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lovebird advice

  1. S

    My baby lovebirds have bald spots

    i just woke up and feed my baby bird when i see big bald spots on my bird. my guessing is it got plucked by other baby probably because i neglect and it got dirty. will it grow back or is it permanent?
  2. S

    Video lovebird making weird sounds? (help)

    hi!! i’m currently looking after a lovebird (which belongs to my mom’s friend). the owner had no one else to look after it and gave it to us to look after for a little over a month. though frankly, we have no experiences with birds at all and i am desperate for help :( we have a male rosy...
  3. Mango&Five

    Update on baby bird! + questions

    So baby bird is 10 days old now, the parents seem to be feeding him well. I put more shavings into the box. I bought the things i needed i case the parents decided/decide to abandon it but they seem to be very good at looking after it. If the parents continue to feed it well, will i still need...
  4. Mango&Five

    wondering what type of lovebird my lovebird is?

    Hi everyone! i’ve had this beautiful lovebird for about 8 months now, it’s a female. I’ve searched the internet but i can never seem to find the right name or colour mutation or even a bird that looks like her. I was wondering if anyone could help me out and tell me what she is?
  5. rainbeetle

    Help needed: juvenile lovebird behaviour

    Hello everyone, I'm new, and I need some help from you experienced bird people! :heart2: I recently got a 7-8 weeks old hand fed female lovebird from a breeder, she's my first bird so I'm beginner. I'm currently finishing up her weaning (she eats seeds and pellets by herself all day long, I am...
  6. Celery

    Decision separating kermit and pineapple.

    So it didnt get further then them just taking seeds from my hand and they even get really scared of me. I think thats because their cages were jext to the door and everytime i opened it they would get scared. Now they are really scared of me. I did change the location for them switch my bed near...
  7. Celery

    How to clean room where they reside in?

    So i always let them out of their cage around the 12/1pm and let them play till4/5 pm. As i dont have much stuffs yet and taking to long to come im just atleast having them get out. I changed stuffs in my room so the cage could be high and literally next to the windows for alot of sunlight and...
  8. Cecil

    Conflicted Lovebird Sighting

    Hi There, I've been a long time watcher first time poster of this site. It has helped me immensely with my little GCC. I'm looking for help and advice with a situation I'm feeling very uneasy about. I was recently in a neighourhood garden ctr and noticed the cutest lovebird sitting alone in it's...
  9. Celery

    My lovebird bites me after i got him a partner.

    More then a week ago i got a lovebird and called him kermit. Because im still busy i got him a friend yesterday and a few hiurs after when i come near the cage he bites me or starts to be aggressive how do i have him stop and rebond with him?
  10. Celery

    How do i get my lovebird kermit to not think i am its mare?

    i read its possible online so i think he does feel that way. Before i knew alot i did scratch under his wings and his back. But after i searched for it i just started to only pat his head, cheeks and under his beak. At first i thought he was scared of the cage what might be also the case. But...
  11. Celery

    Toys choices

    So i have been ordering alot of toys and i wanted to ask if this is for a outside place or would it be able to go inside a cage? My cage it just arrived and idk if i should add it inside of it or find a place somewhere else.
  12. Celery

    Why is my young lovebird scared of colors?

    My 8-10 weeks lovebird is scared of alot of colorfull things. One of it is pink. Even veggies. I tried feeding him sweetcorn mixed with peas and seeds and he didnt even go near it he was to scared of the yellow corns when i tried to hand feed it he just screamed and tried to escape. I have...
  13. Celery

    Is it normal for my lovebird to sleep with its head to its back and sleep alot?

    I got a lovebird recently and i heard from the breeder that he or she is 8 weeks old. So after the first day my lovebird naps alot throughout the day and sleeps with its head on its back. Is that normal?
  14. Rin4354

    Looking for someone for advice on trying to help a mistreated lovebrird

    I have a family member that had acquired a love bird from another family member passing. They keep him in a small cage and hardly ever clean him or let him out. He has no hiding spaces whatsoever either. He's going to be nine this year and it just breaks my heart seeing him like this as I grew...
  15. Feather97

    Lovebird refuses to go back into cage

    Hey all! Just wanted to ask for some advice on this. My Lovebird Helios has always been a very calm bird. I know hormones happen but I'm not sure if that is the cause of what's happening. Recently, whenever I let her out (in the bird room) she absolutely refuses to step up and will not return...
  16. S

    Going to college and having a single lovebird, will that be okay?

    Hello, before you guys start saying no, do hear me out :) When i went to a bird store, (i know that adopting is better but i don’t have any places to adopt birds in my area) i saw a lovebird in a cage with 3 other lovebirds. He looked rather lonely and distanced himself from the 3 other...
  17. S

    I bought Azalea wood perches & i’m unsure if i should give them to my lovebird or not.. Please help!!

    I bought Azalea wood perches online & at first i didn’t know that they were made out of azalea. I’ve searched online and it says that azalea wood is poisonous to birds, however, when i contacted the shop about this, they told me that it was safe and there’s no way that they would sell something...
  18. L

    Lovebird plucking own feathers

    Hi guys/gals, I have a lovebird that is about a year old and he's just started plucking his right wing feathers to a point that the bald patch is half of his right wing & part of his lower neck. We've brought him to the vet and they've said that it's definitely not mites & probably a...
  19. M

    New Lovebirds that are bonded and need taming

    Hello everyone! I recently rescued 2 lovebirds (female) which were hand tamed as young birds and then left in their cage ignored by their previous owner. I will assume that because of the neglet from the previous owner made the lovebirds bond with each other stronger. Based on suggestions...
  20. B

    Lovebird Diet Advice

    Hi — I’m new to this forum! I have a 7 month old lovebird named captain! Captain is not my first bird, but he is my first lovebird. I’m really looking to improve his diet. Would anyone be able to recommend some good seed mix and pellet brands? How much of each do you give your bird per day? I’m...