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  1. DocAndAppa

    My new Caique has abandonment issues

    Hi all! I'm new here as a junior bird owner after newly getting my beautiful five year old Caique, Appa. I bought him from the previous owner, the owner of the local bird shop, who found out she had two male Caiques so she had to sell one. I have about a month of working from home where I am...
  2. vani

    Bird-Loving Roommate(s)

    Hello again cool friends of avian avenue!!! Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I need to move out, but my lovie is priority number one. I could afford to live in an apartment alone with him, but I worry about the noise he may make. He's definitely not the loudest...
  3. GeezLouise

    Safe Apartment Living and Moving

    I'm moving two hours drive away to my first apartment in one month. My nerves about concerns I'm not even sure are justified are through the roof :depressed: I'm well aware of everything that goes into bird-proofing a home, but are there any new concerns that comes with being in an apartment...
  4. Haydenb

    Apartment living with bird

    Hi; I'm an 18-year-old with a 1-year-old GCC & I'm considering moving out & taking my bird with me & I am wondering what I should look for when getting an apartment in regards to living with my bird. It's always hard for me to find out the policies for birds since they only usually specify dogs...
  5. S

    Cockatiel in a Studio

    Hello— So I have an adult male cockatiel and we live in a 600 ft studio. The space is perfect for us. There’s only one big issue… My cockatiel goes to bed at 10pm. I place his sleeping cage in a closet with the door open, just so he has a cozy place to sleep. But when it gets to be 10pm and he...
  6. Kackington

    Moving to Los Angeles

    Hey there!! The last time I made a post on this forum I was moving for the first time, and here I am, planning on moving again. :laugh: Anyway, hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice from those living with parrots in California, specifically Los Angeles. (Feel free to talk about your...
  7. ZY28

    How loud are Blue-Throated Conures?

    I was doing my research for birds and I fell in love with the Blue-throated Conure and I was wondering how loud they are? I live in an apartment. They're in the Pyrrhura family and I've heard that they were a "quiet" species. Thanks!
  8. E

    Parent-raised Poicephalus

    Hey, guys! I'm doing research on different Poicephalus species as I'm interested in getting two parent-raised ones in the future. I'm still not sure which species but so far I'm leaning towards Meyer's or Senegals. They're quite hard to come by in my country so I may have to order them through a...
  9. ZY28

    What bird would be good for me?

    I have been researching for a pet bird, but none seem to be good for me. I wonder if someone would have any suggestions. I can commit 50 years for a bird. I do live in a condo right now. I never own a bird before. I would like to have a cuddly bird. I have minor allergies. I would love to do...
  10. ZY28

    Need help with Pionuses?

    Hi! I have been researching what would be a good bird for first time owner that lives in apartment. The pionus parrot seems to come up quite often. Then I went on Google and there are so many different Pionuses!!! I wonder which type of pionus would be a great match for a first time owner that...
  11. F

    How to manage mess from chop/vegetables better?

    Hi! Fluffy is my first bird and I read up a lot on it, but one question I cannot find the answer to is how to keep the mess manageable. To give some context I live in a small apartment (So no power washers etc) and I don’t want to keep fluffy caged up all day so she only goes into her cage at...
  12. T


    I don't know if this question has been posted before, but I'm moving into an apartment soon. I'm worried about if other tenents use candles or self-cleaning oven features. Do I need to somehow purify the air? Should I keep her at my parent's house, and visit often? Shes a linnie if that helps
  13. TheToddicus

    First Time Bird Owner

    Hi all! I'm a first time bird owner with a hand-tame lutino cockatiel called Bambino, coming up to 6 months old. He bonded with me really quickly and now loves my partner too. We decided not to have him clipped and he's really good at flying now, he can be a bit mischievous but he's got a...
  14. Z

    Cage location

    I live in a pretty oddly shaped apartment which makes finding a spot for my lovebird’s cage a bit hard. Half of my apartment is floor to ceiling windows. I wanted to put him near a window because I feel like its better for his circadian rhythm and is more visually entertaining. But Im scared he...
  15. C

    Housing Help? (NYC area)

    Hi! I'm looking for some advice on birds, apartments, and housing. I have a Goffins cockatoo and a maroon belly conure. My too is quiet for a too, but still a cockatoo, and my conure has her moments but otherwise is similar to a green cheek but more quiet than say a sun conure. The three of...
  16. ohiobirdy

    Bird in College? Advice Please...

    Hello! My name is Olivia and I've been excited to get a bird for as long as I can remember. My father and grandfather were both bird-loving veterinarians so I have a cage at my disposal for no cost, and I've done my hours and hours of research on care and diet and all. Decided I'm looking for...
  17. MChiper

    Parrot For Student??

    Hi all, I'm interested in getting a Parrot soon and I'd like all your suggestions! :) I have owned Parrots before, but unfortunately had to give them up when I moved here (to Ireland) from South Africa. I had a Congo African Grey (female) and Sun Conure (male). I lived in a freestanding...
  18. MChiper

    Green Cheek Conure or Senegal?

    Hi all, I'd like all your opinions. I'm interested in getting a Green-cheek Conure or Senegal Parrot. I have owned birds before, a Sun Conure and an African Grey who unfortunately I had to give up when I moved here (to Ireland) from South Africa. I gave them to a bird sanctuary with huge...
  19. M

    Getting to birds at once - how to socialize with them?

    Hi guys! As I always say: I'm new here! I'm in the process of getting a bird! (currently I've been researching non stop about what species would better suit me and my lifestyle). - I've never owned a bird before, but I've been around some of them... - I live alone in a two bedroom apartment...
  20. M

    Ringneck or plum headed parakeet?

    Hi guys, I've been thinking about getting a bird for some time now... But I'm not done with my research yet... Here is some info to help you help me! - I live alone, go to college and work (good eight hours out of home). - I live in an apartment (though it's not wood structure, but a brick one -...