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lorikeet with lost mate, not sure what to do next


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hai everyone :)

i’ve had two lorikeets, a male musk and a female rainbow for around five years, and they’ve been mated and have laid eggs and raised young.

recently, there was a pretty bad accident and the female rainbow escaped her cage and unfortunately, the chances of me ever finding her again are pretty slim to none.

i’ve seen that lorikeets mate for life and are devastated when they lose their mate, and it’s been a few weeks since the accident but my musk lorikeet seems to be getting more vocal and playful which i’m very glad to see.

however, i’m unsure of what to do next, as i’m at school for majority of the day, five days a week and am extremely busy, it seems unfair to leave him without a friend (the original reason why i even got a second lorikeet was so he would have a friend, the mating thing just kinda happened)

if anyone has any suggestions or tips, that would be greatly appreciated!! i have spare cages and i’m really open to anything, just want my lil birdy to be happy :)

just some more info : the musk lorikeet is hand tamed and about 5 years old. we used to be super close but after he got a mate i haven’t really been able to touch or handle him as expected. as of right now, i’m not super comfortable touching him, he is very bitey but he’s not super aggressive towards me, he likes to sit on me and vibe.


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I am sorry to hear about your rainbow lorikeet.