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  1. MAMAB11

    New to breeding and need some friendly advice!

    Hello! I have 9 baby budgies 3 of which are 3 months old today :) the other six were just born last month ( oldest is almost 4 weeks ) Anyway I am new the breeding aspect of this. I definitely did not know what I was getting myself in for LOL but I'm very happy I did! Do any of you know where a...
  2. Atomiklan

    Generic breeding question

    So I have no intention of massive breeding of my finches (Plan to breed once in the future and limit to two chicks), but I am curious how one avoids the problems I am about to propose. Say you start off with a male and female as I currently have. You breed them and lets say they have clutch of...
  3. Chad 02

    Breeding Indian Ring-necks questions

    hey i have two Indian ring necks one is a lutino (lady) and the other is morris who is i believe a sky blue cinnamon. at the moment they have four eggs and i believe maybe more to come. lady has been sitting on the eggs for a few days to i believe that the eggs are no longer dormant. every day...
  4. Atomiklan

    Pictures Dummy Eggs

    Got the official dummy eggs in the mail a few days ago. Have not used them yet. Still letting Emma lay her full first ideal size clutch (see other post for explanation). When I got the eggs out of the packaging though, I was a little disappointed. Now I know probably 99.98% of you here are going...
  5. Atomiklan

    Emma & Charlie are parents!

    Well at least they are on the way... As anticipated, Emma laid her first egg today. She seems to have immediately taken to sitting on it as opposed to waiting a few days to start incubating. I'm guessing this may be because she is still a young inexperienced parent? Or, perhaps its just her...
  6. Atomiklan

    Strange behavior

    So Emma has started making some weird noises that I'm guessing someone out there can pin point. As I mentioned in my previous post, while I was out on vacation, Charlie and Emma started getting frisky. Charlie now seems to be in full nest building mode. He is hunting for materials around the...
  7. Sarah.ftw

    help - I don't want my budgies to mate!

    Hello new friends, I have two budgies named Ramona and Cheshire. They're sister and brother, five years old, and I have had them since they were about four months old. They've lived happily together in the same cage for all of these years without incident until.. THEY BECAME MASSIVE HORNDOGS...
  8. F

    Man out The house

    Dear bird specialists, My two Cockatiels have been living together now for almost 2 years, and though they were never the kindest couple, they would lovingly scratch oneanother's heads in the evenings, and she would always follow him around. They live free in the house, and can go wherever they...
  9. Nightingale

    Co-parenting with lovebirds

    This is my first time handrearing baby lovebirds, it is also my lovebird pair's first surviving clutch (the ones before were all DIS). I discovered that the father lovebird was plucking the babies' down feathers and so I removed them from the nest for handrearing and protection from the father...