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new cage

  1. Lev

    How do I get my birds to adjust to a cage?

    So I've had my two cockatiels, both male, for over a year now. Jo is around 16 months and Niel has just turned a year old. Thing is, family agreed to let them roam freely around the house at first (and a big cage was way too expensive for me to afford then) so aside from bedtime, they've been...
  2. katm89

    Cage for my conure

    Hello I’m searching for a new cage for my conure and came across this one from birdscomfort.com Has anyone ordered from them before? I’m curious if they’re reputable and about cage quality. Thanks!
  3. ktluvszoe

    Accidentally left lovebird without fresh water for 8 hours!!

    Hello, I had an accident today where I forgot to give my lovebird water for 8 hours. I need to know signs to watch out for that she’s in danger. Online says she would be good without water for 3 days but I just want to make sure she’s well cared for. I recently switched my bird to a new larger...
  4. anabiaiste

    My bird is agressive.

    She was in a small cage, and that was bad; so we got a new bigger cage and put her in. She is not scared of the cage, but she is suddenly agressive she bites my finger all the time. and even when i am feeding her treats, once she is done eating the treat from my hand she suddenly bites my...
  5. Jeagerbrot


    My sun conure is chewing through the paint coat on his A&E cage and I don't know what to do!! Should I buy a better quality cage like stainless steel or aluminum? I didn't even know a sized beak like his could chew through the paint. I also don't know if I should get in contact with a...
  6. B

    Got my hen a new cage and a few questions

    So my Java Rice female lost her hubby/boyfriend about a week and a bit ago. As I know you have to quarantine the new bird, and keep eye on the older bird, I had to get a new cage. Since I was having to spend the money anyway I bought a much larger cage than I previously had. The old cage was...
  7. AddieWattl

    Cage bar spacing

    Hi everyone! I'm looking at getting a new cage for my beautiful cockatiel, but the bar spacing is 18mm or 0.7 inches. Is this to large for a Cockatiel? All comments appreciated :)
  8. BudgieLove

    New Cage

    New cage for Nellie & Kev… so far they love it and exploring perch on top of cage…. Fully supervised at moment while they are on the top as I am teaching them how to get in & out of the cage safely. I feel this is a good spot as they have the wall when in cage to feel secure and window to look...
  9. N31

    New cage help?

    I bought my budgie a new cage recently, I’ve had him a few yearshe has a tall cage but he never goes further then half way down, spends all his time with one toy even though he has a fair few and rarely comes out of his cage other then to sit on the top. I bought him a bigger cage with more...
  10. SilverSoo

    A new cage

    We just got this new bigger cage for Jamie and Mango & Tweety. We have them separated for now to see if they get along. Something I've been told about is that cockatiels are friends with every kind of bird, is that true? I don't want Mango & Tweety ganging up on Jaime because they can get...
  11. Jxdeeyy

    Moving budgies into new cage!

    I have recently bought a much larger cage for my 2 budgies. I’ve put a few perches and toys in there - along with treats to try and entice them in (all of the toys in there they are familiar with and the natural wood perches in there are the same as those in their current cage). They were a bit...
  12. AmberC

    Laura’s new cage

    We got Laura (our fully flighted rainbow lorikeet) new cage since her old one was way too small! It came with dowel perches and plastic bowls, but we removed them since dowel perches can cause numerous foot problems and plastic bowls can grow bacteria very easily. We will be also be adding SS...
  13. Nimbus

    Pictures The Palace Has Arrived!

    The girls’ flight cage arrived today!! Took me about two hours to assemble because I’m an idiot and put several different things on backwards. Pictures! And the new cage beside the one they were previously kept in: Still adding toys and perches, any recommendations for cage accessories?
  14. Scarlet&Annie

    Bird cage has rust...

    I just noticed some rust in Annies cage. It's around the area that holds her water bowl, I assume this is from when she takes a bath and gets water all over. I wiped it away the best that I could but it definitely makes me very nervous. There's some that I can't quite reach but I don't...
  15. Guibirb

    Update on Gila!

    Hello everyone, I bring you a little update on my baby, and with it some questions! I think this is the 4th day maybe? I have kept reading and keeping her beside me while I'm playing videogames, she is still quite lively in the morning, and loves singing and chirping, though the days in the...
  16. K

    Should I separate them or keep them in one cage?

    Hello fellow tiel owners! I think I could use some help. My boyfriend and I already have some expierence with cockatiels and we do bird rescuing. However we took home single cockatiels before and things were easier, but this time we took a bonded couple - male and female (1 year old and 1,5 year...
  17. Kestrel

    New cage setup, open to suggestions!

    Hello fellow bird nerds! So I am actually waiting on a replacement part because the top of my Prevue Hendryx cage is not fitting correctly (you can see its wonky in the photos) but I thought I would go ahead and play around with "stuff" placement anyway. I'm still working on getting some...
  18. Cockatango

    Advice for a new cage?

    I have one cockatiel and have had her for over a year now. She lives in the cage my local pet store recommended, but I think it's time for an upgrade. Specifically one with white bars (a light colour is also fine) A relatively low plastic base so she can see out from the bottom, and has A pull...
  19. R

    Make new bird's transition as easy as possible.

    Hi I am finally getting my dreambird after 15 years of wanting one. A Goffin Cockatoo. He lives 7 hours away so we will be meeting halfway. The owner has been looking for the right home for almost two months and I am still in shock that she chose me. I fell in love with cockatood when I was 14...
  20. Sweet Louise

    picking a cage dilemna

    Louise needs a new cage. Not a 911 but I had originally bought a used cage and there is now some rust and peeling. I don't think having it re-powder coated is an option as the tray edges are bent and the playtop ladders would need major repair. I love the set up of the Medina by avian...