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new budgie

  1. Periwinkle

    Nervous new baby budgie

    I'm thrilled to be welcoming Peri, a 7-week-old budgie, but wanted to get more experienced members' advice on what to do for the first few weeks to make him comfortable and happy and friendly. He was handfed but seems extremely nervous - he stays in one spot for hours at a time and I'm worried...
  2. Kiwi's Mom

    Something Exciting!

    After Blizzard passed away, I have missed having two budgies chirping and playing together all day. So now, three months later, I have brought home Pickle! He is half English budgie and half regular budgie. He hatched on 12/20/20 and just came home yesterday. Right now he is in quarantine, but...
  3. LMan98

    My budgie isn't drinking water

    My 3-6 month old budgie (the pet store didn't tell us the exact age) has been with for about 3 days now. I've noticed he hasn't been drinking, but is eating just fine. I haven't seen the water level change every time I change it but I tried to feed him some apple to give him some moisture from...
  4. tiki07

    Update on my new bird!

    This is my budgie Tiki. A few months ago, I was worried about his beak and also about how to get closer with him so I posted here! I got so much feedback and I am thankful for everyone's advice. His beak is definitely better! I am still confused about his gender - but I believe it's a male...
  5. tiki07

    New budgie! Some questions

    Hello. I'm sure there are thousands of this type of posts. I think I've read all of them. But I still feel hopeless... or at least, I'm not sure what would be right for me to do. I got my budgie on 11th of October. He's a male. He's always been distant. For 5 days he refused to eat. He...
  6. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures Blizzard

    Blizzard came home yesterday! So cute! Some questions: 1. How long should I quarantine? (Kiwi and Blizzard were both bred, raised, and sold at the same store, this store would not intentionally sell you a sick bird and all parrots are hand-raised.) 2. Blizzard has five clipped...
  7. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures The New Budgie

    The new budgie! Coming on August 22nd! (He's still being handfed) Photo: Some Questions I have: 1. Do I need to quarentine it? (He's from the same store as Kiwi) 2. What do I do if it's a female? 3. How soon should I introduce Kiwi and Newbie? (I will call it Newbie until we choose a name)...
  8. BirbFluff

    New budgie! Name suggestions?

    I got this cutie recently and could use some help thinking of unique names. It's hard to see in this picture but he has a yellowish head.
  9. AmandaFitz

    Should I add another budgie?

    I am in a bit of a predicament. I currently have two budgies, Luna (a female) and Indigo (a male). Indigo just went through his first molt and I believe Luna is around six months old. They are very happy, active, noisy and playful. They seem to be very fond of one another, consistently feeding...
  10. B

    Budgie Name Help!!!

    So im most likely to get a budgie! although i havent picked one out yet, i would like name suggestions! i like names that go by color for example: blue budgie- cotton or maybe green budgie- kiwi and so on. can you suggest color names? some names to do with color i mean. personality names ill...