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air purifier

  1. LiefDuivel

    Air Purifiers!

    Me and little Genji just got our first Air Purifier, for the obvious bird keeper reasons, as well as for the upcoming wildfire season. I'm loving it so far, we got a Honeywell HP100 :) I'm curious, what do ya'll usually do in terms of settings and when you turn it on? Ours has a quiet...
  2. J

    Air purifier

    I'm planning on buying an air purifier and was wondering if there's anything I need to look out for, or if any one will do. I see a lot of things about ions and honestly I have no idea what any of it means.
  3. E

    Blue air purifier

    Hi I’m new here .Mommy to 20 year old African Gray and a yellow napped Amazon. I recently purchased a blue air purifier 211+ . Ive read so much conflicting information. Peaople are say it’s great for birds but also saying NO something about ionizer . Does anyone have correct information if these...
  4. Jxdeeyy

    Air purifier.

    Hi, would someone be able to tell me if this air purifier is safe for birds? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Levoit-Purifiers-Filtration-Eliminator-LV-H132/dp/B071D58ZY5 Or if not could someone recommend me one thats not too expensive :) - my bird room isn’t massive so does not need to cover a large...
  5. Kackington

    Moving to Los Angeles for real this time!

    Hey all! I made a post about moving to Los Angeles a few months ago, but I wasn't sure when I'd go and I didn't have specific details. Now I do and I wanted to drop by and ask a few more questions! Anyway, I'm moving to Burbank! If you live anywhere in Southern California or Cali in general...
  6. Kackington

    Moving to Los Angeles

    Hey there!! The last time I made a post on this forum I was moving for the first time, and here I am, planning on moving again. :laugh: Anyway, hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice from those living with parrots in California, specifically Los Angeles. (Feel free to talk about your...
  7. S


    I have one budgie in my dining room. Until a few months ago for 4 years I did not regularly clean her cage. Now I do it with a mask on once a week. I have never had asthma or any bad allergies. I have never had ANY allergies to animals. Should I get an air purifier? I want to be safe and not...
  8. anurim

    Air purifier dangers?

    Hi all! I've recently been interested in buying an air purifier since I have a cockatiel. Now, the question that I have is: Are there any dangers in HEPA air purifiers? Should all of them be safe? I really have no idea, but I want to be sure about anything that may be dangerous. What air...
  9. elitys

    NW Oregon Air Quality

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this, feel free to move it admins. But due to a rare wind event, smoke from fires in eastern Oregon is being blown to our area and the surrounding ones. The air quality has been steadily worsening, and this morning, it passed 500 :confused: . The sky...
  10. Tinabell

    What kind of Air purifier should I get?

    I’m getting a cockatiel in 3 weeks and am looking into a air purifier . Do I need a big one if it’s in the living room , or just near the cage ? Do you have any you recommend, or dislike ?
  11. T

    Are Blue Pure Air Purifiers safe?

    Looking into getting a new air purifier after finding out mine had ionizers active all the time. I was looking at the Blue Pure 411 since it is slim, inexpensive, and enough to cover my studio apartment. Link here. The do not emit ozone, UV, or ions, but state the following. "We do not utilize...
  12. D

    Dyson Heater/Air Purifier and Humidifier in the same room, is it bad???

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping I can find the answer I'm looking for here as I've already called Dyson and they have only made it more confusing for me. Long story short, in December I purchased a Dyson Hot + Cool Air Purifier for my birds room as our old heater was running it course, I thought having...
  13. Bonnetbird

    Air cleaners - purchasing

    Hey bird friends two questions 1. Planning to buy a Rabbit Air air purifier - I live in a studio and don’t have that much space - do you think the extra “pet dander” filter in the more expensive models is necessary ? 2. Looking for a new cage for my macaw - went to the page that had cage...
  14. veronica2000

    Should I get a cheap air purifier?

    I’m wondering the difference between a cheap air purifier like this one: GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, UV-C Sanitizer, Captures Allergens, Smoke, Odors, Mold, Dust, Germs, Pets, Smokers, 22-Inch Germ Guardian Air Purifier: Amazon.ca: Health & Personal Care and...
  15. Kackington

    Apartment living

    Hi, I made my first post on this forum the other day, but I really didn't get any replies. I probably should have just asked my questions instead of going on and on about my situation. So in this post I'll just ask a few quick questions instead. Anyway, I'm moving from a home to an apartment, so...
  16. MeinRabe

    Uvc light on air purifier?

    Is a uvc light on an air purifier safe for birds? Does it produce ozone? I know ionizers are unsafe, but I'm curious about uvc lights. People on non bird forums are claiming uvc lights do not produce ozone.
  17. rocky'smom

    Pictures let's see your dirty air purifier pre filters.

    I clean my pre filter weekly for my air purifier. with Sweet Pea molting it was really white with feather dust. it's surprising how grubby they get in just a week. this purifier set in between the 2 cages. I have a air purifier in the my bedroom also and it was pretty dusty too I wash them...