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Hi everyone, looking for wisdom on possible gout in my little Winston. Went to the vet yesterday due to some odd lumps on his toes, discomfort on perch. Dr. Prescribing antibiotic for inflammation and also pain meds for two weeks. Does not think it is bumblefoot, possibly gout. This is a budgie I literally found on the road last may so I do not know how old he is. He is not hand tame so medicating will be an adventure for us both! Any tips for diet that may help, any wisdom eagerly appreciated! He eats, seed, avi cakes, pepper seeds, Romain lettuce and a couple of other select veggies. He did have a cage mate however I have him on his own now so he can rest a little…his mate is aplot to deal with (younger and highly active!) thanks so much everyone!


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I'm so sorry you are going through this. My budgie, Boo, had gout in his last years. I highly recommend you get him to eat cherries or drink tart cherry juice (I get organic from the health shop). Every time cherries came into season, Boo's uric acid levels went down, shown in blood tests - this was in the time when tart cherry juice wasn't available like it is now year round. It's great Winston eats avicakes. Lafeber do senior bird nutri berries that you might like to try: