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  1. P

    Urgent Budgie Blood Spots?

    I am worried about my budgie. He has a few blood spots that weren't there last night and this morning I saw them... Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated! The one spot on his one wing is the easiest to see. Above his cere and on the other wing is harder to see.
  2. Pastel

    Urgent Red spot on new baby budgie feather

    Hi, So I just saw a medium sized (like a penny) red (or pink) spot when my new baby budgie (I got him today and the guy at the shop had to take him with his hand to put him in the box, after that she was in her transport box for almost 30 minutes). It's located on it's feathers but I only saw...
  3. KatieKess

    Urgent Open sore on back?

    Hi everyone! My cockatiel Marvin has had very dry / itchy skin as of recently. I realized that the humidity in our home was very low- about 30%. I bought a hydrometer and am now keeping track of the humidity levels in his room, and I also bought a humidifier which is near his cage. I’ve been...
  4. BirdWorld

    Blood on Blinky’s foot??

    I was feeding the budgies and I just saw what looks like blood on Blinky’s foot?? How could that have happened?? Sorry it isn’t good but this is the best picture I could get :unsure1:
  5. parrotman

    Urgent Benjamin has a broken blood feather

    How do I remove Benjamin's broken blood feather I have soda bicarbonate, tweezers,I don't know if I have flour
  6. Wordbird23

    Blood on beak?

    I came home from work and saw that my bird had blood right above the black arrow. It’s not much and wasn’t super fresh. I out some clot gel on it just in case it started to bleed again. The gel also has a disinfect in it. There appears to be a bit of blood on his perches where he rubs his beak...
  7. moothepoo

    Limitations of physical exam

    History I have an 8 year old Linnie. We have never missed an annual health checkup. Every annual checkup, the vet said that he is healthy. He has a healthy weight, he acts normal; talking, eating, drinking, chirping, making demon noises in the middle of the night after the light is off, humping...
  8. Hello there

    Urgent Injured wing!

    My Indian ringneck parrot has an injured wing! I was so scared when I saw it, I searched it up (which I knew I shouldn’t have done because it makes me panic even more seeing the results) and it came up with info about tumours and stuff like that. That made me break down crying, I’m really...
  9. K

    911 Blood in poop!?

    I came home and found my bird pooping dark red poops. I haven't fed any dark red foods and she doesn't eat colored pellets. I can't get in to my avian vet until tomorrow morning, possibly later. What can I do for her now? Edit: She's also acting "normal" (talking, kissing, eating, etc), but I...
  10. Scarlet&Annie

    Urgent Sudden blood on wing?!

    I heard my conure make a noise and so I peeked on her, took her out to give a kiss before putting her back to bed and noticed recently dried blood on the top of the wing. I'm not sure what happened but I'm freaking out a bit, any clue what happened? What exactly should I do? She had blood...
  11. CuteConure

    911 Help! My bird bit my other conure and he has dried blood and lost feathers!

    I was on my computer and after a few hours I went into my room and I saw blood on the seed catcher net. I looked around and saw my GCC with dried blood on his foot and lost feathers above his leg. I searched up some websites but none of them had my situation. One said take your bird to the again...
  12. M

    Blood after laying first egg

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site so first of all just wanted to say hi! I have a 10 month old female lovebird that just laid an infertile egg yesterday. I took away her nest, and she seems to be doing fine. She's eating and drinking normally and even comes out of the cage to play. However, today...
  13. Willzan

    Urgent Broken feather

    Hello everyone. I have an issue with my bird, so today when i came home i saw that my Blue and Gold Macaw had dripped some bloodstains on a perch and a little bit on the floor of the cage. It was not much at all as i just cleaned tha cage so it was just a few drops. When i checked him i saw that...
  14. Dostc426

    What Is Your Opinion On Blood Feathers?

    Hello everyone! I have endured several years of my sun conure being incredibly clumsy, and as a result, fractured/broken blood feathers amuck! At first we were extremely worried about them and would pull them out immediately more out of fear than for logic's sake. However as the years have gone...
  15. Hoshi

    Blood Feather?

    I was just holding my bird and I noticed this bleeding feather on the inside of his wing. Is it okay? It has a really long shaft and is bloody at the top.
  16. K

    Urgent Woke up to budgie with bloody head & missing feathers

    Last night my budgie had an accident, the cage was not closed as I was trying to capture this one budgie multiple times so I put my other two inside the cage and left the door open for (now injured) budgie, Sprite, to get in. After finding feathers in the kitchen and blood scrapes on the...
  17. P

    911 Bleeding... Again

    This happened before about a year ago, if I had to guess around the same time as now, after my canary's molt (stopped seeing loose tail feathers in/around his cage). What happened was he bites his back, but he doesn't know when to stop and it got to the point where he started bleeding a...
  18. hrafn

    Urgent Broken blood feather or something else?

    I just heard a massive commotion from the bird room, and Aurélie screech, and when I rushed in to investigate she was in a panic, thrashing around her cage. I managed to calm her down and get her out, and blood smeared over my hand when she stepped up. I've only had one fid break a blood...
  19. hrafn


    On the cage that Taco came with when I got him, there was a huge hole cut out of one side for the nest box (which I immediately got rid of). I kept it "hidden" from Taco by clamping a blanket around it, which has been working fine until today. I just got home, and Taco was sitting on top of his...
  20. C

    First time laying eggs

    Hello! Im not a breeder but I was hoping you could help me. My cockatiel just laid her first egg two days ago. Shes 9, so we werent really expecting the situation. The problem is her poop. It seems like earlier she had some blood in her poop (it was dark) but by today it seems back to normal...