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Odd (to me) behavior


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Hello! :cubanzon:
We’ve just gotten our 2nd Kakariki and it is very different than our first. Our first is very sweet and quiet. She's also very tiny. The new one, Pickles, is 7 months old and the breeder told us it is female, but I have my doubts. It’s a lot larger than our female and it is LOUD. I've come across some 'reviews' of the breeder, which painted her in a bad light. If they are true I wouldn't be surprised if she lied about the gender. I accidentally stumbled on these reviews while searching for chop recipes! This bird was said to have been hand raised, yet he is not at all tame or used to people.

I've been trying to work with him, just to get him to 'step up' and enticing with apple. We had a good run, but he escaped and flew around the house and it was very hard to get him back into the cage. So now, he just bites me when I try to work with him. He is constantly pacing and chattering and I can't figure out what the different chirps mean. He has started clicking his beak a lot as well. I have 2 videos I am trying to upload, but for some reason there's an error. If anyone is able to help, maybe I could send them in a message.

I know kakarikis aren’t very common, but I’m hoping someone might be able to help me determine what this bird needs by his chirps/behavior. I’m relatively new to birds especially since our other one is so easy going, I was expecting a similar experience.


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:welcome2: I can’t help you with your kakariki issue, but here’s a link on how to upload a video