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behavior help

  1. SnowB

    Conure Behavior Around Ppl

    Hi :) I have a sun conure named, Skyler. I raised him since he was 3 weeks old and he’s now going on 4 years old. He is a very very good boy, we go everywhere together and he is harness trained. He loves to be around people and get as much attention as he can get from strangers. But when it...
  2. Aya&Ponzu

    A little help please! (Lovebirds)

    So this has been an ongoing problem with my lovebird pair. Basically, I have a female and a male (not sure about this, but most likely) and the female is more brave in terms of exploring new areas/people and she doesn’t get scared very easily. Whereas my male does. And so since around September...
  3. BabyBirdMa

    Parakeets brutally fighting?!

    Okay so I’ve had to place each one of my parakeets in a separate cage recently because they all started fighting to the point where they were injuring each other. First Heisinbird really beat up Saul, splitting his lower beak down the middle, bruising his eye and inflicting a bite wound on his...
  4. P

    Odd male(?) behavioral/hormone posture

    I'm so utterly lost- I've had Kass, my Parrotlet, confirmed by a vet that he is in fact a boy when I first got him. But recently he has been displaying his tail end in the air, I've been super careful on not making him(?) hormonal- So I'm slightly worried this might be a health or behavior...
  5. P

    New 2 y/o female tiel suddenly aggressive after a month.

    Hello! I currently own two cockatiels. Bébé was my first, who just turned four. She came from a shizzty bird store but at least seemed to be parent raised and grew up with other tiels. She has always been very timid but in time became a very sweet and curious tiel. However because of her...
  6. Birdsbirbs

    Conure behaviour out of control. HELP!

    Hey guys, so recently my conure has had the worst behaviour he has ever had. I think it started about two weeks ago, but it could have been sooner. He's about 2 1/2 years old, suspected male. Out of the blue, he started eating everything. He's never done this before. He's eaten 3 cords, a...
  7. K

    Weird behavior?

    My cockatiel hangs onto the side of the cage, holds her wing up on the side, and buries her head into her wing and kind of rubs her head into her wing. She grooms herself normally on her perch, but every so often she does this and I don’t know why?
  8. D

    Chompy Conure

    Hello! I recently got a conure October 2nd of this year. She’s a 7 month old Turquoise Green cheek conure. She’s a cutie but to say she’s nippy is an understatement. I honestly at first thought she might’ve been chomping out of stress which couldve very well been since she was new to everything...
  9. katm89

    Introducing parrot to new baby

    Anybody have any advice on desensitizing your parrot to a new baby? My conure is displaying some territorial behaviors. My plan of action is to have the bird see the baby from her cage or travel cage and hopefully over time she will become accustomed to my baby’s presence.
  10. PhilTheBir

    Conure Behavior Change

    I've had my pearly conure (Just under 1.5 years old) for about 8 months now, when I got him his wings were clipped, Recently (A month or two ago) he molted and got his flight feathers back. Lately he has completely stopped playing with any of his toys, all he does is just scream until I let him...
  11. K

    Quaker Plucks?

    Hello, I bought Taro (now 10-11 months) at a pet store. I was told that he had bitten off one of his toe because of the stress of moving into the store. Knowing this I still got him and hadn’t had issues with anything until now. He has been plucking his tail feathers?? I found one feather on the...
  12. D

    Odd (to me) behavior

    Hello! :cubanzon: We’ve just gotten our 2nd Kakariki and it is very different than our first. Our first is very sweet and quiet. She's also very tiny. The new one, Pickles, is 7 months old and the breeder told us it is female, but I have my doubts. It’s a lot larger than our female and it is...
  13. C

    Turquoise GCC Plucking and Over-itching nose

    I have a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure, and she has not been doing well lately. First, winter in NJ is pretty horrendous for birds overall. Low humidity, cold, etc. We're limited in how much heat we can turn up, but overall, their aviary temperature is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity...
  14. Birdsbirbs

    2 year old green cheek severely acting up

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice regarding Chewy, my GCC. He just turned two in December, and like a month or so before it's like a switch flipped. He has been HORRIBLE. I've been doing everything I can to discourage bad behaviour and give him lots of distractions, but nothing seems to be...
  15. A

    My Ringneck keeps attacking my hands

    So kiko is 9 months old now and has been with us since he (still not sure its a he) was 2.5 months old His personality started to show he already has a favorite person which unfortunately isnt me, anyway recently he started attacking my hand for no reason at all. I will be sitting on the couch...
  16. Tibby_blu

    Chasing budgie

    Hi have two budgies taro and gumi, gumi is relatively new like 3 months maybe? They get along great, preening each other, regurgitating for each other and just chilling together. Problem is gumi always chases taro around sometimes flies at taro. Anything taro does gumi suddenly wants to do and...
  17. reetybird

    Another question

    Should I keep my bird in a dimmer room where there isn’t a lot of light? I heard a lot of light can cause growth of sexual organs and my room is a lot dimmer than the bonus room that he is in currently.:thinking::sad14:
  18. shajeeb

    My cockatiel scream/chirping non stop!

    Hi, my 6 months old female cockatiel screams/chirps all day non stop! I have her for 3 months. She is hand tamed and super friendly. No matter what i do she wont stop screaming. I give her plenty of toys, and I rotate them so she wont get bored. But she loses interest on toys very fast. All she...
  19. Marisa K.

    4-month-old green cheeks starting to fight each other

    Hey guys, I adopted a pair of green cheek conures from a local breeder some 2 weeks ago. They are a boy (Mac) and a girl (Linux), both hatched mid April this year. They are from different parents. When they first came, they seem to get along really well. However, starting this week, I noticed...
  20. Y

    Constant flock calling

    I have had this male cockatiel for almost 1 year, and he is 1 year and 6 months old. We got him at the local animal store, and he was never a social bird. We used to let him out of the cage and try to play with him but he would be aggressive and scared towards us. We got him a female, but since...