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cockatiel advice

  1. S

    Video Help! My female cockatiel is making strange and concerning noises!

    As of this morning, Cicero started making these weird ''snotty/clicking'' and ''hiccup'' sounds. I have no clue as to what they are or if she's in any danger. I'm worried that maybe she's sick or has something caught in her throat. However, her poop is normal and she doesn't really have the...
  2. R

    Cockatiel Advice

    Hello, My name is Ray and I’m a proud owner of Two Budgies and Two Cockatiels. I have two questions. First is about Chello, my 1.5 year old Male Cockatiel. I’ve had him since he was 8 months old, and trained him nice and slowly. he now steps on my finger, flys in the house and knows where to...
  3. J

    my tiel REFUSES to get 12 hours of sleep

    So i rescued a tiel a while a back and he’s come with quite a few issues including plucking which he’s now stopped, but anyway the point of this post is that he absolutely flat out will not get 12 hours of sleep, i can make the room pitch black and silent and have him covered, or i’ve tried...
  4. mariyatiel

    9-month old gender?

    I have been wondering if my beautiful cockatiel named Marshal is actually a girl? I thought ‘he’ was a boy since he is very vocal in the daytime and always does the contact calls. He is very energetic in daytime and plays and rips up everything! In the evening he is VERY calm. BUT he is...
  5. J

    Can cockatiels get diseases from canaries?

    Yesterday my little canary sadly died, we found him with an open beak laying on the floor. Since we live in a really poor region of our country with no avian vets whatsoever and are not sure what it is, could the male cockatiel be dieased as well? They were always separated half a meter.
  6. J

    New Cockatiel

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the world of birds so still learning. I got my first Budgie last December and he's settled in great, his name is Blu. During the week I had got a Cockatiel and I called her Angel unfortunately she must have been sick or too stressed and she passed away during the first...
  7. MossyBird

    My cockatiel has abnormal droppings.

    Hi y’all. I’m honestly not sure what to do right now or if I’m posting in the right place so please forgive me if I posted in the wrong place but today my cockatiel, Tiki, started having yellow droppings. There is still the white part in them but they’re just not his usual green. I have recently...
  8. N31

    Smelly droppings help

    Recently in the past day or 2 my cockatiels droppings have been quite smelly, I looked online and a few things said it can be bad like infections and such but they also where mentioning things related to hormones. She has recently laid some eggs (3 at the moment) and has been sitting on them...
  9. Kilina

    Noodle's Gender?

    Hello! Hope that everyone is well and safe :) We have a 5 month old cockatiel, Noodle, his/her colors don't really say much at the moment since he/she's still very young. Noodle has stripes on his/her tail, but this seems to be common for all young cockatiels. Recently, we've noticed that...
  10. SeñorBirb

    Hi there!

    Hi! I'm new here, and I'm getting a hand raised cockatiel for the first time! This is my second cockatiel, the first one I had was untamed (R.I.P. Señor, he was sick:darkcloud:). Does anyone have any advice for a new bird owner? (I bought THIS cage and natural perches to go with it, plenty of...
  11. I

    Is a hissing baby cockatiel normal?

    Hello everyone! I’m fairly new to the world of owning baby cockatiels. I’ve only ever owned adult conures. My husband just bought me a 15 day old cockatiel baby who has been hand fed since birth, and is now being hand fed by me. I absolutely adore him, but I noticed he’s very hissy and...
  12. C

    Urgent Sick baby cockatiel!

    hello! i’m new here and have been reading this forum the entire time my bird has been sick. last wednesday my 9 week old, hand/formula fed cockatiel lost his voice & had a watery eye. i took him to the emergency vet and she started him on enrofloxacin about 5 days later still nothing had gotten...
  13. J

    Cockatiel weird beak noise

    Hey! My boy George is about 3 years. We recently lost his girlfriend due to respiratory problems in December. Last week George made this noise with his beak, he’s done it before but that’s when we was chewing something he shouldn’t have been and didn’t make it since! I gave him a steam bath last...
  14. I

    cockatiels eat all toys

    my cockatiels eat all of their toys, every single toy they tear up ends up ingested no matter how hard i try to deter them and give them vegetables in almost every form, is there any toys that are safe to ingest or what toys are recommended? i haven’t found anything edible besides one edible...
  15. J

    Help! my cockatiel is having muted chirps

    Im a fairly new bird owner and I have a cockatiel about 6mth old. Recently (1wk ago), I went out and came back in the evening, there were a few specks of blood at the bottom of her cage, it had come from her wing. It was clotted so I thought it was alright (vets near my area are really...
  16. S

    Taming An Older Cockatiel

    Hi, so I have a cockatiel who is around 14 years old. His name is Stitch. My mother bought him for my sister when I was around 7 and she was nine. Unfortunately, she didn't do much research in how to care for a bird properly and the time and effort that should go into it. Growing up I felt...
  17. I

    all white cockatiel poop

    hi i recently got 2 cockatiels, no tail bobbing but some fluffing up (it’s the winter time we try to keep the heat on but i’m not too worried about the fluffing up) they didn’t have the best care before me and they don’t have α good diet (i’m trying to get them to switch to pellets soon) their i...
  18. H

    Cockatiel laying infertiles Eggs but not interested in them

    Hi :) My 2 and a half year old cockatiel lays infertile eggs every 4 months or so. Each time she has laid eggs ( including last night ) she has shown no interest in sitting on them or anything. Can someone please tell me why this is? Thank you !
  19. Haroobom

    How to encourage training ?

    I got a cockatiel 5 days ago, on the first night I left her in the cage, the next few days when I took her out she would let me put her on the different perches I had set up across my room. Now when I take her out she does step up but as soon as she's totall out she flies across the room and...