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behavior help

  1. A

    They are comfortable with me and like to snuggle but freak out when I try to pet them ?

    Hi all! Ive had my conures just under a month now (kiwi the pineapple conure) (durian the green cheek) as of late ive been getting mixed messages from them. For example they love snuggling in my hoodie, playing with my hair, and are comfortable perching on my hand, etcetera however when I try to...
  2. BabyBirdMa

    Conure Chattering?

    My Yellow-Sided Conure: Daenerys has always made this chattering sound since the day we rescued her. If I had to compare it to anything: It sounds like a quieter version of an angry Donald Duck. None of my other Conures make this sound, not even her cage-mate: Shades (Greencheek.) Is this...
  3. SnowB

    Clingy sun conure; weaning

    Hi :) I was wondering if anyone else has an extremely clingy bird? I am aware that conures are clingy but I’m unsure if my sun is attached in an unhealthy way. He cries and screams when I put him in his cage and looks desperate to get out. Any advice on how to correct this? I don’t want him to...
  4. Y

    possible hormonal behavior? help

    hi everyone ! i need your help :(( my first ever male bird, who is now 1 year and 3-4 months old, keeps doing this very strange position some times a day, maybe even 3 or 4, but not every day. im guessing it's a normal hormonal behavior... since before this, he used to drag his butt left-right...
  5. BabyBirdMa

    Aggressive Abused Conure

    I have 9 birds in total, all rescues: 4 Budgies, 4 Conures and an African Grey. October, last year, I rescued 2 of my 4 Conures: A male and a female Greencheek, both 6 years old. They had no names when they were turned in, which I found odd that someone could own birds for 6 years and never name...
  6. Cwinneth

    Problems with training Quaker

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice on how best to work with my Quaker Rio. I adopted him from someone else who could no longer take care of him, and he’s wonderful. However, his previous owner didn’t provide him with any toys or enrichment. All he wants to do is be on me. I’ve provided him...
  7. M

    Doubt about behaviour

    Hey, I just for a 6 months old male red bellied parrot yesterday and am trying to make friends. He was tame at the breeder and does not Seem particular scared in his new home. He is eating in front of me and calls when i am not in the room with him. My question is: I have tried to offer him...
  8. SweetestAv

    Caiques fighting?

    Hey all! I am not sure if I am just inexperienced or what is up... all day today these little buggers have been fighting. At least to me it looks like fighting seeing as one always falls down from the top of the cage and then clambers right back up after 30 seconds of break. I am not sure if it...
  9. M

    Never ending regurgitation wiggle PT2

    Hello everyone! It’s been quite a few weeks since I last posted here, I promised to anyone interested or kind enough to respond to my last post that I would update when I managed to find a reputable avian vet. Well! My feathered best friend has finally experienced his first vet visit : ) i...
  10. J

    Any tips for training a nippy Green Cheek Conure?

    Around a year ago, I adopted a 7-week-old Green Cheek Conure and raised him by hand. He is very friendly and absolutely loves to be around us. In fact, he almost never stays in his play pen area. He just constantly wants to be on my shoulder or around me. He is also super active and has a lot of...
  11. rebecca252

    Budgies being food aggressive?

    Hi! I’m the owner of three budgies who live in a large flight cage together (we previously had four, but unfortunately one passed away), and they usually get along pretty well, but they get aggressive with one another when food is involved , I.e when I hold millet, they often squabble and even...
  12. B

    Sudden behaviour change?

    My cockatiel,bee, is 15 months old.shes usually very cheeky and mean but the last few days she's been extra cuddly , and has even hidden in a blankie even tho she doesn't like being covered. She plays and forages like normal and droppings look normal I'm worried but I also think she might just...
  13. B

    How do I rebond with my budgies?

    So I have this pair of budgies, one was closely bond with me though when I had gotten my new one I, of course, separated them for a time about 30 days but ever since they were introduced and is now living with one another they seem to have favored each other over me. The bird that I have had...
  14. M

    IRN cage upgrade!

    So I've had my ringneck for around 4 days now and is pretty skittish and freaks out when I go too close to his cage. The current cage has bowls that I have to stick my hand into the cage to change and doing this causing my IRN to go crazy. So I've decided to upgrade to one that has dedicated...
  15. B

    Unsocialized Ringneck

    I have a Ringneck. I got her from a bad situation at a pet store- she was sick, had a severely imbedded ankle band and severe clipped wings. She was at the petstore for 7months and I’m assuming with little to no contact (they just kept transferring her to different sister stores trying to sell...
  16. Lucario223

    Confused about lovebird gender

    A few months back I decided to get my 6+ year old male peachfaced lovebird a female partner from a local breeder. After a while she started to show signs of attraction and eventually a very puzzling mating behaviour which made me question her gender. I'm very confused because as you can see in...
  17. P

    Video Playing or attacking each other?!

    Hello! Today I got other green cheek conure. My first bird is mainly out of cage. The second bird is closing the door because it has to adapt to the new environment. But since my first bird goes to the second bird's cage and bites with its beak, I want to know if they are attacking each other or...
  18. Peetree

    My Caique Won't Stop Screaming!

    Hello everyone, I really need some help. I apologize for the lengthy post. I have an 8 year old female caique parrot who has learned some bad behaviors because of my unintentional reinforcement. I would rush to the cage when she would scream because I live in an apartment with roommates. So...
  19. P

    Video Questions about the sound I make when I touch my bird

    Hello, I have never had a bird, so no matter how much I study, sometimes I don't understand, so I ask for some advice. I don't know if my bird makes a sound for he is happy or feels uncomfortable when I scratch his head and cheeks. I want to know what you think. Sorry this little long video.
  20. ScarredAngel6

    Help with my Pineapple GCC. He has anxiety?

    So I'm in kind of a unique situation with my GCC. When I first rescued him 2 years ago he was pretty outgoing. Then when springtime hit like a week later, he became hormonal and cranky. Always biting and cursing (I think he learned from his previous owners) After spring ended, he became nervous...