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eye problem

  1. G

    Eye Drops for Inflamed Eyes

    My 6 month old cockatiel keeps itching her eyes as her feathers keep getting in her eyes as well as her own dust and her eyes are getting red. I need to know of a good safe eye drop for birds that I can buy without a prescription. Thank you!
  2. Trinity

    Lovebird is hot to touch and loses fearhers

    Hi everyone, I hope I've gone about all this correctly and did a skim read of the guidelines before posting. Context I own a range of indoor and outdoor parrots, many of which are rescues or give aways my mum brings home from volunteering. These birds are separated but have joint 'out time'...
  3. chutik

    Urgent Green cheek conure closed eye

    My pineapple green Cheek conure has suddenly started closing her right eye and when I held a light it seems like her eye is red and possibly has bleeding on the inside of her eye( but I am not 100% sure) she is constantly scratching the eye and seems sleepier and calmer than usual around this...
  4. layinlow

    Conjunctivitis or normal cockatiel eye?

    Hello! I will be going on vacation soon for about 10 days and leaving my precious baby with my sister. He is 4 years old, but a few months ago I noticed this slight ‘inner eyelid’ thing that he has going on. It is symmetrical on both eyes. He does not overly watery eyes or any gunk coming out of...
  5. S

    HELP - Yellow crust found on budgie's eyes

    Hello, Thank you so much for your time. I'm really worried about my baby. Yesterday I noticed yellow crust around the eye corners of my budgie for both eyes. He's around one year old, otherwise healthy and playful. I'm worried that this might be mites or a fungal infection which may lead to...
  6. P

    Help, what is this hard little bump near her eye???

    I found this recently when I was giving her scritches. There is a hard, little nubbly bump near her eye. It is pinkish grey, hard, protrudes, and irregular shape. There is a little white ring indent on it, which I assume is a follicle?? She's never had something like this before. Can someone...
  7. Stlpetownr

    Please give opinions about a newborn tiel recently purchased

    I recently purchased a bird from a private breeder. She claimed the bird was 10 days old and Saturday, 20 March 2021. However my past experience and research put the baby at about five days old. My question is, is my newborn stunted? One of his eyes is barely trying to open and the other has...
  8. thimble00

    Urgent Budgie’s eye won’t close :(

    hello, i have a budgie who recently flew into a window. its been 2 days since that happened and he’s recovering nicely. the only issue is that his right eye won’t close! i’m not able to contact a vet at this time so i came here for help. does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong?
  9. Angel&Char

    Pictures CHARLIE - Pastel face, several problems (Sad update post #11)

    This is about Charlie, our baby pastel cockatiel. He is currently around 32 days old. Last week, he already had an internal infection of fungi in his throat and some bacteria in his digestive tract, causing his droppings to be like a suspension (some powdery stuff like undigested formula...
  10. The_Duck02

    Lumps on budgie eyelid

    Hello everyone! This little guy is Dango and he is my baby. He's fully tame and he's approx 8 months old. I've had him for about 7 months. When I first got him, he was in rough shape as he had been attacked when he was a baby. He had lots of feathers that didn't grow back for a while. However...
  11. choomchoom

    Budgie won't open his eye

    I rescued a budgie a week or two ago, he's clearly male and the rescue said he was about one year old but I'm leaning more towards 2-3 years. He's been very hand skittish but has an amazing personality. He's adapted very well, no visual issues, the rescue said he recieved a vet exam and has no...
  12. T

    911 Help me, my cockatiel is having tumor on right eye!!

    One of my cockatiel has an eye problem. It started around march 4th. At the begining, there was some wet discharge from the right eye. I believe its itching cause she scratch a lot. I went to the vet, they give me 2 eye drops. One of which seems to be anti biotic. Since the situation doesnt...
  13. A

    Urgent Bird has a sore next to his eye?

    My baby sun Conure (about 5 months) looks like he has a purple sore on the skin around his eye. So far he’s been acting and eating as normal but I’m fairly certain that a nasty looking sore is NOT NORMAL. What is it, and should I contact my vet?
  14. C

    Pictures Issue with cockatiels eye

    Hi, I went to the vet about a month ago because my cockatiels was squinting in one eye. I got some drops and it seemed to clear up fine. Anyway, more recently I've noticed when he looks up or to the side there's redness. When he's looking at me straight on you can't really see anything. I took...
  15. charlieboy

    Urgent Squinty (Swollen?) Eyes

    So Charlie hasn't sneezed since yesterday... but this morning I found him with squinty eyes :( They aren't red and there is no discharge but this isn't normal... It's starting to look like allergies to me, but I'm afraid it may be something else... I'm really worried... I gave him a misting...
  16. J

    Urgent Cataracts or Blind?

    I got my sun conure a week ago i didn't notice the white spot in his left eye. But yesterday when i exposed him to sunlight his left eye is white i dont know if he's blind or its something. Is there a cure for this? I think he can still see me because when i put my finger closer to his eye he...