Eckie's diet. They have 80% fresh fruits, veggies, mash, etc however in times when I lack the funding to buy so much fresh produce, I need them to be fine eating pellets. TOPS looks great, however I am having a hard time...
  16. Alexi

    My 4 month old Cockatiel won't wean!

    Hello everyone! My name is Alexi (I'm new here) and I have a 4 month old grey cockatiel male named Nimbus. My fiance and I have had him since he was 4 weeks old and have hand reared him ourselves mostly. We got him from a breeder in Johannesburg South Africa who seemed nice enough even though...
  17. Sylvi_

    Pellet choices

    So along with their chop and small seed amount in the morning, my flock has pellets 24/7. Yuka and Mimi (GCC and 'tiel) love the Zupreem naturals. Never took to Harrison's but thankfully have taken well to the Zupreem. Now Kumo(Lovie) has nibbled a bit on them, but really isn't eating too much...
  18. M

    Lovebird Foods

    What does everyone feed their Lovebirds? I'm seeing that most bags of seeds also have other birds on them, can Lovebirds have a range of foods? Just for future reference I don't want to give them a food that's not okay for them if there isn't a lovebird pictured/labeled. I will eventually...