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cockatiel advice

  1. 123delrey

    stressed out cockatiel :(

    recently, my family got a new cockatiel after our beloved conure passed away. this cockatiel is 10 years old and we adopted him from a shelter. we have had him for about a week and he is very anxious. he will start screaming at the top of his lungs, he bites and attacks everyone, he chews on his...
  2. S

    conure and cockatiel breed??

    alright, this is a new acc so ill try to make this as short as possible. I own a female cockatiel and a male green cheek conure. They are not 1 year old yet, but around 8-9 months. Lately I've been seeing hormonal behavior. The conure becoming territorial and easily angered, and the cockatiel...
  3. AddieWattl

    New bird owner!

    Hello everyone! I am new here and getting a cockatiel in a few days. This is my cage setup, I still need to get stainless steel bowls but does anyone have any tips for new bird owners or cage feedback? Thanks.
  4. P

    Need help choosing between a Budgerigar and a Cockatiel!

    Hi everyone! I’m new here. We’ve been thinking of purchasing a new bird for a while now and we’ve narrowed it down to a budgie and a cockatiel. We used to have a green budgie, but unfortunately he passed away back in 2020 after 9 years. We love budgies but we feel that a new one might never...
  5. B

    Changed cages

    My sweet Lucy, cocktail, is 16.5 years old. She has mobility issues. I think it's arthritis in her feet but unsure. About 2 years ago she had what I think was a stroke. Before then she could fly, paid better attention and all the normal stuff. Afterwards she cannot fly, she flops, she has little...
  6. shubamei

    Suggestions for College/University Student

    Hello! I'm currently looking into (possibly) owning a cockatiel while in college/university, so I was wondering if anyone knows the feasibility of this? I've always dreamed of owning a cockatiel so now here I am, trying to look for a sense of what it could be like. I'm definitely not going to...
  7. dori

    trying to help him?

    my grandparents live in another country and since i'm visiting in the summer, i was wondering how i could help their cockatiel, they don't take very good care of him and he's violent (bites a lot) as a result . i was just wondering how could i help him ? bring him toys, tame him ?
  8. L

    Anxieties About Owning Cockatiel

    Hi everyone, I just joined the forum and pretty much know nothing about posting as I've only ever read past threads - please bear with me :). Little backstory. I am a PhD student in animal behaviour (I work with small mammals so don't be fooled - I don't know nearly as much about birds!), and...
  9. B

    Some sad problems, need help

    My Cockatiel, Lucy, 16.5 years or so old, is having a good deal of problems. Two years or so ago she had what I think was a stroke. She can't seem to focus on anything, has a hard time with mobility and can't fly any longer; she just flops. i took her to the vet at the time but there was nothing...
  10. XII28

    New to owning a bird. Abused cockatiel?

    Hi all, This is my first time owning a bird, my cockatiel. I bought her from a run-down pet store - she actually stood out to me a couple months prior before I bought her. She is bright yellow with little red cheeks and she reminded me of Pikachu. I walked by this store and she caught my eye...
  11. Tielmum

    Flytrap mishap + oil = stressed tiel

    Last night, my baby (8 month old tiel) flew from my should to the dining table and flew to the kitchen counter where the flytrap was laid. Imagine the horror from both of us, I immediately held him to avoid him sticking any other part (like his head) in an attempt to free himself. I didn't know...
  12. toto2021

    Questions for new tiel-owner

    Hi, I just recently got my tiel, Toto. I've had him/her (unknown gender, will just say he for now) for almost a month now; he's just hit 3 months old. I have a bunch of questions so I'll compile them here below instead of making multiple threads lol, maybe one of you can help me out with any...
  13. C

    Injured Cockatiel?

    Hello everyone! I just got a Cockatiel yesterday and noticed something that looks like a scab under her left wing. Would appreciate anyone’s help on this!! Thank you in advance!
  14. A

    Peeled foot?

    Hi guys, so I kinda tripped and fell against my bird’s cage and he yelped (he was climbing the bars) and was lifting his foot up for a bit but there’s no bleeding, and this is how his foot looks like. Should I put anything on it or does it warrant a vet visit? thank you!
  15. Amavirra

    Owned for some time, won't bond. . .

    Hello, I'm new. I specifically made an account to get some outsiders information on this specific problem I'm having (or rather my father is having). I live with my mother and we just got a Quaker whom is already doing his best to bond with me. However at my fathers house, we have a four/five...
  16. RebeccaZM

    Cockatiel smells like wet bird when dry? Smelly boy

    Hello all! I hope this is the correct place to post this! I'll post it on Cockatiel Corner as well. My cockatiel Obi-Wan has begun to smell like wet bird recently, even when he's dry, but it is definitely more pronounced when he is wet, downright stinky during bath time. Before this he had that...
  17. Y

    are my birds obsessed with me?

    hello guys, i need your help about my two cockatiels that seem to be obsessed with me or like me too much. i have a male who is 1 year and 6 months old, and a female who is 1 year and 3 months old circa. they both were in heat, she layed empty eggs because they didnt bond in any way since he's...
  18. nadu14

    male cockatiel aggressive with new female cockatiel

    hi, i have had my first cockatiel (donnie) for about a year and a couple months. he's almost 2 years old and he is fairly well trained. we got another cockatiel (casper) in january, he's almost 1 years old and they are inseparable. they are both white faced cockatiels. About a week or two ago i...
  19. N

    Cockatiel botched wing clip help

    My birds wings are cut too short Is there a possibility that they will not grow back? Is there anything that we can do to help the bird? When I got him his wings were clipped already clipped from the pet store, so I wasn’t involved in the process he is about 7 months old
  20. B

    Very clingy cockatiel who hates her cage

    So I have a roughly 5 month old cockatiel that I’ve had for 2 or 3 months. She’s extremely clingy and hates being in her cage. Whenever I put her in her cage she screams and paces and when that doesn’t work she’ll sit on one of her perches and not move until I let her out. I have to start...