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lovebird advice

  1. B

    Help of sex

    Hi. I have a love bird, it came into my home and we had to catch it so my four cats wouldn't eat him/her. No one claimed him/her so we have decided to keep him/her. However I don't know what sex it is, I have read to press a point between its legs to determine however he/she isn't the...
  2. Nikorice

    URGENT PLEASE HELP (sad update #10)

    My Fischer's Lovebird, Peaches, is extremely sick. I'm on the way to an avian veterinarian because I don't believe in waiting these things out. I care about her so much and I found her on top of her cage this morning laying down and when I picked her up she felt cold and limp. I put her inside...
  3. E

    Baby Lovebird suddenly limping. No avian vet in town or anywhere near.

    Hello! This morning I let my 2 month old lovebird out of the cage to fly around - once she went back on her cage I noticed how she was standing on one leg and the other holding in in the air as you see in the picture attached. She had previously did this before but it only lasted about a minute...
  4. L

    Issues Taming Peach-Faced Lovebird

    Hi all, Cornelius, my peach-faced lovebird, - who is 10 weeks old - is my first pet bird. He is fully hand-reared and very tame, I’ve had no issues with biting. I was able to hold him with no difficulty at the store both on my shoulders and on my hands but now I am unable to hold him at all...
  5. vrnkstxx

    How to stop lovebird from biting?

    Let me preface this by saying: My lovebird is not scared of me. So far we have had an amazing bond and she is constantly around me or on me. Even though i have some toys around me, she will play with the toy and then go back to biting me. I think she does it to get my attention or she thinks its...
  6. L

    Is my baby lovebird Stunted?

    Hello i have a baby lovebird which is 18 days old but he doesnt look like an 18 days old lovebird .... when I figured out that he isn’t growing as fast as he actually should , I started handfeeding him since that he gained a little weight but he is still very small and his eyes just opened today...
  7. vrnkstxx

    Thoughts on smaller cages

    Hi! So i’m writing this as a first time love bird owner and wanted to hear your opinion. Currently my birdie has a smaller cage that she uses only for eating, drinking and sleeping at night. The other 12+ hours she is outside in our apartment, flying, playing etc. (supervised no worries). To...
  8. Cuttlefish

    Cuddle huts

    Hello! This is my first time posting on this Forum, but someone on Instagram said this would be a good place to ask for help. I have a 5 year old love bird named Lucy who has had a little cuddle hut since a friend purchased her that she has had since she was 1. She sleeps in it nightly and is...
  9. Eyhx

    I need help!

    So I happen to of gotten a lovebird from a breeder about an hour an a half away. Her name is Bleu , she’s a peach-faced love bird!! So I’ve been in contact with my breeder regarding concerns i have for her and I’ve gotten not much help. These are my concerns if anyone can help me!!! So my...
  10. tezz

    A few concerns

    Hey! First time poster on this forum so sorry if this is in the wrong section. So I have a lovely little lovebird called Levi. I'm not sure if Levi's a male or a female as I haven't had him sexed yet but I default to calling him a he. I got him from a well known breeder in my area. When I got...
  11. Chase Hein

    Swollen cloaca

    Hey guys, I have four lovebirds and one has layed 3 clutches in the past four years but the other three are either male or to young I have 2 that are about a year old. Anyway one of the year old birds seems to have something wrong with them, I think she might be about to lay an egg but Im not...
  12. K

    Newborn Lovebird Help (sad update #28)

    Hi! So my lovebirds recently had 2/5 of their eggs hatched. Unfortunately the first one didn’t survive due to the parents ignoring it...I’ve read that domesticated birds tend to not feed their chicks since they don’t know how (not sure if that’s true). So I’ve been hand feeding the second...
  13. S

    Hello - Why is my lovebird plucking its feathers? :(

    Hello! I'm new here. Anyway, I'll go straight to the main topic. I got my lovebird about 6 years ago with no knowledge about lovebirds. (Actually even now I'm not very knowledgeable about birbs. I just know I want to keep a happy and healthy birb.) My lovebird is orange and green. When I first...
  14. H

    I need help getting my lovebird to trust me

    Hi! I'm new to this site and I didn't know where to post this, so I copied this and posted on 3 different threads. Im sorry If I'm not supposed to do that.. So as the title says, I got my lovebird 2 days ago. This is the first time I'm ever caring for a bird, I love my Kivi so much. I managed...
  15. L

    Urgent Help! 4 week lovebird not taking handfeed formula

    Hi, I am trying to hand-feed a 4 week old baby which does not even open the mouth after a bit of formula, afterwards whatever I put in her mouth she just throws it off. I am required to for feed her but I am unable to fill the crop for last 24 hours. You can see the bird in the pictures I...
  16. M

    Are my lovebirds compatible ?

    Hey guys so long story .. I have had my lovebird Mushu since March . He was given to me by my mother in law who had a pair. she received them from a friend who Apparently did not want them anymore ( not sure of their genders by the way)..While these two were together Mushu always got the worse...
  17. Z

    Is there something wrong here??

    Hey guys ive realized this with my lovebird who is 1 year old male red face. His crop seems to be pushed inside or something like that as you can see in the photos. No behavioral changes i saw it from almost a month ago ang he eats very well and is very active and playful There are no vets open...
  18. M

    Neck seems red

    Hihi, I need some advice for Buttercup, my 4 weeks old baby lovebird, who still feeds on formula mix. 1. His neck seems red, as attached in the image. Is there something wrong or is normal? 2. When can i introduce bathing to him. Is he too young for a bath?
  19. M

    2 week old Lovebird Stunted growth

    I have a 2 week old Lovebird, 13 days old to be exact, the mother was not taking very good care of her And managed to kill 2 of her babies and abandoned her eggs so I stepped in and decided to hand feed.As of now her eyes have already opened.She does well hand feeding BUT.. her growth seems a...
  20. D

    What lovebird mutation ???

    Hi everyone, recently bought a blue lovebird and was told it was a Fischer. I’m not 100% sure if it is. Can you pls tell me what breed it is and if it is fertile? I attached some pictures of it. Also I have 3 lovebirds which all seem to be paired to each other, is this possible or are they just...