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  1. soup

    conure quiet chirps

    Hi! my green cheek conure makes more stained and quiet chirps at night, is this normal?
  2. elitys

    SO embarrassing.....

    I was in my calculus Zoom lecture today and Poppy was climbing all over me, being her usual monkey self. At one point, she falls off my head and lands on my keyboard about 8 inches below. I go, "Oh my god, you're ridiculous" to her and pick her up. Little did I know, she fell on the key that...
  3. itsolivia.

    2 green cheeks?! opinions?

    i have a 3 year old GCC who used to be around other parrots. his past owner said he was friendly with other birds. i’ve been looking to get him a friend and i came across a 4 month old GGC conure behind rehomed. the owner said he got along with a budgie. would it be a good idea to get my GCC a...
  4. R

    Are these stress bars?

    I had my little conure for about 3 months now and I started to notice his feathers are turning black in some areas. So I looked at pictures from when I first got him to now. I dont know if it's his diet or if he is stressed. I feed him pellets and fruits. He refuses to eat his veggies and sprouts.
  5. B

    Help me please before I make a mistake on which bird to get!

    So I already have two barely tamed budgies who are more bonded together then me I love them to death even though they bite me but i recently became interested in owning another bird. I either wanted a lovebird or a green cheek conure. I’m leaning more on the gcc side but I need a bird that’s...
  6. P

    Sudden Change

    I just adopted a young conure (still learning to "step up". Hes been extremely friendly, loves attention, and is always wanting to be pet and scratched under the beak. Hes never been shy or skittish and in fact cries out if I leave the room for too long. Well I had an emergency after work the...
  7. piratesam

    Gcc is overgrooming/plucking!

    I have a Green Cheek Conure named Sam and he is very special. He came from a rough past and he doesnt let anyone touch him other than me, but he only lets me scratch him. He doesnt play with any toys or anything, and if tried quite a few. When im at home, he sits on my shoulder and chills with...