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  1. CrystalPep

    Introduction help

    Hello, so im a fairly new bird owner. i adopted a love bird from a shelter. shes very fearful of people cause she was never interacted with. shes starting to warm up to me a little bit. but i have been thinking about getting another love bird as a companion. but before i do so i want to ask...
  2. cricketiel

    Introducing Cockatiels - Aggression??

    Hi everyone, I recently introduced my new cockatiel to my old cockatiel and have noticed some strange behavior. Ever since I introduced them, they spend a lot of time out together sitting on my shoulder or knees and preening without paying much mind to one another. However, every so often, my...
  3. Artchic528

    Introducing two conures to each other.

    I have an existing yellow sided green cheek boy named Pico de Gallo and a new arrival, a yellow sided turquoise girl named Princess Leia. Leia has been in “quarantine” for two weeks now and has a week left to go. I say quarantine, but really she has just been in a small cage in the guest...
  4. Cinus

    Bringing home a new Caique - some questions

    Hello everyone! I have had my female caique Moki for some months now and she is currently 9 months old (I've had her since she was 3 months old). She has a really big cage, full of toys and she gets plenty of attention/out of cage. However, as a common human being, I work a 9-to-5 job, meaning...
  5. lifeofLUMI

    Pictures My Quaker Lumi

    Lumi was born 3.16.22 and has been with me since 11.16.22. She is a green opaline quaker with a yellow underbelly and some brown spots across her back. She was hand fed by a lady who rescued the parent parrot couple who were originally caught in wild homed and then had to be rehomed to a lady...
  6. H

    Maybe i should have said hello first... oops

    I guess I just jumped right on here with questions about my bird with zero intro. Still hoping he'll be better with a close watch, bland warm foods, and a warm humidity control area until someone can see him or it clears up... Anyways hello! So glad I could find forms with bird care because so...
  7. B

    How do I introduce my Java Rice Finches? Also can you guys help me name my female?

    A few weeks have passed since I got my new boy who I named Fonzie. All seems well with his heath and the female has been fine too. She lost her mate to idk what a week before I got Fonzie. Fonzie loves to sing where as the previous male NEVER sang, he only ever make the "pip" sound. Since I...
  8. Elmafudd2

    Intriqued Ring Neck!

    Hello all, We hoped you had a good blessed and enjoyable Christmas! Just a quick question, Sky our not terribly tamed blue Indian Ring Neck is utterly fascinated by our newest family edition Yoda the Eclectus. We have been keeping their cages well apart so that they can get used to each other...
  9. C

    Hello!im newww

    Hi!Im Saara from Maldives.I have a 6 month old cockateil.looking forward for helpful information This is my birdy Zestuki❤
  10. honeykat13

    Introducing New Cockatiel

    Hello! Sorry if this is a frequently asked question. I am getting a new friend for my cockatiel, and I am really hoping that they'll like each other enough to share the same cage. I have read that I should first put them in separate cages across the same room for one or two weeks so they can at...
  11. elitys

    Introducing GCC to Cockatiel

    My GCC, Poppy, finally met my boyfriend's tiel, Baby, today and she hated him! She was such a mean girl! Baby was being so sweet, had his heart wings out and was singing at her, but Poppy got all puffy-necked and tried to bite him. We went to a neutral area in my house (the kitchen) and I set...
  12. B

    New Member! I’d like to Introduce my Pionus!

    I have a Male White Capped Pionus! The only bird I have that I didn’t name. He had 6 homes before he came to me. He is a ball of fire, and only ever is nice to me (if I change my appearance, he is a ball of fire to me until he gets used to it). He had what me and my vet refer to as ‘double...
  13. B

    New time member! I’d like to introduce my conures!

    please enjoy my conures, and if you have a hybrid, I’d love to hear the story of yours!
  14. PippinLovebird

    I Introduced My Parrots To Each Other....

    I have been wanting a cockatiel for a while now, and a few months ago I asked if anybody thinks one would be okay with a lovebird. Most said No, and not to take the risk. But, I got a baby lutino cockatiel, and took the risk yesterday. Now.... They are great together!!! Pippin (the lovebird) is...
  15. B

    Your bird with other Pets

    Hey guys! I'm not sure if this is the right area for this post but I've been curious about how to share your home with your pet bird, and your other pets. I have recently become the proud owner of a 9 week cockatiel- Boomer (sex unknown). Our bonding is going well over the last weeks, we are...
  16. TurboTiel

    Hello from us! / new member

    Hi, my name is Pernille. I live in Denmark with my boyfriend and two cockatiels. I wanted to say hello and maybe introduce my feathery friends :D (right: Turbo - regular color) (left: Dusty - Whitefaced) Turbo is around 1 year old, I'm very unsure about his age. We adopted him from a petstore...
  17. Cockatango

    Introducing a second cockatiel AND new cage?

    I currently have one cockatiel in a cage that's the minimum size for one. I'm thinking about getting her a companion, and if I do, I'll obviously need to get a bigger cage. My question is, what order should I do this in? Should I let the second tiel settle in the new cage and keep Tango in the...
  18. Vash

    Hi I’m Vash

    Hello my name is Vash. I have 3 birds in total. One is a jenday conure and 2 budgies. I’m excited to get to be apart of this amazing website.
  19. Umbra

    Warmest Greetings

    Good day, I came to introduce myself as I am new here. My flock is a tad unconventional. I own two House Sparrows that are rescues. Keelo is my baby and was rescued as a fledgling after he ran into the window of our car and somehow 'reset' himself. As he was nursed back to health over the next...
  20. Riptide Queen

    Hello! I am very new here!

    I have always lurked around here to look for advises on birds, fun facts, etc. But since I do have a few questions of my own, I figured it's time to make an account here and here I am! You can call me Lapis (Just a nickname friends like to call me by!) I am a mother to... Indian Ringneck...