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Bird/Baby Relationship

Jessa Danice

Moving in
Hello, we have an Ekkie, and she is deeply loved here, but she is getting pretty aggressive with our son. She climbs over any barrier we put in to separate her from our son (15 months). He absolutely loves her, and keeps his distance most of the time.
She has bitten him a few times now when we didn't even know she was in the room. We have her cage in the kitchen, and we stay with the baby in the living room, it's an open room between the two, so she isn't secluded from us.
I am a bit at a loss of what to do because she always finds her way in here. Is there any advice to give here? We don't want to re-home her, we adore her, even though she only adores my husband. lol


Sprinting down the street
It is not safe for the baby to be able to interact with the parrot because at that age the amount of damage a parrot her size could do could be very bad if she wanted. For while she is out I would install a screen door between the rooms and replace the screen with 1/4 inch hardware cloth (too small for her to bite a finger through), locked with locks near the top out of baby's reach, to create a secure barrier through which she could still see and hear you.