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  1. shelby.pax

    Lovebird won't stop screaming

    About a month ago, my partner and I took in a lovebird that we believe was cage-bound for most of his life. We have found that if he hears us or our other bird, he will start going off and he can go for hours! We give the lovebird the option to stay in or leave his cage but whether he is in the...
  2. R

    Hi All ! Wanting My Dream Bird, Umbrella Cockatoo. Is It Time For Me Yet ?

    Hi all, I am new to the forum, but have been a bird lover all my life. Since I was little, I ALWAYS wanted a cockatoo. After moving back into a family owned apartment building, I’ve been considering it more. There was a family with a special needs adult male that lived above me, and he’d...
  3. outmaww

    Super loud female?

    My baby cockatiel (and new best friend, I'm totally in love with his sweet little face) wasn't sexed at the breeder I got him from. He's a gray and had a very female look to him, but I wonder because he is LOUD. Like, crazy loud. I've been around conures that were quieter than him. The bird...
  4. FeatheredM

    Don't know how to get my birds calm in morning

    Hello, my two budgies sleep in my room, I cover their cage with a bed sheet. But in the morning, cage cover on or off, they start angry chirping and fly every where crazy until I either leave the room or let them out. They don't stop. It's like a habit now!!! I can't wake up peacefully and I...
  5. S


    I live in an apartment and own a pair of lovebirds and from time to time during the day, they will just continue to shriek as loud as they can for like 15 minutes straight, multiple times a day. Not only is it extremely irritating to me and the other people living in my house, but I'm sure the...
  6. DaisyPeach

    Contact Calling

    Hey everyone! I’ve had my bird Bloo for about a year now, and recently he has been loudly contact calling(I think that’s what it is) nonstop. He used to when we first got him, but he soon stopped and hasn’t really done it until the past month. He is very obsessed with a bell toy he has, and he...
  7. ZY28

    How loud are Blue-Throated Conures?

    I was doing my research for birds and I fell in love with the Blue-throated Conure and I was wondering how loud they are? I live in an apartment. They're in the Pyrrhura family and I've heard that they were a "quiet" species. Thanks!
  8. sunnysara

    HELP!! Sun conure refuses to eat by herself

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and need advise with my almost 9 week old sun conure. She is very spoiled and doesn't want to eat by herself, in the mornings she starts yelling out of hunger until I feed her, after that during the day she'll do it again, I've followed the vets instructions of putting...
  9. tropicdragon

    Should I rescue this Quaker?

    So there is this Quaker I have had my eyes on for a while, (his name is Taiyou, he's in my signature). He lives at my relative's house in another state, but whenever I am down there I get to spend time with him cause I usually stay at said person's house. He is on a seed diet, clipped, and seems...
  10. lovies4

    Seeking lovebird advice - excessive flock calls

    Hi! I need some advice. I have had 3 lovebirds for 2 years now (a peachface, masked, and a hybrid). This is my first experience with lovebirds. Previously my only bird experience was finches. At first all three got along but then 2 ganged up on one (my peachface female) and I had to...
  11. A

    Who’s louder, an umbrella ‘Too or a Blue and Gold Macaw?

    Does anyone know who’s louder between a blue and gold macaw or an umbrella cockatoo?
  12. M

    I need recommendation from Green cheek conure owners

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am a writer and a student but I will graduate in the next month, so I'm considering to get a Green cheek conure after quarantine. I need maximium 2 to 4 hours of silence so I can focus on my writing. Is a green cheek conure suitable for me? I just...
  13. Cosette Gagne

    Second Cage??

    Hello parronts! I currently have an extremely spacious cage for my GCC. Pic attached. He's fine being in it while I'm within view but the moment I step into another room he starts whining. He's my alarm clock which I really dont mind... loud screeches in the morning are very welcome in my...
  14. S

    Need some help

    Hello guys. Let me introduce my birds. I have a 1-year old female cinnamon cockatiel and I recently got a (I'm guessing) 5-month old male whiteface pied cockatiel. I'm having problems with both birds. The female and the male get along fine for the most part. However I only see the female...
  15. Nostromo

    Sudden Screaming!

    Whew!!! My sweet, usually quiet Zeph has decided to show me today what those little lungs can do... dang. Got my earplugs in now but that first KACK! KACK! KACK! KACK! had me nearly falling out of my chair :scared4::lol: My poor dog has been panicking for the last hour and hiding under the...
  16. S

    Is Aviation Safe?

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if it would be safe to take my CAG in a general aviation aircraft (like a Cessna 172). These planes are rather loud inside, so I'm wondering if this would damage my parrot's hearing. Why would I want to do this? For traveling by personal aircraft instead of by car...
  17. M

    Getting to birds at once - how to socialize with them?

    Hi guys! As I always say: I'm new here! I'm in the process of getting a bird! (currently I've been researching non stop about what species would better suit me and my lifestyle). - I've never owned a bird before, but I've been around some of them... - I live alone in a two bedroom apartment...
  18. M

    Ringneck or plum headed parakeet?

    Hi guys, I've been thinking about getting a bird for some time now... But I'm not done with my research yet... Here is some info to help you help me! - I live alone, go to college and work (good eight hours out of home). - I live in an apartment (though it's not wood structure, but a brick one -...
  19. egg

    Sun Conure training

    I'd like to start this thread by saying my sunny is a sweet girl who gets along well with her owner (me) and the other member in the household, and will happily relax with home visitors as long as she is with her owner. I feed her well, she has plenty of toys, and a nice, large cage with room...
  20. SirTango

    The scream of the aratinga conure

    Okay. I don't have a conure of the aratinga variety. I do have a green cheek who is shockingly quiet even for his species, which is great for living in an appartment. At the same, I hoped he would be a bit loud because it's just too quiet here. Over the last few months I have found myself...