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lovebird advice

  1. F

    Lesser of two stressors

    Hello, I'm relatively new to bird ownership and am looking for guidance on a nuanced situation. I have a single male (I think..) lovebird named Bubo who is very attached to me. In April I will be going out of town for two nights. Normally when I go out of town Roommate A, who is very...
  2. Fratherpin

    Sick Lovebird

    Hello everyone. Please be kind and help my bird with your knowledge.My Lovebird is not feeling good.I noticed at night that only sometimes she is wheezing very hard but otherwhise she is a very active bird during the day and this is why I am confused.I only feed her pellets and fruits...I am...
  3. meganshl

    Help - sick lovebirds

    Hi, Can anyone advise on what I can do to help my poor lovebirds? The vet said it may not be PBDF because their beak and nails look ok. We gave them antibiotics to get rid of bacteria but it seems like the feather loss is getting worse quite rapidly. Is it possible it could be hormonal? Please...
  4. L

    Piccola Having biting issues...

    Hello, Everyone I need some tips and help. So Mama Bird (Pepita) has 2 fully grown babies (Rio + Piccola). But I am having bird biting issues. Piccola bites everything and everyone but likes to be near people. I don't know what do. He is social but likes biting. Pepita is a girl, The Vet said...
  5. F

    Seeking Advice - Possible Mating Behavior?

    Hello, I have a lovebird named Bubo, who is a rescue. He has a bracelet on his right leg which I understand generally indicates male. Today he began displaying new behavior involving arching his back and holding his wings out slightly. I took a video of it and will post below. This looks a lot...
  6. C

    my lovebird keeping humping his perch?

    i have a dutch blue and peach faced lovebird. they’re a bonded pair. however i noticed my male being very hormonal..he’ll make a noise like he’s mating and his leg would be sticking out and rubbing his vent against the perch. is this just a seasonal behavior like this? because we got them back...
  7. S

    Female lovebird egg laying

    Hi all, I have questions about my lovebird Mossy. She's 3 years old and roam free in my house. She only stay in her cage when I'm not home or bed time. Recently, she laid an egg and I took it away as usual however, she laid another one 3days after I took it away. She had lay them in past but...
  8. L

    Baby Lovebird getting attacted by mama??!!

    Hey y'all, My babies grew up!! but quick question, babies are now close to 2 months of age and the mama is attacking Rios feet only but NOT Piccolo??? Is there a reason why? I see Rio lonely and the mama doesn't really want him near her. Any advice, explaination or suggestions are very much...
  9. MangoMilkT

    Single Lovebird, ADVICE NEEDED

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here so of I make any mistakes regarding etiquette please let me know. the main question at hand: does my solo lovebird need a companion? I’ve had my lovebird Mango for over two years now. Apart from visitors (my brother has his sibling) he’s been on his...
  10. Aya&Ponzu

    My lovebird is now aggressive??

    I've had Ponzu and Aya for about 3 months now (they're both about 7 months old) and I was recently surprised by the sudden change in Aya's behavior. Aya is a female presumably and all of a sudden, when I take her out of her cage, she flies to my shoulder and lands there and instead of just...
  11. L

    Does this mean it's mate time??????

    Hello my bird friends, Thank you all for your help in my current birdy journey. It hasn't been easy but you guys have helped a lot My current question now is... Is it time for a new mate for my Lovebird Pepita??? I went to the vet yesterday and she is fine just needs to eat more because the...
  12. L

    Is my bird ill?

    Hello everyone, I'm a worried mama right now hopefully you guys can give me some suggestions. So here's the context. Mama bird is widowed from about 1-2 weeks ago. Last bird Luno died due to pneumonia. The day he died was the day their first egg hatched. Currently there is only 2 chicks of 2...
  13. L

    New Here n Need Advice !!

    hi everyone ! I have a Lutino Lovebird named Arch who’s about 3 years old now!! we took him from his last owner, who apparently never spent any time with him (he worked 10 hour work days, 6 days a week). When we got him, Arch was afraid of hands and never came out of his little cage. We’ve had...
  14. B

    Lovebird nail length: is this overgrown?

    My bird has been standing at the bottom of the cage recently and I’m worried it’s because his nails are overgrown…
  15. Csolis22

    Is the discoloration on my lovie normal?

    I noticed her peach isn’t in a straight line like it always is, she has some pale colors making the line uneven on her head. Is this normal or is a vet visit in order?
  16. Aya&Ponzu

    Hi! New here but a quick question about my two lovebirds...

    Hi! Just recently got two lovebirds, Ayataka and Ponzu. (Both around 4 months) I got Aya around 2 weeks before Ponzu (just coming up to a week with ponzu) and they both seem pretty relaxed and happy in their new home. Then took them to an avian vet and after they were both cleared of any...
  17. B

    Is this a healthy lovebird beak?

    Worried about the colour and what seems like a crack at the front…
  18. Z

    Beak issue?

    Hi all, Noticed My lovebirds beak looks as though the end has peeled and has gone brown at the tip. Can you please let me know if this is normal? Otherwise healthy as far as we can tell!
  19. H

    Lovebird babies

    Hey everyone! My blue Dutch female (turtle) just hatched her first egg and I was wondering how I can “mark” them so that I know who is who because I want to have/make a hatch certificate for them! So yea is there a way to safely mark them at this age
  20. Xtine

    Young Lovebird Behaviour

    Hello! First-time lovebird owner here and this is my lovebird -- Houdini/Fluffy. He/She was handraised and is about four months old. I've noticed he's started doing this random move and I'm not sure why! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QM0ThAolCwdKoUEQGJWQLYO-_UoObkeE/view?usp=sharing As seen...