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Parent-raised Poicephalus


Moving in
Hey, guys! I'm doing research on different Poicephalus species as I'm interested in getting two parent-raised ones in the future. I'm still not sure which species but so far I'm leaning towards Meyer's or Senegals. They're quite hard to come by in my country so I may have to order them through a pet store when the time comes. So does anyone on here have parent-raised Poicephalus?

I would also be interested in hearing your experiences with them in apartments and just overall regarding their personalities.


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I had a hand-raised Meyer's for many years, so I can't comment on parent-raised birds. What country are you in? Are there rescues? Adoption is a great opportunity.

My female Meyer's was:

-Quiet enough to live in an apartment with no complaints. Could make some sharp calls but did not call incessantly.
-Very affectionate and liked riding around on my shoulder.
-Very aggressive with other birds.
-Not huge into toys or chewing wood, but that could've been because of her upbringing. I adopted her when she was an adult.
-Not "playful" in the way conures, caiques and lovebirds are described as playful.

Good luck!