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behavior help

  1. nsbkatie

    Not letting me give treats or get close, just bites.

    I just got him the other day, and i left him to sit where he could see me and get adjusted. This morning i tried to slowly give him a treat, which he completely ignored and went straight for my hand to bite. I want to give him treats just to make him have a positive view of me, but i dont know...
  2. Reggie

    Frazzled With Behavior: HELP BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND

    As many of you know I got Cooper the GCC on December 1st. I had no idea the situation he was coming from until I've spent more time with him. Most of the time he's okay, but I have a few things I get irritated with that he does, no matter how I try to get him to stop. 1 THE BITING I'm not...