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Intriqued Ring Neck!


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Hello all,

We hoped you had a good blessed and enjoyable Christmas!

Just a quick question, Sky our not terribly tamed blue Indian Ring Neck is utterly fascinated by our newest family edition Yoda the Eclectus. We have been keeping their cages well apart so that they can get used to each other.
Sky is out most of the time except when she puts herself to bed (we love our birds to mostly be out!) Yoda comes out very often but we are getting him used to his new cage and surroundings. Soon enough we hope to have him out like Sky.
Sky is always flying onto his cage and today we were letting them get to know each other. No lunging or aggression has been shown by either parrot, but we were wondering if this is usual behaviour for introducing parrots together.
In fact, naughty Sky decided to pop inside Yoda's cage whilst he was on me trying to eat whatever I was eating . We did get her out of his home!
Sky is timid of him because earlier we think he wanted to land on her cage, but we think his size starles her a little.
For those who have introduced, is this normal? We are hoping it's a good sign that they are getting to know each other, because Sky seems to be fascinated!

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My budgies were fascinated with Oggie at first.. they kept trying to hang on his cage and chitter to him.
Unfortunately they are too small to *ever* be safe with him, and he is an old grouch who did lunge at them, so I had to move his cage and dissuade them from this.
They also tried to land on the dogs nose once when he was a puppy (only time they were loose with him around) so ....

I don't know if it's necessarily a good sign so much as a curious bird in a loving environment who has not had any reason to believe she could get hurt?

It's probably a better sign that he hasn't lunged or made any biting moves toward her, but doesn't yet indicate she won't annoy and pester him if they are loose.