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  1. Radford Roost

    White On Baby GCC?

    Hello! My feathered pets of a few years decided to have some babies. The male is a normal Green-cheeked Conure and the female is a yellow-sided. They currently have 3 babies, the eldest being 3 weeks, the second 2.5 weeks, and the youngest 2 weeks. All three of the babies appear to be developing...
  2. H

    Canary pair problems

    I was given two canaries (one female and one male) by my cousin who could not care for them anymore and I've had them for about a year and a half. In April, the female canary had to be taken to the vet to have her leg band removed because it was constricting her. I had kept her in a separate...
  3. haze

    Help!! Is she feeding it?

    Hi, my budgie’s first egg of her clutch hatched yesterday evening, and I am unsure if she has been feeding it. Its crop appears empty but the bird’s belly looks very round, although that could be from absorbing what was left of the egg. I have only checked on it a few times but I have yet to see...
  4. shayla

    Um.. Siblings wanting to mate?

    Hi again! So just a quick question. As you know i have two tiels that are both sisters. Chicken has been making little chirping sounds and sticking her butt in the air for a while now (few months on and off) and i'm assuming this is her showing shes 'in heat' or wanting to mate (they are both...
  5. haze

    She Laid an Egg!

    Pascal laid an egg this morning! Unfortunately, it was cracked when I found it, but I took it out of the cage to dispose of it and just out of curiosity, I cracked it the rest of the way in a bowl, and it was fertilized! (You can tell because fertilized eggs have a small whitish dot on the...
  6. Gallows

    Can't tell if cockatiel eggs are infertile?

    This is my female cockatiel's first time having eggs. She's done a great job incubating and rolling them consistently, so I have a lot of hope. However, when I candle her eggs, I can't tell whether they're infertile or not. Her first egg was laid nine days ago. She has four eggs now, and it...
  7. E

    Rosifrons Female for pairing.

    Hello I am a bird breeder from PA United States. I am currently collaborating with DR. Latoya Latney from the university of pennsylvania to diversify the species in the the US pet trade. We would purchase the female bird and in the case of non pairing compatibility we will keep the bird as a per...
  8. E

    Hi from Houston

    I retired this year. I still have 4 kids at home. I used to breed cockatiels when I lived in Ca. So I decided to give it a try again. I love birds small or big. I’m starting to breed canaries, parrotlets, gouldian finches and sun conjures. I have never bread any of these birds before. So I’m...
  9. S

    American white parrotlet

    Is it possible to obtain a blue pied parrotlet by coupling a green and an american white or a blue and an american white? Im not very familiar with genetics and stuff, but I'm super interested in learning!!
  10. S

    Budgie Breeding Help

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I have a few questions. I'm ready to breed my first pair of budgies and I read did research and all of that but I have 2 budgies a male and female who are ready to breed but I also have a cockatiel who's been living in the same cage as them since they were...
  11. Brazil&Zealand

    Conure Baby Advice Needed!

    Hello! My first ever clutch of Green Cheeks recently began hatching! I have 3 babies that are hatched, and 2 eggs left. The older 2 babies are 5 days old, and the 3rd was born today. Any other babies that hatch should arrive in 2+ days. My plan was to remove the eldest 2 babies on Fri. the 20th...
  12. Brazil&Zealand

    Sex-linked Gender ID

    Hello! I'm new to this website. I have had Brazil & Zealand my GCCs for about 2 years now. They recently laid 6 eggs and so far 2 have hatched. Zealand, the mother, is Yellow-sided. Brazil, the father, shows the wild type coloration. With this pairing, would all female offspring be wild-type and...
  13. P

    When does a cockatiel mature?

    I have a female cockatiel, she is eight months, which apparently would make her an "adult". She is my only cockatiel, and also hasn't laid eggs yet. Would she be considered "mature"? (I'm not planning any breeding or anything, and I know that they have to be around 11 months for that). I just...
  14. MOzgaf

    Breeding Cycle

    Hello, I have very tame hen cockatiel for 2 years. last two weeks she started laying eggs on the bottom of the cage with no nest box or dietary change or anything to emulate breeding season. now we are at 6 eggs. She was paired with another tiel in the same cage. who supposedly is a pied cock...
  15. Atomiklan

    Birb reboot!

    Ok after talking with Lada's parront, she suggested at this point to go ahead and just take away the box that was originally recommended for a little while. So in effect we are attempting to reboot Lada and snap her out of her breeding mood. She stopped laying eggs after 2 and was sitting on 4...
  16. S

    Pictures When to recognise splayed legs

    Hi all! I have started breeding budgies (just one set of birds) and have an experienced male and a young female. She has being doing a good job and their crops are both very full, and the babies are healthy. They have feathers and both have eyes open. The older one is 17 days old, younger one...
  17. Atomiklan


    Can someone please explain the process of banding. Not necessarily the physical process, although I am interested in that too (Special tools, markings, supplies, etc.), but more specifically the logistics of everything. From what I understand, banding is intended to be a unique identifier of not...
  18. CharlieBirb

    Is my girl too small?

    So I am hoping to breed my Budgie girl, Mabel, with her partner Benji, but I am concerned about her size. She is very small for a budgie, but 100% healthy. She weighs about 33g, but is way smaller than Benji or Charlie, who both weigh 35g. I just worry that she may be too small to pass eggs.
  19. Atomiklan

    Withdrawn behavior

    So I'm guessing I already know the answer to this question, but I figure I will check with you all just in case. Emma the last week or so has become really withdrawn. Its difficult to coax her out of the cage. She doesn't seem to want to fly around anymore to stretch her wings, and she is...
  20. Atomiklan

    Video Egg warming question

    So I have been observing Charlie and Emma warming their (fake) eggs over the last several days. They are obviously in full incubating mode and switch off egg sitting duties every hour or two. So one interesting thing I have noticed is the movements they make when sitting on the eggs. At first I...