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How do I introduce my Java Rice Finches? Also can you guys help me name my female?


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A few weeks have passed since I got my new boy who I named Fonzie. All seems well with his heath and the female has been fine too. She lost her mate to idk what a week before I got Fonzie. Fonzie loves to sing where as the previous male NEVER sang, he only ever make the "pip" sound. Since I upgraded the size of the main cage for them, Fonzie and the female have been apart and waiting for the health checks which have been passed. Vet approved. Now the thing is I have no clue how to properly introduce the two of them. Fonzie's cage isn't on the same level as the female's. The females cage can be wheeled around but again the cages aren't on the same height and I doubt they'd be able to see each other very well this way. I've been trying to think of a way to safely put them at level with one another through the bars but haven't found anything stable enough. Right now they're about 3 or 4 feet from one another and do chatter to each other. So any advice on how to make the introductions so I don't end up screwing it up?

And as stated in the title of this post I need a name for my female. She's the "normal" colour for a Java Rice Finch. I'd take photos but she's FAR too flighty right now to get a decent photo...and so is Fonzie. Fonzie is the fawn colour of the Java Rice Finch. So any real name suggestions for her would be appreciated. I've just run out of ideas.


Meeting neighbors
When I introduced my female singer to the male I encountered the same problem. Cages were not at the same height and too far from each other.
The cage from the male is heavy and extremely sturdy. I decided to use 2 s-hooks to attach the cage from the female to the cage of the male. They showed no aggression towards each other so I decided that the bars from the two cages being so close wasn’t a problem.


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Maybe Fiona, Fable or Francie. :)