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Java Rice Finch dud egg problem


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My Java Rice finch female, named Mrs. and her hubby the Mr. have had a few eggies. One landed first on the floor of cage/busted. Second in nest, nesting material all there and being sat on. Third got dropped while she was out getting food. They're both just over a year old and these are their first eggies. Sadly it's been at least 3 weeks of her sitting on the one egg that didn't end up busted/out of nest and nothing is happening. I keep peeking in when she's not on the nest and it's still an egg. No baby. She hasn't stopped sitting on it, nor taken any breaks longer than a few minutes from what I've seen and now that it's been at least three weeks I'm starting to worry that the egg is a dud. I don't know what to do with the situation as I've never had breeding birdies before. I wonder if I should take the egg away or let her continue to sit on it or...what? I don't want to destress her by doing anything to her nest/egg but I don't think her sitting on a dud is good for her either. I feel bad for her. She wants to be a mama and I'd like to let her do so. Not that I wanted her to in the first place but they were finding ways to make nests in the cage regardless of what I provided them. I need advice on what to do next. Should I wait and let her figure it out on her own or should I take some action?


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I would recommend that you leave the egg until she abandons it.