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brown headed parrot

  1. K

    My new love

    I'm happy to be here with other people that love their birds. I have a Brown Headed Parrot 8 years old. We have had him about 8 weeks now and he is a doll. I'm looking forward to learning more about him but so far he is sweet, quiet and calm. A perfect addition to our family.
  2. laurenf

    Brown Headed Parrot Diet [Poll]

    Hello my precious baby boy Rogelio weighed in at 130 grams today. He's just a week under half a year old. He is on a pelleted diet (Harrison's) but I also give him a lot of things to munch on during the day. Like to keep his beak busy I'll give him macaronis and other dried pasta. Also I'll give...
  3. W

    Brown headed parrot breeders in the UK

    Hi all! Thanks for letting me join AA! :) I’m looking to get my first medium sized parrot (only had budgies so far). Quite excited! My two favourites at the moment are the brown headed parrot and the BW pionus. I was wondering if anyone here knew of any brown headed parrot breeders in the UK? I...
  4. AkasyaEllric

    I commissioned art of the boys!

    I just got it yesterday but didn't have a chance to post it because it was my daughter's birthday and we were running around doing stuff. The artist is on IG, -,’ mari ,’- (@birdsniffersclub) • Instagram photos and videos. I loved her style and honestly she should be charging more. But, here it...
  5. AkasyaEllric

    Frisky Behavior Question

    The rare times Slade masturbates when he finishes he poops also. Is this normal? None of my other birds do it till they're finished so it struck me as odd. He also makes the weirdest sounds :lol2: but I figured those are more than likely normal.
  6. AkasyaEllric

    Slade's Checkup

    Took Slade for his checkup today, I was so nervous with the new carrier and new vet. Everything went great though! He ended up relaxing in the carrier on the way there and the vet we saw is AWESOME. She agreed that the yellow feathers on his head when I got him was probably from his poor diet...
  7. AkasyaEllric

    You know your parrot controls your life when. . .

    He goes to his sleep spot and screams at you three times. You ask if it's bed time, he bobs his head as if saying yes and you immediately get up and get ready for bed. I didn't even realize I was just told to go to bed by a parrot until I was already there with lights off and everything :lol:
  8. AkasyaEllric

    Thanks for the view

    I gave Slade a new yucca toy since the other one was smashed, and this has been my view for a good part of the day. Thanks buddy. :loltears: I do love that floofy booty though.
  9. AkasyaEllric

    Does Slade Hold Grudges?

    The answer is definitely. Not against me, though. We've taken a few days to work through everything after him attacking me and are basically back to normal. He has a few spots in his cage that are "leave me alone" spots and I respect them completely. He's been in those spots mostly until today...
  10. AkasyaEllric

    I feel like an idiot

    Slade has been doing so well so I keep trying to see how far he can go slowly. I know he isn't always good passing by people but I tried it today, I walked by my husband sitting on the couch. On the way out he was fine. But on the way back he head bobbed, which usually means happy and excited...
  11. AkasyaEllric

    This is why you listen to the person the bird is bonded with...

    So those of you who have checked out my threads know about Slade and how when I adopted him he mauled my thumb and I still took him home. I saw a traumatized bird who had been through 3 homes till me, who was afraid of hands because of the infamous earthquake method to get a bird to stop biting...
  12. AkasyaEllric

    I'm practically crying

    So the journey with Slade has been a long one. I expected it since the poor guy was traumatized and I was his 4th home at 8 years of age (he's now 9). We've been making bigger steps again lately and just a little bit ago he ran down onto my chest and begun putting his head to my mouth for kisses...
  13. AkasyaEllric

    Hi again!

    Not sure how many of you remember me, but I'm back again. Figured I wouldn't post till I was consistently on this time :lol: Everyone is doing well. Ollie and Diggle are definitely my husband's birds. They mostly want nothing to do with me, and that's ok. They found their person and I'm happy...
  14. AkasyaEllric

    So different from last year. . .

    Last year at this time Slade and I were still getting to know each other, and we didn't really bond till mid to later summer, at least how we are now. I was wondering how this hormone season would go considering last year he was super aggressive and cage protective. How things have changed. He...
  15. AkasyaEllric

    Is this perch safe now?

    I was cleaning Slade's cage and when I put his cement perch in the sink I cracked it. Is it still safe to use or should I just throw it away and get a new one?
  16. AkasyaEllric

    Slade's love of Cheeky Chirp Toys is never ending!

    I put a new one from @webchirp into his cage right before bed last night, and this video was too cute to not share with you guys! He really does love everything she makes.
  17. AkasyaEllric

    Birds are weird

    Slade decided he was tired of my crap and just climbed up onto me and snuggled right in. We cuddled for a bit then he decided that I must of looked hungry because he beelined for my mouth and trying to regurgitate. I stopped him thankfully but it was. . . .unexpected. He looked at me like I was...
  18. AkasyaEllric

    Necklace for my boys

    For any that don't know my birds' names are themed after the Arrow TV show/Green Arrow characters. I decided to actually do something quick and neat with their feathers and I'm happy with the way it turned out. Once I get a more lime feather from Diggle that will replace the first feather since...
  19. AkasyaEllric

    How dare you stop human!

    First time trying to add a video, so hopefully this works. Another big step made with Slade. I haven't been petting him much just to give him his space. This was the other night however, and it's still happening daily so I think we may be pretty good now! I haven't worked on getting him to...
  20. AkasyaEllric

    I think Slade might be potty trained. . .

    So since Slade and I have been making leaps and bounds in our relationship since we got the bigger cage and moved it beside me, his new favorite thing in the world to do is climb up on my leg and go to sleep, which I absolutely love. He wants to go to my shoulder, but I'm waiting till I can...