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  1. B

    can a sun conure single parent

    hi I was wondering if I bought fertilized conure eggs. and rather come nesting season avoiding giving my conure reasons to nest but encouraged it could my one parrot raise the babies (as well as with me helping ) i know that in theory you could take the babies on day one and do it completely...
  2. T

    Egg-Laying Cockatiel

    Hello, I have a female cockatiel that i rescued (have no history) in January 2023, and she has laid 2 eggs (each one day apart). Unfortunately she has decided her nest spot is the crevace in my desk and is incubating the (unfertilised) eggs there, and will not eat or drink (without me hand...
  3. S

    Hormonal male feeding water bottle

    So, I've got a weird one. I have a 26 year old male Eclectus that I've had since he was a baby. He's super neurotic but wonderfully social and funny in all the weird Ekkie ways. He's always been somewhat hormonal, but he is went through a pretty rough chronic hormonal period about 10-15 years...
  4. E


    I have a pair of two cockatiels, they seem to be bonded, they preen eachother and are always in range of eachother, and don’t leave others side But the male masturbates on pillows and random objects around the house and will ignore the female when she is crouching for him to mount her, but he...
  5. C

    Green Cheek Conure eggs both fertile and infertile

    Hello! I have a bit of a weird situation. I have 3 green check conures that are bonded together. What I thought were 2 males and 1 female, have laid 10 eggs. 5 are fertile and 5 infertile. 2 (1 confirmed DNA tested female) are acting the same while the male (not DNA tested but witnessed...
  6. K

    Bonded pair siblings and possible separation

    So I have a bit of a curiosity question as well as a bonding pairing question. I got a flock of budgies from someone (8 total) and I didn't know until after I got them they're all from the original 2. The 2 original are bonded and the others except the baby are all their offspring and the baby...
  7. N

    Breeding curiosity

    I heard someplace a long time ago that Alexandrines only chose one mate for a Lifetime. Meaning they would never mate with another in their lifetime. I am curious if anyone knows about this or if they breed the Alex's and can tell me if its a waste of time to have my Alex with another bird since...
  8. AllieVital

    Do lovebirds feel sad or confused when you take their young?

    I'm somewhat new to lovebird breeding. This is my second clutch and they just turned 3 weeks old so I've moved them over to their own cage so I can take over the feedings. And basically I'm wondering if the mom feels sad or confused when this happens? Should it be a slow transition where I still...
  9. A

    Green cheek pairing mutations

    Hi everyone, Please forgive me if these specific pairings have already been discussed, because I could not find them. Calculating genetics this complicated is something I struggle with so I’d appreciate your help. I have a male yellow-sided turquoise who I am considering attempting to pair and...
  10. H

    Conure breeding with a age gap

    I have a 7 year old male conure and I just got him. I was trying to find a female who is 7 years old but I couldn’t find one I found a 5 year old but it was too expensive but a found a 1 year old and 2 year old that were good prices do you think that much of a age gap matters and can they breed
  11. T


    Hey budgie owners! I hope you and your birds are doing well! I have 1 female and 1 male budgie. I was never planning on breeding the two (in fact, I thought my female was a male until I caught them doing the deed ). My female has laid many eggs in the past few months, but a LOT of them fell down...
  12. M

    Female Kakarikis Behaviour

    Hello! We have a 7 month old Kakariki, Lily, and got a 2nd Kakariki, Leia, about two months ago. Leia is about four months old now. We followed all the “textbook” advise on bonding the two and it seemed to go very well…until recently. Lily only shared her caged with a very young kakariki for...
  13. T

    Canary breeding problems.

    Hi there, so basically I have two canaries a male and a female (Spanish timbrados), and now that its breeding season and I have alot of questions/ problems that I want answers to as a person who doesn't know much about bird breeding. First of all my female canary just laid her first egg three...
  14. M

    Health help!

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right section but I do need help with my two eclectus. I had just gotten these two over the weekend. I am including pictures. I would love some input… to me the female looks in bad shape. Male might be molting? Do they look very sick? Female isn’t as active...
  15. M

    Breeder birds

    Hello, I need any help or advise. I am considering purchasing a pair of eclectus. The person I am going to purchase these birds from said he had them for two years and had 4 chicks over the two years. They are aged 6-7 years old. The female was always a breeder, the male was a pet turned...
  16. H

    Breeding white face’s

    I have a female cinnamon white face split to pied and a male white face split to pied and another visual pied cinnamon white face male. I’ve heard breeding same mutations can cause some issues and I’m just curious on if she bred with either of them what issues would arise? I’m not planning to...
  17. H

    What to pair my female with?

    Hello! I have been doing research and would like to get a male to breed to my blue female Kailani. She’s been obsessed with my female Dusky conure and tries to get her to mount her and preens her whenever she gets the chance. I’ve hand fed babies before and know the responsibility that comes...
  18. maounm

    Confusing behaviour and diet

    Hi i have a pair of greeenwing macaws both are tamed. Male is bonded with me and female is relatively new. I have put them togather in a large aviary and given a nst box as both are adults. Problem is when i come into their sight male starts fighting with the female and chases her. I can see...
  19. maounm

    Breeding aviary suggestions

    Hello everyone i have a 6 years old tamed male GW and i just got a female GW few days ago about the same age. i am slowly introducing them but the male seems bit aggressive he even bit me (for the 1st time since i have had him) after seeing female. I intend to breed them so i need breeding...
  20. Rio&Friend

    What can I use instead of wood shavings

    Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest me what can I use instead of wood shavings. And can millets good for the breeding boxes floor.