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  1. L

    Living with PBFD and adopting again

    Hi everyone I found a lorikeet who I kept for 4 months thinking he was injured. Turns out he had PBFD. I learnt about this because of this Lorikeet. I took him in to feed him and give him shelter as he couldn’t fly. He lost wing feathers and tail feathers other than that his beak was healthy...
  2. Diveks

    Has anyone tried Versele-laga’s Nutribird lori mix?

    I am currently feeding my lories nekton-lori but it is incredibly expensive. the versele-laga is more than half the price so if it’s good, I would love to switch. Has anyone tried it or have any opinions on it? Comparison: Nekton-lori: Versele-laga:
  3. aniboo


    Hello! Around five minutes ago I could hear my rainbow lorikeet, Momo, breathing. It was a wheeze and then I could hear the air going in and out of his nostrils. This only lasted for like 3 minutes, then he sneezed and hasn’t done it since. :confused: It wasn’t loud breathing, but it was...
  4. aniboo

    New rainbow lorikeet HELP!

    I have a new rainbow lorikeet that I got from a breeder near me. He’s not afraid of hands, and will step up sometimes, but he immediately wants to be put down once he steps up. He isn’t afraid of my presence, but he won’t play with me at all. He will eat nectar from my finger, as long as he’s on...
  5. M

    Hello. Owner of Lorikeet, Cockatiel and Budgie.

    Hello. My name is Sarah. I own 3 birds, Rainbow Lorikeet named Lozza, Cockatiel called Benji and Budgie named Tweety. Lozza is a very cheeky happy girl. Benji is a self loving cheeky boy. Tweety is a shy little cranky looking dude but a cutie. I don't know their ages really but Lozza is a...
  6. beaktomie

    Lorikeet baby beaks and licks EVERYTHING

    I am new to owning lorikeets, and let me preface this by saying I love this baby. I’ve never met a more confident bird, maybe that’s a lorikeet thing.. But thing is, she beaks and licks EVERYTHING, and she does it quite hard. My fingers and phone are her favourites, there is no rest. When she...
  7. N

    lorikeet with lost mate, not sure what to do next

    hai everyone :) i’ve had two lorikeets, a male musk and a female rainbow for around five years, and they’ve been mated and have laid eggs and raised young. recently, there was a pretty bad accident and the female rainbow escaped her cage and unfortunately, the chances of me ever finding her...
  8. K

    Lorikeet having trouble sleeping!

    Hi guys! I’m new here! (I deeply apologise if I posted this in the wrong place!) I made an account to wonder what was happening with my boy. I have an olive rainbow lorikeet named Kye, he turned 2 last month and is the happiest, sweetest boy I’ve ever owned. Apart from a few unprovoked bites...
  9. Birdman696

    Ideas for an Australian native aviary

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask about aviaries, but didnt see a dedicated place for aviaries, so I hope this is ok. I’m currently getting back Into the process of turning my shed into an aviary, I tried to start last year but didn’t end up finishing. After some thought I’ve...
  10. flyzipper

    Researchers call on public to help identify what’s killing lorikeets

    For our Australian members. Lorikeets in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland are becoming paralysed, often resulting in death. Scientists are beginning to discover why - but need your help. (source)
  11. L

    Please help with rainbow lorikeet!

    Hi, Hope everyone is good, I am looking for some advice for my rainbow lorikeet. his diet is based on a lori feed (I mix it in with water so it’s wet food for him) of which I attached a picture below and I also cut up some apples for him which he takes a few bites from but usually eats up...
  12. C

    Urgent Stunted young lorikeet? PBFD?

    About a week ago, I had a friend who works at a vet clinic bring me a young rainbow lorikeet chick that had been brought in off the street and was due to be euthanised since none of the staff had the ability to care for it. I was expecting the worst but he’s actually very energetic and playful...
  13. AmberC

    Love hurts...

    This is my 10 week old female baby rainbow lorikeet, Laura. She is pure love... But she did this to my hands and arms, and if she really is pure love, then... Love Hurts!
  14. AmberC


    Hi I am hand rearing a baby rainbow lorikeet called Laura who fell out of her nest. (DNA testing proves she's female) We found her when she was 3-4 weeks old now she's 7-8 weeks old. she's recently started flying for the first time!
  15. Sherry S

    Playmate for a less than 1 y/o white bellied caique

    Hi all! I have 8 parrots. Conures, Cockatiels, and a caique. All are less than two years old. The only one that does not have a buddy is my WBC. I think Peanut is a female, but I am not certain. Peanut does talk, though. Peanut keeps trying to groom and play with the other birds, but...
  16. Bluebirdo

    Hey Guys!

    Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, I have joined to get more information on birds, and because I love reading about them and learning more. I just got two scaly lorikeets about five days ago, they were not hand raised, I have no idea how old they are, I'm sure they are young. In the past I...
  17. N

    Lorikeets and eggs

    hello friends, recently, my pair of lorikeets have mated and laid eggs. This really wasn’t my intention as I never expected them to breed as ones a rainbow and ones a musk but they did. I have already purchased a nest box and the birds seem content with it, with the female spending majority of...
  18. S

    Question about Cassava/Tapioca Flour

    I have searched around and I am not getting a clear answer on this so I am hoping someone knows on here. We make homemade little Tapioca pearls, just Tapioca flour and water, kneaded into little balls for tea drinks. We were thinking of giving some of the cooked pearls to our parrot in some...
  19. R

    Lorikeet Questions!

    Hiya Everyone! I have come to the decision that lorikeets are the bird for me! But here are a few things i need to ask for my on going research! :) DIET: I need to know all about their diet, at the moment i'm finding it confusing and stressful trying to plan out what i'd feed to prevent iron...
  20. A

    Pet lorikeet with wild birds

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping for some advice. We have a pet rainbow lorikeet that we adopted about 3 years ago. He is inside at night but has an outside cage during the day. Lately he has had wild birds coming and landing on his cage - often the same bird ( I think a girl). As I've read that...