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Conure Behavior Change


Checking out the neighborhood
I've had my pearly conure (Just under 1.5 years old) for about 8 months now, when I got him his wings were clipped, Recently (A month or two ago) he molted and got his flight feathers back. Lately he has completely stopped playing with any of his toys, all he does is just scream until I let him out, even when I'm not home, he just sits in the same spot until I get back (he doesn't scream or make really any noise if no ones in the room). I try to let him out as much as possible, and did this prior to him gaining the ability to fly, but along side his lose in interest in his toys, if I try to put him in his cage he just flies away.

Has anyone had an experience with something similar? If so is there any way to get the screaming to stop, or lessen it?

My main concern of this all is that I don't want the little guy to be bored all day while I'm at work, I leave music on for him at a low volume, he used to play with his toys all the time, the only toys he seems to have any interest in now is just the little plastic balls I have on my desk for him, that he throws off the desk.