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baby cockatiel

  1. S

    Abnormally Small

    I currently have a clutch of five cockatiels, the parents' second clutch, at 16, 14, 12, 10, and 8 days old. The parents have already thrown the 10 and 12 out, and I am hand-feeding them around the clock. The 8 day old, still with parents, is abnormally small. He's almost completely bald, no...
  2. Marina Engan

    Video My first tiel-midwife job! Welcome Cary!

    I had seen for some days now that the shell on one of the eggs were damaged and the past two- almost three days I have heard the baby piping. So with trembling hands and my heart poundig, I started to peal off the shell piece by piece. With a lot of (NON) help from Anastacia. I got him out, but...