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  1. S

    Bread making products??

    Hello fellow bread makers and bakers. I am an avid sourdough baker and have transformed all of my bakeware/cookware to PFA/non toxic since getting birds. I only use ceramic, glass and cast iron. However, I recently have been seeing so many great things about the silicone bread mats used to take...
  2. D

    Don’t know a safe space to put bird

    So I’m getting a bird soon and I just learned that fumes can be dangerous to them. I did figure that cleaning products could be harmful but I never thought that cooking fumes can be as well. I feel a bit more worried about taking care of the bird now that I know this information because I have...
  3. Lucifer

    Distance from Toxins

    Hi, I live in a very large house in an isolated downstairs room. I am very cautious about any potential dangers and toxins. I was wondering about cleaning products. If someone upstairs uses bleach, I would probably only smell it if it is near the staircase located near my room entrance. Can...
  4. A

    PVC vinyl draft guard

    Hello! I'm new to this site, but have a question. I have 5 rosy bourkes homed in a large aviary inside my home. I just moved to a new home and the only place I can situate the flight cage is near a sliding glass door. I live in Central Florida just west of Orlando, so we only get about 2 months...
  5. J

    (HELP) Wallpapering: Non toxic pastes, the process, etc

    Hi! My mom is wallpapering my room, where my bird is, after I convinced her out of painting it. Idk anything about wallpapering other than what I’ve been researching, so I wanna be as safe as possible. I’m planning on using this paste...
  6. nipiybirb

    Gasoline smell

    I just moved to a place next to a gas station, not even thinking about it. And I woke up to the smell of gasoline at 5am. The trucks come and refill the station everyday it seems. Most days I don't smell anything at all, and I've lived here for a couple of months. Today however it was so bad it...
  7. Haydenb

    Ways to do some paint touch up in bird's room safley

    Hi, I did some rearranging in my bedroom where my bird's cage is in & I have to patch up some nail holes & paint over them soon. I'm absolutely going to move her cage & not have her in while I'm doing this but I'm unsure how long I should wait to bring her back in when I get to patching &...
  8. Broguy

    Pest Control vs Air Purifiers?

    Hello, I had a cockatiel about a year ago that passed and I (think) I figured out what it was from. Which was hypothermia due to the heat cutting off :( Anyways, I’m currently doing research on ways to keep birds warm but primarily focusing on if I should get another. I’d like a conure, but I’m...
  9. RebeccaZM

    Keeping birds safe from fumes

    Hi everyone! We had a small sewage leak in our basement and will have to replace roughly 84 square feet of carpet in two narrow hallways. They will use a ‘supposedly’ bio-safe disinfectant that has a less than 1% VOC on the floor once the carpet is removed. We are going to ask if they can air...
  10. Cheekybirb

    Heated Clothes Airer/Dryer Safe?

    Hello, I've been looking through the threads for bird-safe appliances but can't seem to see anything about heated clothes dryers to dry clothes with instead of tumble dryers, apparently, they're cheaper to run. Does anyone have any experience of using them safely around their birds? I've...
  11. P

    Really concerned! Silicone Sealant put on Fireplace

    We had a gasket installed on our fireplace. I didn’t realize until later but they used a “Masters high temperature silicone sealant” to glue the gasket on. Its closed behind a glass right now but the fumes were strong when he was applying it the moment i smelled it I opened all the windows in...
  12. RebeccaZM

    Keeping birdie safe during repairs

    Hello everyone! I have a situation I'm hoping you can advise me on. I need to make a repair to my shower, requiring a waterproofing agent, mortar, and caulking. Unfortunately my bird is in the room right next to the bathroom that needs this work. Even though the products I'm looking at claim to...
  13. RebeccaZM

    Kind of urgent? Resolve stain remover smell/fumes!

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can help me with today's blunder. So this morning I tripped as I was bringing a glass of juice upstairs to drink while I got ready, and spilled the juice toward the top of the stairs over about 3-4 steps total. I had to rush out the door to make it to an...
  14. N

    Is baking playdough/clay safe?

    i hope this is the right place for this question! i want to make craft jewelry and all my other methods have failed. i thought clay/playdough would be a good idea, but i dont know if it would release fumes or something. so, is it safe?
  15. hrafn

    Is there a house paint that's safer for the fids?

    I want to repaint the Old World bird room because the current grey-blue makes it look small and dark, and I'm wondering about the safety of painting in the house with the birds here. Obviously Kraz and Kamara would be temporarily moved into another room while the paint is being applied and as it...
  16. bethaneh

    Help! Bleach fumes!

    I adopted two budgies 2 days ago, and this morning, I was sitting next to their cage, and smelled some chemicals coming from the kitchen. I asked my mother what that smell was, and she said she was cleaning with bleach! I know bleach is bad for birds, so I quickly moved them outside for 30...
  17. K

    New Furnace

    My landlord had a new (central air) gas furnace (Arcoaire brand) installed after the last one failed. It began running 10/12. My birds have been kept at my parents since then (10 days today). The horrible chemical smell seems gone. The vent air smells 'hot' if that makes sense. The house smells...
  18. Birdie Boyzz

    How long do I wait to air out the house after using things toxic to birds before I get my birds back

    So we got new hardwood floors, and of course being parrot owner I check in to see what products they are using. They are using a glue that I have researched is bad for birds bc of fumes and they used paint thinner on the floors (more fumes) all of the windows are open all throughout the house...
  19. AbnormalAvian

    Incense Fumes?

    I know birds are extremely sensitive to fumes, so I wanted to make sure of something before I did it. I was wondering, if I have my bird in a room with the door closed and fan going, and had incense burning in a nearby room with that door also closed and fans on, can the incense fumes still get...