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Losing progress on pellet conversion ?


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Hi all, I currently own an 8 year old rescue lovebird who was fed an all-seed diet by his previous owner. Basically I've been trying to convert him to Harrison's (it is the only brand available here) for the past 6 months or so using the Zupreme slow and steady method. Initially progress was slow as
1. He would only eat moistened pellets from my hand
2. He would only eat dry pellets when I changed out a fresh serving for his dinner
but a month ago I saw him eating pellets from his food bowl!

Now however, he does not eat as much from my hand and will instead hop off/show disinterest to moistened pellets. He only eats the fresh pellets served for dinner and will pick up but not eat pellets from the food bowl, albeit rarely.

I've tried grinding them into powder form and sprinkling on chop/seeds, moistening and mixing with his favourite veggies (he can be quite picky about veggies, so mainly corn peas and carrot in bite size pieces) and even tried the method of gradually reducing the proportion of seeds/pellets e.g 75/25, 50/50, 25/75 and he just will not accept them. In fact now he has even gotten pickier over his veggies as well and will not show as much interest in broccoli, one of his favourites.

Currently I only use seeds in foraging/clicker training and I do not offer them to him unless I will be out of the house for a longer period of time and I need to ensure that he has sufficient food.

Does anyone have suggestions for me? I really want him to be healthy :( I don't know why I lost so much progress even though I haven't changed anything


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