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baby cockatiel

  1. DustyFluff

    How much is enough?

    How much seed & pellet is enough for a 4 month old cockatiel? I was giving my baby tiel 4 measuring tablespoons of a mixture of seed, pellets & dried veggies/fruit. 2 tbsp in cage bowl & 2 tbsp out of cage bowl, of that he is really only eating the seeds. I’ve been feeling like I’m not offering...
  2. S

    Babes cockatiel

    Hello, I’m new here (English is not my first language) and also my first time taking care of a bird. I put a box “home” to my grownups cockatiels and they had two babies for the first time. At 5th day they stopped getting inside the box and let the babies alone for a whole day and a whole night...
  3. G

    Help Weaning

    I’m a new bird mom with a 6 week old cockatiel and weaning is a huge challenge for me. Our avian vet said to feed formula 3x a day for a week, then 2x for a week, then 1x. I was feeding her about 5x Since moving to 3x a day she is crying quite a bit and will not touch any chop I make her, and...
  4. Troy72898

    Urgent Aspiration/choking baby cockatiel

    I’m not sure but I think my baby tiel was aspirating. I couldn’t make it to the vet in time before he passed. He was 15 days old and still in the nest box with the parents. Im worried the parents are too young (2 years and 3 years old). Should I pull the rest of the clutch and start hand...
  5. Choco

    Urgent Baby cockatiel

    Hello guys I got a 3 week old baby cockatiel yesterday and I’m hand feeding him but he refuses to eat What should I do ? is he just not hungry ? He is kinda sleepy too idk what to do
  6. H

    Video Panting Cockatiel chicks.

    Video of panting so my pairdecided to become parents. They laid eggs in my cupboard and now I am having 3 chicks, 2 weeks old and 10 days old. But I am seeing that they are panting continuously. My father cockatiel is not well so he is kept in a different cage so only mother cockatiel is feeding...
  7. P

    Baby cockatiel poop

    Hello. My baby cockatiel is about 8/9 weeks. She’s weaning right now. We have her Kaytee bird formula and she’s being fed her formula twice a day: 7am and 7pm. She’s also eating millet, crushed pellets, fresh veggies, and given fresh fruit but every other day. She’s been acting normal, I’ve...
  8. MaggieBee

    How should I set up my (4-5 weeks old) cockatiels enclosure?

    Hi there! I'm in talks with a breeder to take home a 4 or 5 weeks old cockatiel (depends on the choice of bird when I visit come Wednesday) and while I've had a cage set up for a while, I've been planning for an adult bird. My pickiness with breeders and preference for a specific colour...
  9. W

    Please help me identify baby cockatiel color and how to tell its gender when older

    Hello, everyone! I am getting my first cockatiel tonorrow. He/she is 8 weeks old and I was told that it was a grey pearl so I was wondering what it may look like when its adult features come in and how to tell its gender when it is a year old. I tried googling it but i keep finding images of the...
  10. G

    Cockatiel chick bald spot

    Hello yall This is Mojito my handsome baby boy (I'm guessing bc he's very vocal with chirping even though he's young) that i was given as an emotional support after the death of my father I just wanted to ask if the bald spot on his head is normal? I just found it weird seeing that his wing...
  11. S

    911 Urgent baby bird not pooing

    I have a baby cockatiel about a week ish old and all the sudden he can no longer poop on his own he can digest everything just fine but it gets to just behind his butthole and I have to assist him by massaging his butt I can see him trying but nothing happens he seems to have low energy he will...
  12. L

    Sudden death in 2 month old cockatiel

    Hello, I'm new here. I just got my baby about a week ago... he was great ans friendly, loved cuddles and to chit chat. Was on a pellet and dried veggie diet burd food supplied by the specialty store... he has been spunky and all over wonderful. His bed time when he falls asleep is 7. I put him...
  13. Birdilove

    Mom won’t feed 17 day old baby

    My cockatiels babies hatched this week. They’re both handtamed and don’t mind me touching the babies. The oldest is 6 days old and his legs were looking really bad. I think I was because the female sat on the oldest in a bad way. I read that the earlier you take care of it the better chance the...
  14. cinnamon

    I’m worried :(

    so i’ve been reading a bunch about things that are bad for cockatiels. my birdie is 5 months old i’ve had him for 3 months. i know teflon is bad for them but we use only teflon, my grandma has also cooked with him on her shoulder once because she forgot and i sometimes bring him in the room...
  15. Flocktales

    Pictures Hello, everyone! New bird mama of two cockatiels. ♥

    Hello! I am so delighted to finally join all of you. Ever since I was a child, it has been a dream to welcome a feathered companion into my life. Growing up, my great-grandmother had a beautiful parrot—a type of amazon, if my memory is correct—and this was the beginning of a lifelong passion...
  16. O

    Is 8 weeks young for a cockatiel?

    As some of you guys know, I am getting a beautiful pied male cockatiel. You can see pics of him on my profile in previous threads. He is now 8 weeks old, nearly weaned, is this considered too young to bring home? Also, when will his real behavior come out? Right now he bites a lot! He uses his...
  17. R

    Urgent My baby cockatiel isn't doing so well..

    Hello so please no negativity as I don't think I could handle it. So I am an animal lover, i showed dogs and horses worked in grooming shops and when i was younger worked at our local vets..I have quite the variety of animals. IVE ALWAYS wanted a African grey for as long as I can remember so i...
  18. Szandor

    Molting Worries

    Hello again! My Tiel, Sam, is six and a half months old now! He's started to lose a lot of feathers, so I'm assuming his first molt is coming around; which I've found out should happen at around this time. What I'm worried about though is his right wing; I've noticed today that there's a tiny...
  19. WallyCockatiel

    HELP!!! Boy or Girl?

    Help!!! I got my cockatiel (Wally) about 7 months ago, (clipped by breeder,) he is now 9 months old and just started his first molt. He looks very much like a female (pictures below) but the breeder told me he was male. I just found out today that he might be a female because I never really...
  20. Tara81

    Video baby tiel

    Here is my baby tiel 2 months old tomorrow. I had her for 1 week now. She came from a breeder hand fed. Her name is Alsing. I want her to like me and enjoy touching if possible, so she can be harness trained. From the video does it seem like she likes me or still just getting used to me...