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  1. F

    Wits End - Health/Behavioral Concerns

    Hoping I post this in the right place. Long time reader, finally created an account to post. Warning, long. My 8yr old female tiel is tearing my house apart, while teaching my new 4mo old possibly male her behaviors. I have 20 years of parrot hobbyist experience and I've never encountered such...
  2. flyzipper

    Where it's offered can matter more than what is offered

    Oscar and Marvin both like interacting with things that are hung near their perches, but Jericho isn't as keen on that configuration. That said, Jericho also spends much more time on the floor (or other flat surface) than my other two, so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that's also where he...
  3. MandieLee


    Hey everyone, New to the forums :D I have a 1.5yo Red Belly x Senegal named Bowie (still not sold on the name) Just wondering if anyone is keen to share enrichment ideas! Also post photos of your babies! This species is my world, I am getting a pair of Red Bellies in like a week so if anyone...
  4. flyzipper

    Nina Ottosson games and toys

    I have no experience with these myself (if you do, please share your thoughts!), but I saw them mentioned on a local wildlife rehab site and thought they looked interesting, so here's the link... https://www.nina-ottosson.com/products/wooden-games/ They have numerous options with differing...
  5. FeatheredM

    Enrichment outside the cage

    Sprinkles and quierido are bored:meh: if I let them out they go to the same places and preen. But I want them to have a FUN time out of the cage so they can play, get ecxersise and use their brain power!! Inside their cage it's a toy store with a bunch of varied perches but what about outside...
  6. casehulf

    What are your favorite ways (or your budgie's favorite) to entertain you budgie?

    Hi all, My budgie, Lemon, is super active and I am trying to figure out new ways to entertain her. She gets free reign of the house when I am home, which is most of the day. She is fully flighted (I firmly believe that she is a bird and is meant to fly. It would be like not allowing a...
  7. Firjohnson

    Budget Bird

    Hello! We are fairly new to Avian Avenue and for one of our first threads we'd like to bring up and discuss Budget Bird Enrichment and DIY toys and projects that don't hurt your wallet. Our Eclectus is a huge fan of handmade cardboard toys as well as loud "crinkly" toys. We find ourselves using...
  8. Ulis_Beast

    Video Lokis Luxuries

    IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE! :excited1: My first big overseas toy order that is. Step 1 desinfection; step 2 unboxing and cleaning; step 3 unveil at a safe distance from the bird; step 4 let it rip; Had I known this is going to be such a success (gross understatement) I would have ordered...
  9. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT Hanging Enrichment/Swingy PERCH

    Ok, I've finally had a chance to finish these today, take photos, and list them. I hope you like the idea! (basically, giving our birds a chance to perch on something that moves a bit, rather than always a pretty firm perch). Let me know what you think and, as usual, I hope you and your flock...
  10. MaggieBee

    Cori update: 1 week (and one setback)

    Hi! It's me again with your weekly update on the world's prettiest budgie! I can't believe it's been a week... I suppose time flies when you spend most of it with a little feathered friend. Ok, let's start with the setback: The little green devil learned to how to open his cage – and shaved...
  11. Chris1234

    Hello from Taz! And a quick question for everyone...

    Hi guys! I was hoping you could do me a quick favor and answer a question for an article I'm writing. I'd really appreciate it! (cross-posted)
  12. Chris1234

    Pictures Anyone use foraging trays?

    Hi all! Anyone else use foraging trays for their birds? This is baby, our Meyers, and I couldn't get this stinker to forage at all. She also doesn't like most new toys I put in her cage, but for some reason she was open to a small dish (it's stainless steel, small, and I think it was meant...
  13. Mo Amjad

    Does this look safe for my bird to play with?

    Hey guys my ringneck really seems to love this headphone case I have. I'm thinking on putting it at the bottom of his cage because he absolutely tears it down do you guys think it's ok to chew on?
  14. hrafn

    I accidentally just spent $400 on new toys at Petsmart lol

    Bipolar disorder is a horrible thing to deal with, but apparently it's GREAT for the fids because I just spent a whoooole lotta moola on new toys for them. :laughin: Granted I also got some stuff for my other nine animals, but the VAST majority is new birdie toys. It's going to be an adventure...
  15. greencheekmax

    Favorite music

    Do your bird/s have some favorite music (genres, singer/band, style, etc etc)? I've been search for a music that Max would sing along/dance with. Some music seems to stress him out (feather flattened the body), so I haven't been very successful.
  16. hrafn

    Pictures Taco needed a bigger foraging box...

    This one's four feet long. Hopefully it'll last him a little while longer than usual. :D:D
  17. charlieboy

    Question on Out-of-cage Time

    Not sure if this is the right sub-forum so feel free to move my thread :) I keep hearing that regarding out-of-cage time quality is more important than quantity, but I still sometimes worry. Usually on weekdays Charlie will get 2-3 hours out of his cage either hanging out with me on my...
  18. S

    Stations for the Budgies

    Hi everyone. I'm trying the search bar and I'm not using the correct words so I apologize as I'm sure this has been posted a million times. I will be the owner of English Budgies(probably wild crosses)..yay! I want them to have an amazing home.. What I'm visualizing is their flight cage..I'll...
  19. Dostc426

    Can I use this for a parrot playstand?

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to make my sun conure's outside cage time more fun and busy for him and I was wondering if this is a safe idea to try! Using a drying clothing rack for a play gym like this (image from pinterest): With that being said does someone know of one that has a safe...
  20. Bigsky1

    Day cage and night cage

    Hi there, I'm wondering what everyones thoughts are on having several different day and night cages as far as enrichment and behavior. Good Bad or Indifferent... Thanks