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  1. K

    Moving Eggs to other Nest

    Hello Everyone, While I have been reading this forum for various articles and answers for last 6 months, it's my first post here, as I am really confused on what to do. I bought 3 budgies from the same pet shop in May 2020. The pet shop owner mentioned that all 3 are females and are of around...
  2. Britnicorn

    Baby bird cries

    I’ve noticed my 2day old budgie cries and looks for food before it’s crop is completely emptied. Do I still feed it? Or should I wait for the crop to empty? In this case it’s only been about 30-40ish minutes since the last feeding, and he’s pooped since then. (If you want more information on...
  3. M

    Single tiel showing signs of territorial behavior and nesting again?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum on this account. Can somebody please help? I would like to point out that my tiel is on her own, so her eggs are unfertilized. This is the situation: since a week or so my bird is showing signs of breeding behavior again. Since she only once...
  4. R

    Breeding Jardines

    Hello everyone, I have been wondering how difficult it is to breed jardine parrots. I have bred cockatiels before, but I have always thought of them as generally easy birds to breed. So here are my questions. -Noise level How loud are they? I have heard that jardine's and pois in general are...
  5. R

    Breeding Green Cheek Conures

    Hello, I am Thinking about breeding green cheek conures, and had a few questions. First off I have bred cockatiels twice (successfully for the most part) handfeeding the last clutch. So question #1 Is there much difference breeding gcc’s than cockatiels? Question #2 Is handfeeding gcc’s...
  6. D

    What lovebird mutation ???

    Hi everyone, recently bought a blue lovebird and was told it was a Fischer. I’m not 100% sure if it is. Can you pls tell me what breed it is and if it is fertile? I attached some pictures of it. Also I have 3 lovebirds which all seem to be paired to each other, is this possible or are they just...
  7. N

    Pictures Help with cockatiel gender

    , i have this beautiful bird for some time now. He is sky as he or she have beautiful blend of colors and behind him there is smoky with greay and white color. Sky is whistling alot and sitting inside box as soon as i installed box for them. I dont dont know their genders. Could some one help me
  8. R

    Begining Hand Feeding Forum

    Hello, I have 4 cockatiel chicks, and I am wanting to hand feed them I have done extensive research into it and am prepared for the responsibility. The oldest chick is almost exactly 3 weeks old but the problem I have encountered is that he will beg for food but when I put a small drop of food...
  9. R

    Urgent My Female cockatiel just suddenly died

    Hello, Today I found my female cockatiel, 4 years old, who up until this point was a seemingly healthy parent dead inside her nesting box, I have no idea what the cause of her death was, she seemed very healthy this morning and there was no blood or signs of broken bones. She had food in her...
  10. ConureMom!

    Conures Fighting

    This January my male conure, Teekey, got outside in minus 30 degrees celsius weather. He was outside for about an hour till we finally caught him and brought him in. After taking him to the vet, we found out he had frostbite on both his feet. After weeks of going to the vet they decided to...
  11. A

    Breeding a red mosaic satinette/isabel

    I am new here, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right category. I have a red mosaic canary that is either a satinette or isabel. I would like to buy a female to breed him, and was thinking of buying a lipochrome red mosaic. Is this a good combination to breed? What if I buy a plain white...
  12. E

    (Requesting) African gray breeding advice

    I’ve been looking into a pair of grays who are both of age and fertile according to some vet analysis papers. For some reason though they are just having a hard time reproducing. Their owner says they’re around 13 and they’ve been together for a long time, the hen lays one of the eggs are...
  13. BreezyTiel

    Breeding Help

    My 2 Cockatiels have bred and eggs look to be infertile. We have separated male to give female a break as she's laid an excessive clutch. Gonna wait awhile to pair them up again. Is there any tips you guys can give to increase chances of success next time? Also can someone make sure this is the...
  14. Danisaur

    Bonding & Breeding

    Hello! I apologize in advance for the long post. But appreciate if you are able to read through and give me some advice! have a 4 year old male cockatiel, and a 1.5 year old female. they have been living in the same cage for a couple months now, and I am badly wanting them to bond and breed. I...
  15. O

    Mother bird needs vet visit?

    Hello all, I am very new to breeding and baby birds, and never intended to breed my birds at all. However, my parakeets were determined despite all my efforts to prevent it. They now have 3 babies (10 days, 8 days, and 5 days old) and 3 eggs still in the nest. Mama bird got a fright tonight...
  16. Ned TJ

    22-day gap in eggs

    Hello everyone. Hoping for some insight of what complications may arise. Kiwi and Buddy are on their 1st clutch. They are 5 and 2 1/2yr old Conures. Kiwi has laid 5 eggs to date, my problem is the huge gap in egg laying. The ages of the eggs and events Egg 1- 22 days old (She started laying on...
  17. N

    Lovebird's Possible Chronic Egg Laying With Mate

    Hi All! I have a pair of lovebirds that have mated. The female laid four eggs at the end of last month, immediately abandoned them, mated with her mate and is now laying more. I am very worried about her getting sick or eggbound, especially if she abandons these and continues to mate and lay...
  18. Zara

    What a day! My girl is all grown!

    We've had an eventful day, and I don't even mean about the mini mountain of peppers. I have had quite the day with my feathered family. So today, Sydney (my unsexed lone bird) was spreading wings for Jaime, who was happily watching from the top of the cage, while his girlfriend watched from...
  19. A

    Cockatiel breeding

    Hmm okay, hello everyone. I am relatively new here and i am still trying to figure everything out. I had a simple question. So my cockatiel is laying a clutch of eggs right now, and I am pretty sure that the eggs are not fertilised. So, since i was planning on breeding her one day my question...
  20. A

    Mating cockatiels

    Hi, I am new to this website and i hope I am posting or the right forum, anyways. I have a sort of aviary (too small to be an aviary too big to be a cage) and I have 2 cockatiels (male and female) and a budgie. They have lived together for over a year and they are all ready to mate. This is the...